Charles Mathew Akins

October 1, 1942

Herbert Anderson, CHARLES and "Buster" AKINS and Martin Harding left Bunnell today with a contingent of the Navy Seabees for Camp Davisville, R.I.

December 2, 1943

In a round-about way we hear some more good news about Flagler county men in the South Pacific area. Mrs John Durrance, mother of Buck Durrance who is down in the Pacific, sends us a letter about seeing Mrs. Willie Weeks who lives near the Bulow orange grove. Mrs. Weeks has a letter from her grandson, Marshall Weeks who spoke of Jean Bowers, Hazel Holton’s husband (? ? Talbort), George and CHARLES AKINS and Ray Malphurs (of Ormond) are in a tent and went fishing together, getting lots of sharks, mullet and other fish. Mrs. Durrance also said she had a letter from Buck a few days ago. He is OK and said to tell everybody hello. Also that he hopes to come home “flying but may come in a car. But hold everything until I get there.”

June 29, 1944

Mrs. Josephine Brown received a letter from her brothers, the AKINS boys who are with the Seabees in the Pacific, saying they had just received the letter telling of the death of their father here several weeks ago. The boys said they wish to express their appreciation for the sympathy and kindly acts extended by their friends during the illness and at the death of their father.

September 28, 1944

We were advised this week by Mrs. Anita Akins, mother of CHARLES and George Akins, also Seabees who went to the SW Pacific two years ago, have recently received new rating. Charles is now Carpenter's Mate First Class and George is Machinist Mate E. They boys recently wrote their mother "not to worry for the best is yet to come. And you may not hear from us for four or five weeks." Therefore, Mrs. Akins thinks that they may be slated to return home soon also. We all hope it is so.

November 2, 1944

Two other guys from down in the Southwest Pacific have arrived in the States - George and CHARLES AKINS, members of a Seabee unit. They are expected home here this week end on a 30-day leave. Two of their mates, Martin Harding and Herbert Anderson, have just completed their 30 days at home and are now at Davisville, Rhode Island, for assignment.

November 9, 1944

CHARLES and George AKINS who spent 22 months with a Seabee outfit in the SWP arrived here this week for a 30-day leave.

December 14, 1944

Seabee brothers CHARLES and George AKINS who have been here on leave after being returned from duty in the Southwest Pacific, left last Friday to report for further duty.

April 26, 1945

Seabees CHARLES and Buster AKINS are here on leaves from California. Both boys spent many months in the SWP in the early days of the war.

May 3, 1945

Four Seabees held a gabfest on Holden's corner here Saturday afternoon - Herbert Anderson, Martin Harding, CHARLES and Buster AKINS.

The four shipped into the outfit together, spent many months in the SWP at different stations, sent back to the States late last year, and all have been here on leave before but not at the same time.
The Akins boys left Tuesday to return to California, Martin left today for the same state, while Anderson is stationed at Fort Pierce. They seem to feel they will be shipping out again soon.

December 6, 1945

Discharged from the armed services this week ....... CHARLES AKINS