George Elliott Allen

August 12, 1943

Victor Cyzycki and GEORGE ALLEN left here last Friday for Miami Beach where they are students in the army air corps, A card this week from Vic said he and George were in the same room and in the same hotel.

December 23, 1943

Also a letter from GEORGE ALLEN, air student at Stevens Point, Wis., saying that he won't get home for Christmas, but surely would like to. But will spend Christmas with Johnnie Buckles and her sister, Pauline, in Rockford, Illinois. Adding "that it surely is good to be able to see someone you know." George says he has about five hours flying time in and "finally got to the point where I can take off and land." . . . "And I want to wish you and all the folks in and out of the service a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

February 17, 1944

GEORGE ALLEN has progressed from air student to air cadet it was learned this week. George is stationed at Santa Anna, California.

July 20, 1944

Word came this week about a "reunion" which was held recently in California by MM/2C James (Bill) Durrance and A/C GEORGE ALLEN. This is the first time these high school buddies had met in over two years. We are sure it was a red-letter for both of them.

July 27, 1944

We also received an interesting letter from A/C GEORGE ALLEN, telling about his training in California. Said George: "We spend five hours on the flight line every day and the rest of the day is ground school and P.T. Then add a little drilling and you have our day made out.

I passed the last part of my check rides in primary and have only one more week here at Dos Palos before I shove off for basic. It will be good to get in a little heavier plane.

I’ve applied for a single engine fighter and my instructor has recommended me for it but that all comes later. I’ve been hoping to get to some base nearer home but it looks as if I'll finish my training here in California. As near as I can figure I have about four and a half months left before I graduate, that is if I keep the ball rolling and don't slip.

I'm now stationed in the middle of the desert here in the valley and it's plenty hot. I think Dos Palos means 'two cities' but I've still got them to see. Around here there is nothing but ground squirrels and jack rabbits, sand and rock. The base is swell but there is nothing outside the fence.”

December 14, 1944

A note from army public relations officer at Merced, California, informs that A/C GEORGE ALLEN has just completed his basic flying training at the Merced army air field. and "He will now proceed to an advanced flying school where he will take the final steps toward attainment of his silver pilot wings." His mother here tells us that George is now at Marfa, Texas.

February 8, 1945

Herewith we extend our congratulations to "Little" GEORGE ALLEN who was awarded his pilot wings and 2nd Lt. commission at Marfa, Texas, February 2.

Marfa is a two-engine pilot school of the AAF training command, and George completed his course in twin-engine aircraft there. He is here now on furlough - the first in his 18 months in the service.

July 5, 1945

Lt. GEORGE ALLEN, JR., arrived here today from Denver, Colorado, where he has been receiving instruction in B-29 operation. He has a double classification now - that of pilot-engineer.
He will be here for a few days before going to Gulfport, Miss., for further instruction.

August 2, 1945

Another news release from the public relations office at Gulfport Army Air Field, Gulfport, Miss., in which they say that “2nd Lt. GEORGE ELLIOTT ALLEN has reported there for combat crew duty aboard the new large B-29 Superfortress. "

George is now serving as an engineer. "When his crew finishes training at this station, they will be ready for duty against the Japanese," the statement said.

September 27, 1945

Lt. GEORGE ALLEN, JR. and Mrs. Allen are spending a furlough here with Lt. Allen's parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Allen, Sr.

November 15, 1945

Discharged from the armed services this week....... GEORGE E. ALLEN, JR