Herbert Eugene Anderson

October 1, 1942

HERBERT ANDERSON, Charles and "Buster" Akins and Martin Harding left Bunnell today with a contingent of the Navy Seabees for Camp Davisville, R.I.

October 15, 1942

HERBERT ANDERSON, who left here recently to begin his training in the Seabees division
of the navy, writes that he is stationed at Davisville, R. I. Anderson served a "hitch" in the navy

several years ago, but says it now is "not like the old navy."

March 11, 1943

HERBERT ANDERSON with the Seabees "somewhere in the Pacific," 'writes to Mrs. Anderson here that they are really working 7 days a week - where he is. He sent her an 'official certificate’ showing he was initiated into King Neptune's Court in the crossing of the equator ceremony, when his ship was on its way.

September 9, 1943

The next letter - a V-Mail from HERBERT ANDERSON in the Seabees in the South Pacific. Herbert said "I am getting plenty of work to do but no fun, but anyway we are not looking for any big time now. We want to get the job done so we can all go back home again. I know if I could get back to Flagler County for a few days I would feel like a new man. I am just hoping I will have a lucky day soon," (We hope, too, that you get that break)

November 18, 1943

Seabee HERBERT ANDERSON writes Mrs. Anderson here that he recently ran into Raymond Smith and had chow with him. Also that he expects to see Ralph Novak before long.

December 16, 1943

It sure is swell for so many of you fellows to remember us with Christmas greetings from "all over." We received just this week beautifully executed V- Mail Christmas greetings from S/Sgt. Alfred Tucker in England and from Raymond Smith with the Seabees in the Southwest Pacific. In addition, Pfc. Owen O. Thomas sends us a nice one inscribed "Greetings to you up yonder from Down Under." Also Dan Dechman at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Md., AMM2/C Joe Tanner at Kingsville, Texas; Russell Thompson, coast guardsman, at West Palm Beach; Sgt. and Mrs. Andrew Thompson in California; Seabee HERBERT ANDERSON (also down in the Southwest Pacific); Victor Cyzycki who is an air student at Amherst, Mass. Also one from a guy we haven't heard from in a long time - Dell Bradberry, in the army and at Vallejo. Thanks a million, fellows!

April 20, 1944

HERBERT ANDERSON, with the Seabees in the South Pacific has recently made the rating of Machinist Mate First Class.

April 27, 1944

Also a letter from Seabee Machinist Mate HERBERT ANDERSON down in the SW Pacific. He says "I am doing as well as can be expected down here. One thing that helps lots is The Tribune. I am getting it regularly. It gives lots of news from home and that surely means a lot to a fellow that is as far from home as I am, and I want to thank you again for it. I thought that maybe I would be seeing you soon but now I have stopped thinking - just hoping. It seems dear old Uncle has almost forgotten his nephews out in this part of the world. Anyway I think we are doing a swell job now, so let's hope we will soon have Tojo convinced that we are not as soft as he thought. Well, New Caledonia is a pretty good place to be in at times like these I suppose, but it would be much nicer if this island was near home. Don't you think so?" (No we don't think so, Herbert. Leave Caledonia where it is but get you fellows back home is what all of us want)

September 28, 1944

Another Flagler Countian is home from the SW Pacific - HERBERT ANDERSON - who has been down there with a Seabee unit for two years. He arrived here yesterday and was met in Jacksonville by Mrs. Anderson and their two young sons. Herbert has a 30-day leave here before returning to the west coast.

November 2, 1944

Two other guys from down in the Southwest Pacific have arrived in the States - George and Charles Akins, members of a Seabee unit. They are expected home here this week end on a 30-day leave. Two of their mates, Martin Harding and HERBERT ANDERSON, have just completed their 30 days at home and are now at Davisville, Rhode Island, for assignment.

November 16, 1944

HERBERT ANDERSON, MM/1C in the Seabees, has been transferred from Davisville, R. I. to California, after he spent a month at home here after many months in the SWP.

January 4, 1945

Seabee HERBERT ANDERSON, who spent 22 months in the Southwest Pacific, and was returned recently, has been transferred from California to Ft. Pierce, Florida, his wife here informed us today.

January 25, 1945

H. E. ANDERSON, MM/1C and who is stationed at a navy base in Ft. Pierce, spent the past weekend here with his family.

March 15, 1945

Seabee HERBERT ANDERSON, now stationed at Ft. Pierce after nearly three years in the Pacific, is here on a short leave, enjoying the time with his family.

May 3, 1945

Four Seabees held a gabfest on Holden's corner here Saturday afternoon - HERBERT ANDERSON, Martin Harding, Charles and Buster Akins.
The four shipped into the outfit together, spent many months in the SWP at different stations, sent back to the States late last year, and all have been here on leave before but not at the same time.
The Akins boys left Tuesday to return to California, Martin left today for the same state, while Anderson is stationed at Fort Pierce. They seem to feel they will be shipping out again soon.

October 11, 1945

...... the following men perhaps well known to you - are now just plain Mister Civilian. They have been given honorable discharges from Uncle Sam’s fighting forces ..... HERBERT E. ANDERSON