George Eugene (Gene) Barber

May 27, 1943

Two more Flagler county men were accepted into the army at Blanding last week - Hiram Durrance and GENE BARBER.

November 4, 1943

Pvt. GENE BARBER from Camp Hood, Texas, is here on furlough enjoying a visit with Mrs. Barber, his friends and relatives.

November 18, 1943

GENE BARBER has been here on leave for several days from his station at Camp Hood, Texas. He left Sunday to return to duty.

January 13, 1944

GENE BARBER who has been in North Camp Hood, Texas, was recently transferred to California.

March 30, 1944

Pvt. GENE BARBER has been transferred from Texas to Fort Dix, N. J.

April 6, 1944

Pfc. GENE BARBER is here on furlough from Fort Dix, N. J., spending the time with Mrs. Barber and his other folks.

August 10, 1944

Also GENE BARBER has an APO, care postmaster, New York.

July 26, 1945

Several more Flagler county men have arrived from the European Theater of operations.

Pfc. GENE BARBER arrived here Wednesday of last week. He served with a Tank Destroyer Battalion and was a part of the Third Army for a good while.

December 6, 1945

Pfc. GENE BARBER, here for a 45-day furlough, returns to his station lacking just one point for discharge - and that's really tough.