George Stukis Bowers

May 11, 1944

A former resident of Flagler county and one that could be classed as a “retread” is MM/1C GEORGE BOWERS who served in Navy during World War I, holding his reserve status during peace times and returned to active duty shortly after Pearl Harbor. He is stationed at Tampa and spent the past week here visiting with his mother, Mrs. Walter Schultz and his sister, Mrs. Eva Burnsed. Bowers has two sons overseas, one in the Pacific and the other in England.

March 8, 1945

Some of you fellows must remember Mr. and Mrs. GEORGE BOWERS who used to live here and their boys, Leroy and G. B. Bowers. Well, Mrs. Bowers came in the office here the other day and told us that Mr. Bowers, who went back into the navy after Pearl Harbor and who is a veteran of the first world war, is now aboard a DE in the Atlantic Area; Leroy was with the 101st parachute division in the Belgian Bulge scrape, and got a bunged up right arm, now in a hospital in England, but I am getting to the point where "I can use my fingers to write." G. B. is in the navy and in the Pacific. His mother had not heard from him in a number of weeks.