Jesse Eugene (Jean) Bowers

December 3, 1942

Another Flagler county boy in the Marines who was recently transferred to foreign service is EUGENE BOWERS.

April 29, 1943

Bill Bowers, who waited impatiently until he was 17 years old to get into the Marines, was here this week on a short furlough from Parris Island, S. C. Bill's brother, JEAN, is with the Marines somewhere in the Pacific area and his mother said today that she has not heard from him in several months. Bill said he likes the Marines fine.

May 6, 1943

Incidentally, had a letter from Mrs. Amorette Decker, mother of Marine JEAN BOWERS, saying she had just received the first letter in six months from him. He is in the Pacific area somewhere.

December 30, 1943

Martin Harding, with the Seabees in the Southwest Pacific, writes his parents here that GENE BOWERS had spend several hours with him that day.

March 2, 1944

Saw pictures of the BOWERS boys this week. Their mother, Mrs. Virgil Decker had them. Both are Marines. JEAN is in the Southwest Pacific while Bill is still in Trinidad, S. A. They advised their mother that each is feeling fine.

January 11, 1945


To the total surprise of his mother and other members of his family here, Marine Pfc. EUGENE BOWERS dropped off a Florida Motor Lines bus a block from his home here Monday after two years in the South Pacific.

His mother, Mrs. Amorette Decker, had not heard from Gene in about two months and was doing a lot of worrying, but all that was forgotten with his sudden appearance. Eugene said he did not advise his mother he had arrived in the States because he wanted to surprise her - he did just that.

He took part in a number of battles in the New Georgia campaign, after serving at a number. other stations out there.

He was counting heavily on being able to see his brother Bill (also a Marine) while here but Bill was shipped out of Parris Island, S. C. for the West Coast the day before Eugene got home. Bill has been at the South Carolina station several months after serving in the Caribbean area. Eugene has a 30-day leave before reporting for duty again.

April 12, 1945

Well, well, and another well! Two of our Flagler county service men have gotten married. Marine EUGENE BOWERS and Staff Sgt. Louis Simpson.

Louis was married in New York City on Monday after Easter to Cpl. Perry Mengani, WAC. Louis' mother, Mrs. Jobe Brown went up for the wedding.

Then last Saturday evening Gene Bowers married Miss Frances Lee here in the Methodist parsonage. We wish all four the utmost happiness.

October 25, 1945

Discharged from the armed services this week.......... JESSE (JEAN) BOWERS