Raymond Augustus Bradley

June 3, 1943

Received several letters this week, the first one from RAYMOND BRADLEY, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Bradley of Korona. Raymond recently went into the Navy and is now at Bainbridge, Maryland, taking his "boot training." Raymond says he lives the navy fine "except for these leggings we wear during boot training." Raymond asks that The Tribune be sent to him and we have already put him on the mailing list. Write again, Raymond, when you have time. In the meantime - good luck.

July 22, 1943

RAYMOND BRADLEY, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Bradley of Korona, was here last week-end on a short leave after completing "boot training" with the navy at Bambridge, Md. Raymond says he likes the navy fine and is attending one of its special schools and hopes to complete the course within a short time.

August 26, 1943

RAYMOND BRADLEY, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Bradley of Korona has been transferred from Maryland to Key West.

September 2, 1943

The next is from Naval Seaman, second class, RAYMOND BRADLEY who has been sent to Key West where he is in fleet sound school. Raymond sent his thanks for The Tribune, and added that he expects "to get that 'crow' on my arm in about four weeks. (Hope you get it, Raymond, easier than I earned mine in the other war. And when you do get it, take care of it)

September 23, 1943

Navyman RAYMOND BRADLEY out of Key West is home visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Bradley at Korona. Raymond now has a rating of Soundman third class. He expects to go to school for another few weeks and then probably sea duty. He wants submarine duty.

December 23, 1943

A card from RAYMOND BRADLEY, SoM3/c, in the Navy, advising us that he has transferred from Key West. Fla., to Norfolk, Va., and saying "this was quite an abrupt change of climate, but I, like it OK. Tell all the people hello for me."

December 30, 1943

Letter also received from RAYMOND BRADLEY with the Navy at Norfolk, Va. Says he has been missing The Tribune since he had a change of address. We are checking the list Raymond, to be sure the address is correct.

February 10, 1944

RAYMOND BRADLEY is spending a short leave at the home of his parents in Korona. He is in special training with the navy in Virginia.

July 13, 1944

Navy Soundman RAYMOND BRADLEY from Oracoke, N. C. is here on leave visiting his parents at Korona.

September 28, 1944

From SoM/2C RAYMOND BRADLEY, whose mail now goes to the Fleet Post office, San Francisco, the following:

"At last I have hopes of going overseas! I don't know how soon but it can't be too long.

This weather in California does not agree with me and anyone that has the nerve to compare it with that in good old Florida is crazy. It is cold here. I guess southern California is different, however.

I was promised a leave, while in Ocracoke, for the first of October but I knew it was too good to be true.

I have a different address now and I would like to have the paper sent here. I always look forward to it. Makes me feel at home for a while and, too, I can keep up with the other fellows." (OK, Raymond, the paper goes to your new address).

November 9, 1944

RAYMOND BRADLEY, in the navy, writes his parents here that he expected to leave soon for another base.

December 21, 1944

From RAYMOND BRADLEY, with the Navy is the following:

"It's been some time since I've written to you but I don't have a lot of time to write.

I certainly miss The Tribune. The last one I got was over two months ago. I'm hoping they soon catch up with me. We move around a lot so the mail situation is pretty bad.

The place we are now is a very pretty island. Almost like you see in the movies. In peacetime it would be greatly appreciated, but not so much now.

I don't know where any of the boys are now. I like to keep up with them but I have no way of doing so. A lot of them have been over quite a while and I certainly know how much they would like to be back.

I've been hoping to see some of the boys from home but so no luck. It has been so long since I saw any of them I probably wouldn't know them.

How are things on the home front? I hear some of the news from my mother and sister.

So far, things are going pretty nicely for me. If I can continue to stay in one piece and get back OK I'll certainly have a lot to be thankful for." (The home front, Raymond, is doing fairly good in backing you fellows up, but could do a lot more. Few people on the home front can really visualize a war front, even if they try. Don't worry about us back here. We are getting along fine).

Also a V-Mail Christmas card from RAYMOND BRADLEY, whose subsequent letter is above.

April 5, 1945

Another of the Navy fellows is back in the States. RAYMOND BRADLEY, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Bradley of Korona. He hit California recently and is to get home for 30-day leave then for further training in North Carolina, he informed his mother.

April 19, 1945


Of interest to their many friends here is the announcement of the marriage of Miss Faye Edwards of Washington, North Carolina to SoM/3c RAYMOND BRADLEY of Korona, Florida on April 14, 1945 in Washington.

The ceremony was performed in the parsonage of the First Baptist Church in Washington, in the presence of a few intimate friends of the couple.

Mr. Bradley is the son of Mr. and Mrs A. G. Bradley of Korona and has recently returned from six months active duty in the Pacific. Following a short wedding trip, the couple are spending some time here visiting with Mr. Bradley’s parents, after which they will return to Ocracoke, North Carolina, where Mr. Bradley will receive some advance training in a Navy school there.

April 26, 1945

RAYMOND BRADLEY, SoM/3c and his bride of a few days are here visiting Raymond’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Bradley at Korona. Raymond is on a 30-day leave after service in the Pacific, the last spot being Philippines.

May 10, 1945

RAYMOND BRADLEY, who recently returned from a tour of duty in the Pacific on a Naval vessel and who spent a 30-day leave with his parents here, left Wednesday for Ocracoke, N. C. where he was once stationed. We understand he will have further specialized training there.

January 17, 1946

Discharged from the armed services this week ...... RAYMOND BRADLEY