Robert Bratcher

January 7, 1943

J. W. Medders left here December 26 and ROBERT BRATCHER last Tuesday for Camp Blanding where they have been inducted into the army.

March 11, 1943

ROBERT BRATCHER has been transferred from Camp Blanding to Camp Wallace, Texas.

July 22, 1943

ROBERT BRATCHER, in the army at Fort Bliss, Texas, is here on furlough visiting his mother Mrs. Gertrude Bratcher and his friends.

September 9, 1943

ROBERT BRATCHER, in the army, has been transferred from Fort Bliss, Texas to Camp Pickett, Va.

November 18, 1943

Pvt. ROBERT BRATCHER has been transferred back to Fort Bliss, Texas, from Camp Pickett, Va. Robert has been in the hospital off and on for several weeks with a bad knee.

June 8, 1944

Incidentally, two other Flagler county boys were sent to Carson (Ft Carson, CO) last week also - Leonard Moody, from California, and ROBERT BRATCHER from Texas, They have been assigned to infantry.

November 9, 1944

A letter from Pvt. ROBERT BRATCHER to his mother here says he has been in Holland, France, Belgium and now is in Germany. He added that “I believe it rains here every day, but am having a lot of fun trying to speak French.”

December 7, 1944

Pvt. ROBERT BRATCHER, with the Infantry in Germany, writes his mother here that “The Infantry is doing its part in the rain, mud and village fighting.” (We heard a fellow in the air corps say a few days ago that “when better soldiers are made, they'll be in the infantry.”)

January 4, 1945

Still, the Christmas cards come. We acknowledge with thanks the last one from Pvt. ROBERT BRATCHER "in Belgium." It is so good to be remembered by you fellows.

March 8, 1945

Pvt. ROBERT BRATCHER who has been in Holland, Belgium, Germany and France, is now in a hospital in England, because of a knee injury (not wounded) and writes his mother that he is getting along OK.

March 29, 1945

Pfc. ROBERT BRATCHER, who has been in a hospital in England for several weeks with an injured knee, has been returned to a replacement pool in France.

June 7, 1945

Pfc. ROBERT BRATCHER, former infantryman but now with the air corps and who fought all up and down the French-German frontier front until hospitalized with an injured knee, writes his mother that he is driving a gas truck with his outfit "and it is Heaven compared with the infantry."

June 28, 1945

ROBERT BRATCHER who was with an infantry outfit in the ETO and who is now with the air corps, was made a corporal on June 2. He is still in Germany and is driving a fire truck.

October 18, 1945

Cpl. ROBERT BRATCHER writes his mother that "so far as I can see now I will be over here for a long time yet."