Reddin Britt

February 25, 1943

Also learned this week that Dr. REDDIN BRITT (who used to live here but went into the army from St. Augustine) has "landed safely in Africa."

(If we were in Doc's sector and happened to an accident don't know of any other MD we would rather have to overhaul our chassis – he’s OK.)

May 6, 1943

Mrs. H. C. Miller, county Red Cross Chairman here, received a letter from Dr. REDDIN BRITT, who has been in North Africa sometime. Captain Britt said "It seems from Bess's (Mrs. Britt) report on the cost of beans, squash etc. that people have gone crazy. I can only say everyone better get down to business - such things can not continue for the time they may have to, is my personal belief." He added that the "Red Cross is doing a great work for the men and my hat, is off to them. . ."

September 20, 1945

Many of you fellows remember Dr. REDDIN BRITT who used to live in Bunnell, but moved to St. Augustine and still has his home there. Well here's a public relations story about him:

Asburn General Hospital, McKinney, Texas, Sept. 11.

"Major REDDIN BRITT of St. Augustine has just arrived at the Army's Ashburn general hospital after more than two and one-half years overseas service. Major Britt received his commission as captain upon entering the service in July, 1942, and joined the 32nd station hospital which was activated at Camp Rucker, Ala., in August; 1942. Major Britt left the United States with his organization, arriving at Gran, Africa, January 26, 1943.

In the capacity of assistant chief of general surgical service, Major Britt served with his unit in Tlemcen, Algeria from Feb. until Dec. 1943 at which time the unit was transferred to Naples, Italy.

During his tour of duty in the Mediterranean theater, Major Britt was cited for the Bronze Star Medal for meritorious achievement in connection with military operations. He was praised for outstanding initiative, resourcefulness and surgical skill, having set an example of superior care of surgical patients.

In addition to the award of the Bronze Star Medal, Major Britt has received battle stars for participation in the Rome-Arno and Naples-Foggia campaigns and the European-African Middle Eastern Theater Ribbon.

Major Britt is now at Ashburn general for hospitalization himself.