Vanver Neial Brown

May 14, 1942

Flagler County has 74 men in the various branches of the armed forces at this time ..... the list up to date is as follows: VANVER NEIAL BROWN

June 24, 1943


Marine Gunner VANVER N. BROWN, 25, son of Mr and Mrs Jobe Brown of Bunnell has received a commendation for outstanding bravery while serving with an aviation group during a Japanese attack on an air field in the Solomon Islands last January 15.

The commendation said Brown, then a Master Technical Sergeant was serving as line chief of the airfield when "an enemy bomber followed a flight of our torpedo bombers to the field and, joining the' landing circle, dropped a stick of bombs after the seventh plane landed. It then remained in the area and dropped one more stick of bombs as the last plane landed. Anti-aircraft batteries were unable to fire because of the presence of friendly planes in the air."

“Although knocked from his feet by the concussion of the first bombs, and in spite of the fact that the enemy bomber remained over the field, Sgt. Brown remained at his post until he had signaled the last plane to land, assisted all planes off the runway and warned the pilots to seek cover,” the citation said.

Sgt. Brown's wife and baby are now residing in Miami.

January 27, 1944

Information received by Mr. and Mrs. Jobe Brown tells of the arrival of their Marine Officer son, VANVER, who has served in the South Pacific over 18 months, now in San Diego, California. During the time he served overseas he received a citation far valor beyond the call of duty.