Percy Marshall (Slim) Daniels


January 18, 1945

Next week Clifford Higginbotham and P. M. "SLIM" DANIELS go to Blanding. "Higgie" probably will return to finish this last semester of high school. Daniels goes into the Seabees.

March 1, 1945

P. M. "Slim" DANIELS who recently enlisted in the Seabees, left here Monday for active duty with an outfit.

March 8, 1945

We had a short note this week from P. M. (SLIM) DANIELS, who left recently for training with the Seabees, giving us his address. He is at Davisville, R. I. and in the same camp where Seabee Raymond Smith is now stationed.

April 12, 1945

P. M. (SLIM) DANIELS, who recently enlisted in the Seabees, is here on a short leave. He will return to Davidsville, R. I. soon for assignment overseas.

July 12, 1945

We have a letter from P. M. DANIELS of the U. S. Navy in the Pacific. "Slim" gives us his address and wants us to send the Tribune to him. She is on the way "Slim."