Grady Davis


December 24, 1942

GRADY DAVIS who was a member of the graduating class of 1941 of Bunnell high school, is now in the army and is stationed at Camp Hulen, Texas.

February 25, 1943

We received a card today from GRADY DAVIS - ex-Bunnell High football player - and later of a couple of universities. Grady is out in Louisiana right now doing a little maneuvering with his army outfit. GRADY says he likes the army fine but won't turn down a discharge when the fracas is over.

May 27, 1943

Also heard from GRADY DAVIS, also stationed at the same place (Camp Claiborne) and he says he has been studying hard and if his grades are sufficiently high he may apply for officer training. Grady expects to visit Bunnell - - if, and when a furlough is granted.

June 24, 1943

Pvt. GRADY DAVIS of the army who has been at Camp Claiborne, La., for some time, has been transferred to Camp Van Dorn, Miss.

January 13, 1944

GRADY DAVIS, who was one of the star football players on the team here during his senior year in high school and who lived with Mr. and Mrs. J. E, High, received the rating of sergeant in December. He is with the army at Camp Van Darn, Miss.

May 11, 1944

Mrs. J. B. High received a letter from Sgt. GRADY DAVIS saying he is now stationed in England and that he likes it very much. He is a member of an inspection team and is getting to see a lot of the country. He also requested that we send him The Tribune over there. (She's on the way, Grady)

November 29, 1945

Here is part of a letter Sgt. GRADY DAVIS wrote to Mrs. J. B. High and which she let us have for publication: Grady wrote:

“I suppose that you wonder when I am going back to the States. Well, I am wondering about the same thing. I should be home by Christmas if nothing happens to prevent it. You know the army - anything can happen. The first thing that I am going to do is visit Bunnell when I do get out. I guess J. B. is out by now.

I have been back in France since June. Germany was a very good place to be stationed, believe it or not. Although Germans are our enemies and it was forbidden to fraternize with them at the time I was there, it was still easy to get around and meet some families. They are more like the American people than English or French.

I have been in this company for about two and a half months. The company that I was in went back to Germany as part of the Army of Occupation, with very low point men. When I was transferred into this outfit, I was a Tech. Sgt. which was the highest ranking man and they put me as first sergeant, which is the worst job in the army. It is especially hard when you hate give a direct order. You also have to satisfy the officers and the enlisted men at the same time. That runs into difficulties, believe it or not. Ask J. B. and he can tell you about the problems.

I am now in Metz and it is a very good town. I have met quite a number of people. My French has improved very much since I came back to France. As you know, I took one year of French in school but when I first came to France I couldn't speak a word of French.

It is about time for to get to bed because I have had a very hard day. Right now I have a terrible headache.”

January 17, 1946

Discharged from the armed services this week ...... GRADY DAVIS