Claude Sisco Deen


October 29, 1942

CLAUDE DEEN served a "hitch" in the navy a few years ago and has two brothers in service now, said this week he is trying to get in the army air corps. He has been working in Jacksonville and came down this week with Mrs. Deen and Sisco for a visit with relatives.

April 27, 1944

CLAUDE DEEN left this week for technical training at New London Conn. for merchant marine service.

June 22, 1944

Also a letter from CLAUDE DEEN, now a student in officers school of the U.S. Merchant Service at New London, Conn. Claude says “Just finished reading The Tribune and, as usual, the first thing I read was news about the boys. I had intended writing sooner to thank you for sending The Tribune ….. I do appreciate it very much. I never knew there was so much to learn about heat energy, BTU's, etc.

Every time I turn on the hot water I begin figuring how many British Thermal Units it took to heat it. We do have quite a lot of studying to do. I passed all my subjects the first quarter, so I know I shall be here at least until the next quarter, and if I make out OK then I hope to graduate around the latter part of August. We get two weeks leave and then we have to ship out. I hope to catch one of the Liberties out of Jacksonville.

(Just a tip, Claude. BTU's is simple stuff compared with the study of kinetics - which is coming to you before you're through with the course).

September 21, 1944

Ensign CLAUDE DEEN, USMS, has reported to his base at Charleston, S. C., after a visit of ten days here with his family. Ensign Deen graduated August 29th at New London, Conn. from the United States Maritime Service Officers' School.

May 3, 1945

CLAUDE DEEN, USMM, with his children Sisco and Jo, spent Sunday visiting friends in Flagler Beach.