Lee Drasba


October 15, 1942

LEE DRASBA, formerly resided in Korona before going to St. Augustine where was in the recreational department for the city, is now in the army recreation division and is stationed in Miami.

December 27, 1945

We extend our thanks to, the following for their nice Christmas greetings: Roland Wilson, USS Wasp at Naples, Italy; Ralph Novak, USS Caratret, in the Pacific; LEE DRASBA, with a USA unit in the Philippines; Wilfred Hunter, USS Furse, in the Atlantic. Also a card from Dell Bradberry in California who did not state whether he is yet in the army or not, but who did say "I am coming to Florida soon."

From Cpl. Vera McCraney in Germany; Pfc. Carroll Leggett, then in White Sulphur Springs, W. Va., in Ashburn General Hospital; and Coast Guardsman Russell Thompson at Atlantic City, N. J. Thanks a million for remembering us.