Walker L. (Junior) Dunson, Jr

July 20, 1944

George Clegg, JUNIOR DUNSON and Jerry Slovak are in the outfit now. They went to Blanding last week and were accepted.

September 28, 1944

Five other Flagler county men left here Monday for induction into military service. They are George Clegg, Jerry Slovak, W. L. DUNSON, JR., Hal Murray and Lloyd Robertson.

October 19, 1944

A letter from Hal Murray at Camp Robinson, Arkansas, tells us that four of the fellows who left here recently at the call of Uncle Sam are all at Robinson. They are, in addition to Hal, W. L. DUNSON, JR., Lloyd Robertson and George Clegg.

The letter was signed by each of the four. It said, "This is a letter from four soldiers in the infantry. This soldier life is new for us, but we like it, although we are working very hard. We would like to have the paper sent to one of us, please.

We are all in the same battalion, but in separate companies. George and Hal, however, are in the same company. We have just had some more shots and our arms are quite sore. Tell all hello for us."

February 1, 1945

Privates Hal Murray, JUNIOR DUNSON, George Clegg and Lloyd Robertson, after basic training at Camp Robinson, Ark., are here on a short furlough.

February 8, 1945

Infantrymen Hal Murray, George Clegg, Lloyd Robertson and JUNIOR DUNSON who trained at Camp Robinson, Ark., and were here on furlough, left this week for Fort Ord, California.

March 1, 1945

Hal Murray, JUNIOR DUNSON, Joseph Slovak and George Clegg, infantrymen, and who were here on furlough recently, now are getting their mail in care of postmaster, San Francisco.

March 15, 1945

Infantry Privates JUNIOR DUNSON, George Clegg and Hal Murray are in Hawaii, and Dunson is down with measles.

July 5, 1945

We received the new address of Pvt. WALKER L. DUNSON, JR., the other day. He advises his parents that he is now stationed on Saipan. He says the Japs are still there and that they come out of the mountains at night to hunt food and water.