William Sanford (Bill) Dunson


October 28, 1943

Franklin Cauley, and BILL DUNSON have entered service through Blanding. Cauley went into the army; Dunson into the navy.

May 18, 1944

BILL DUNSON, in the navy, is now stationed in England, according to a letter received here recently by his parents.

October 5, 1944

Also a letter from BILL DUNSON with the Navy in England. He said: "I hope everybody is feeling fine in my home town today and that the weather there is not as bad as it is here. It rains a lot in England.

I am in the sick ward now with a high fever. I feel fairly good, however. I received the paper a while back and have been planning to write and thank you. I do really appreciate it, especially since I can read about other boys from home.

I saw Otis Hunter some time ago. We planned to meet one day but he must have shipped out for I never saw him or anyone else since then that I knew. It certainly makes a guy feel good to meet somebody from his home."

December 14, 1944

One V-Mail greeting from WILLIAM S. DUNSON with the navy in European Theater has a verse telling how he is learning what an English persons means when talking about everyday things.

June 21, 1945

Another Flagler Countian who is back from the ETO is BILL DUNSON of the U. S. Navy. He expects to be home soon.

January 3, 1946

Discharged from the armed services this week ..... WILLIAM S. DUNSON