Horace Walton (Custer) Durrance


June 24, 1943

Leonard Moody, Dexter Knight, WALDON (CUSTER) DURRANCE, Dan Dechman and Jimmie Crews went to Blanding this week, all being accepted into the army except Knight and DURRANCE who chose the Marines.

July 8, 1943

Dan Dechman, Leonard Moody of Bunnell and Jimmy Crews of Oak Hill left here today for active duty with the army at Camp Blanding. Dexter Knight and WALDON (CUSTER) DURRANCE left also for active duty with the Marines at Parris Island, S. C.

August 26, 1943

Another letter this week from Marine Private Dexter Knight at Parris Island. S. C. Dexter says he likes the service fine and thinks "Marines are the finest bunch of service men of them all." He also said he and CUSTER DURRANCE who is there with him are hoping they can get home on a short leave soon.

September 16, 1943

Marine Privates WALDON (CUSTER) DURRANCE and Dexter Knight are here on leave visiting their parents. They have just finished primary training at Parris Island, S. C.

November 18, 1943

Another letter from Pfc. CUSTER DURRANCE with the Marines at Cherry Point, N. C. Custer tells us he enjoys The Tribune immensely and is getting it regularly, especially enjoying this column about all the fellows in service. He says that he hears planes so much "when one leaves the noise the quietness makes you seem lost." He adds "I certainly wish I could be at home on November 20, so I could go hunting will all of the fellows." (Well, Custer, we wish we had some ammunition so we could go hunting, too)

December 16, 1943

Bill's Marine brother (CUSTER) is expected home for Christmas, his mother told us this morning.

December 23, 1943

Marine Pfc. CUSTER DURRANCE arrived here Wednesday to spend Christmas with his parents. Custer says he is getting along fine and likes the service.

March 23, 1944

James (Bill) Durrance arrived here Tuesday to spend two weeks with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Omega Durrance. Bill has spent the past 15 months with the Seabees in 'he Southwest Pacific in places where there were "very few dull moments." His brothers WALDON (CUSTER), with the Marines at Parris Island and Nathan, who is in the Navy and stationed at Daytona Beach, are planning to come home for the weekend to enjoy a family reunion.

June 8, 1944

Marine CUSTER DURRANCE wrote his mother that he recently flew over this locality at night. Said he could easily recognize many points and "I wished I could have bailed out."

June 29, 1929

HORACE (CUSTER) DURRANCE has made Cpl. in his Marine outfit at Parris Island.

July 6, 1944

Marine Cpl. HORACE (CUSTER) DURRANCE is here on a 7-day leave from Parris Island. He will return Sunday.

September 7, 1944

Well, it's been a pretty good while since we heard of some of the Flagler county fellows getting together, but we learned this week that Marines John F. Clements and CUSTER DURRANCE, both on the West Coast, got together the other day and expect to contact Marine Bobbie Jenkins (who used to live in Bunnell) in a few days.

December 7, 1944

Gosh, if it were not for you fellows I would forget it is only a short time until Christmas. But we have received Christmas cards from Sgt. Otis Hunter saying "Merry Christmas from the 72nd in Germany." Then from the other side of the world, one from Cpl. HORACE (CUSTER) DURRANCE, who is with the Fleet Marine Force in the Pacific. Since you guys have been so thoughtful, we shall try to build some of that old Christmas spirit ourselves, and thanks a million.

April 5, 1945

Marine CUSTER DURRANCE has been getting around in the Pacific area, according to a letter received by his mother, Mrs. Irene Durrance. Custer said that he had been at Pearl Harbor, the Marshalls, Carolines, Palau, Leyte, Samoa, Lengayen Gulf "and am now on a small island where I have a fine tent which I am fixing up." He also said he had just received a Christmas package from his mother, saying "the candy was spoiled but the chewing gum and fruit cake were just fine."

August 2, 1945

A letter from WALDON (CUSTER) DURRANCE, a marine sergeant who is stationed in the Philippine Islands:

"I just got through reading two Tribunes and as everyone knows they are really something to look forward to. The part where Owen Thomas told about the Philippines and the people sounds like he could be where I am, but I haven't seen him. The Tribune was dated May 24.

The only fellow from home is Bobby Jenkins and he has been with me for nearly two years.

I've noticed the boys talked a lot about the long boat ride. Well, I find them very lucky for I was at sea for five months. Yes, five, and I don't know if I could go through that again. I'll tell you about it again and more too when I get home.

I wrote you once before, but I don't guess you received the letter for you never changed the address. I should have written more, but I just never do. No excuse!

I hope this letter finds everyone at home in good health and hope we will all be home soon. Just another Bunnell Cracker."

(The Bobby Jenkins, Custer wrote about is the son of the former Methodist preacher here at Bunnell.)

November 22, 1945

Mrs. Irene Durrance, mother of Marine Pfc. CUSTER DURRANCE, tells us Custer is on his way home to be discharged after long service in the Pacific. He has sufficient points for discharge.

His brother Bill, a Seabee who has been in longer, is still on Okinawa and will probably come home in March.