Julian Forrest Durrance


November 12, 1942

Last Saturday FORREST DURRANCE, Elvin Swenney and Eugene Ashton were sent to Blanding for induction.

May 6, 1943

Pvt. JULIAN (FORREST) DURRANCE is now stationed at Ft. Benning. He says he expects to be home one day in May and that he likes the army fine.

October 7, 1943

Pvt. FORREST DURRANCE, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Durrance, is here on furlough from his station at Camp Gordon (Augusta), Georgia. He is a member of a tank division.

October 14, 1943

Pvt. JULIAN DURRANCE has been here on furlough visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Durrance, but has returned to his station at Camp Gordon, Ga.

July 6. 1944

Pfc. FORREST DURRANCE has been here on furlough visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Durrance, but has now returned to his station in Louisiana.

November 9, 1944

Received a nice letter from FORREST DURRANCE who is now getting his mail in care of postmaster, New York. He said to tell all his buddies hello for him and that he is OK. He also said that he hoped it would not be too long before he would be back in "good old Bunnell." (Yes, Forrest, we too hope that it won't be long before you and all our other boys can get home to stay.)

November 30, 1944

Pvt. FORREST DURRANCE wrote his parents here from "Somewhere in France" saying he had run into Ben Sparkman also from Bunnell. Ben went through the African, Sicilian and Normandy campaigns, was wounded in Normandy, hospitalized and is now back in his same old outfit in the line.

February 1, 1945


Pfc. JULIAN FORREST DURRANCE, 22-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Durrance, was killed in action on the Western Front in January, his mother here said today.

Private Durrance's wife who resides in Bartow, Georgia, was notified by the War Department and she informed the mother here by letter, it reaching her today.

Private Durrance enlisted in the army in November 1942, receiving his training at camps in Georgia and Texas before going overseas last July.

He was married after entering the service and a 2-months old baby boy, James Roy, is the only child.