Frank Asburn Gatlin

December 24, 1942

Mrs. M. R. Teters received a letter from her brother, FRANK GATLIN of the U. S. Navy, saying he has received the rating of coxswain.

June 10, 1943

FRANK GATLIN tells in a letter to his sister here, Mrs. Nellie Waters, that he has made
Another rating in the Navy - that of Boatswain Mate 2c. Frank is still in the Pacific.

September 30, 1943

A letter this week from a bluejacket who has some first-hand knowledge about “bombs over Japan.” Boatswain Mate FRANK GATLIN. He says: "I was just reading The Tribune which I have been getting regularly for quite a while. I read about the boys getting leave and furlough back home and I can tell you I certainly would like to have one myself, but I suppose it will be quite some time yet before I get back.” I have been in Pacific since April 1942, so you can imagine how the good old U.S.A. would look to me. I'd probably get a grand new slant on life - - or does that sound old ? Give my best regards to everybody and good luck to all, and a big hello to the boys in the service from there that I know and to house who know me.”

February 3, 1944

Boatswain Mate FRANK GATLIN, brother of Mrs. Nellie Teters, is here on leave from his station with the Navy in Hawaii. Frank has not been in the States in quite a long while and has done a lot of cruising in the Pacific. In fact he was aboard the aircraft carrier that planes took off from to bomb Tokyo. He has about 30 days leave before reporting for duty again.

March 16, 1944

Boatswain Mate FRANK GATLIN, who was here on leave a few weeks ago, has written his sister, Mrs M. R. Teters that he has arrived back at his post of duty in the Hawaiian Islands.

April 6, 1944

Here was a pleasant coincidence: Charles Gatlin and FRANK GATLIN, brothers of Mrs. Nellie Teters here, are both in the Navy. Frank has served in various sections of the Pacific for many months, and was recently here on leave, but Charles could not get leave at that time. Frank returned to Hawaii, and a few days ago Charles also arrived there. They got together for the first time in three years.

April 20, 1944

FRANK GATLIN writes his sister here that he and his brother Charles have been enjoying spending their liberty together recently. Frank also stated that he has recently made his rating of Boatswain Mate First Class.

June 8, 1944

Also, a letter from FRANK GATLIN, brother of Mrs. Nellie Teters here. Frank is a BM/1C (about equal to a top kick in the army) and is stationed out in the Pacific. Frank said "I suppose you think I am not very appreciative in receiving the news but my nature is to put off writing, and I've really put this letter off too long. Please forgive me, for I do enjoy the news. It brings back old memories and helps keep tab on the boys from home. I certainly hope they all make it out OK. As for myself, so far I have done the best I could. I send my congratulations to Biddie Biddle and wish him and his wife every happiness, I get to see Charley (Ed note: his brother) almost every week and is great to be able to see some one so close to you. It just naturally does you good. Tell Nellie Miller and the boys all hello and good sailing, and the best to you."

August 30, 1945

Our only letter this week is from BM l/c FRANK GATLIN who is now at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii:

"Well I suppose you people wonder whether I'd ever write but here goes. I hope all's well there and feeling fine. I'm in pretty good shape except for a cold, but almost have that licked. I know you folks were more than glad to hear the news, and the people over here went wild for a while - including myself. I only wish I could have been there. I probably will be before too long - maybe by the first of the year. Boy, that point system the Navy has doesn't give a guy any credit for overseas duty at all and I was really counting on that for getting out. If I can get back there some place for the rest of it, that'll suit me for I have 18 more months to do before I'll have enough points to become that 'ole civilian I long to be.

Say, I'm grateful to you for the Tribune and you can bet your bottom dollar that it is more than appreciated. I hope to be in shape to read it for years to come. You really did wonders for the boys with the hometown news, for it’s always good to read about the happenings back hope and the people you know. I hope to be seeing some of them before too long and there is really a lot ahead for some of the fellows.

Getting back in civies will seem funny but good after three and almost one-half years over. I probably won't know how to act, but there's a big chance of really enjoying it to the fullest extent.

Well, Fuller, I'll start closing this for now and I hope to be back there with those good people that I've missed ever since I left. The average out here is just a little dusky, and a lot of them are slant-eyed.

So long for now and here's hoping all can get home sooner than soon and maybe a little happier.”

October 4, 1945

We learn this week that two brothers of Mrs. Nellie Teters are getting discharged from the navy. FRANK GATLIN has been in Pearl Harbor a number of months after being aboard an aircraft carrier in the Pacific, in fact he was on the carrier from which Jimmy Doolittle and his flyers raided Tokyo back in 1942. His brother Raymond, recently stationed in Jacksonville, is already out. Frank expects to be separated in Hawaii and then sent home.

November 29, 1945

Discharged from the armed forces this week ....... FRANK ASHBURN GATLIN