Holis Irvin Parker

May 14, 1942

Flagler County has 74 men in the various branches of the armed forces at this time ..... the list up to date is as follows: HOLIS IRVIN PARKER

October 1, 1942

Richard Tucker, HOLLIS PARKER and Brady Wadsworth, are with their Marine outfits at Guadalcanal, writing home to say they are all OK.

January 21, 1943

HOLIS PARKER, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Parker of Flagler Beach and who is with the Marines on Guadalcanal, wrote home recently that he had received 52 letters in one day. He also said

The Tribune had been coming through to him. John (Buck) Durrance, also of Flagler Beach and on Guadalcanal, had not been receiving his paper but has been reading the ones received by Holis.

February 25, 1943

Marines HOLIS PARKER and Richard Tucker who "resided" on Guadalcanal for many months while "entertaining" the Japs, have moved to a rest area before resuming their entertaining. Tucker sent a picture of himself to his parents here and it is so good one can count exactly the number of freckles on his face. Richard said he has gained a lot of weight since he joined the Marines, tipping the scales near the 200 pound mark now.

June 24, 1943


There are many interesting highlights connected with any man's service in the military, but seldom equals that encounter by four Flagler county young men now in the South Pacific area.

A reunion, by accident, occurred recently in that area when four Marines, James Crews, Howard Bankston, Richard Tucker and HOLIS PARKER, ran into each other within an hour or so.

Marines Tucker and PARKER went to Guadalcanal with the first contingent. A few months ago Crews was shipped over and a few weeks later Bankston got over there. It seems Crews walking along a street met Bankston. The two went to a "canteen" and ran into Tunker and while the three were staging a small celebration in came HOLIS PARKER.

Richard Tucker, James Crews and Howard Bankston are from Bunnell and HOLIS PARKER is from Flagler Beach.

It is known that six other Flagler county men are now located in that area, and others are scattered in the Pacific. It is possible, but not probable, a larger get-together may be reported sometime hence.

July 15, 1943

Richard Tucker, down in the South Pacific, writes his mother here that he sees Howard Bankston and James Crews from Bunnell nearly every day. Recently they ran into each other "out there" and with HOLIS PARKER of Flagler Beach held an impromptu celebration. Tucker and Parker are Guadalcanal veterans while Bankston and Crews were shipped over recently.

July 29, 1943

It seems as if Marine Corporal Richard Tucker stands by and waits awhile and first things you know another guy from Bunnell comes along "somewhere In the South Pacific." Buck Durrance, also a Marine, told his father, John Durrance of Flagler Beach, in a letter a few days ago that he had just seen Tucker. Recently Tucker, Howard Bankston, HOLIS PARKER, and James Crews ran into each down there and held a "reunion."

(We are glad Buck is now included).

August 26, 1943

And just to shift about a little we had a nice letter from Marine Pfc. HOLIS PARKER on the other side at the world from here - the Southwest Pacific. Holis said he was feeling fine and getting along OK and that he gets The Tribune and enjoys so much this column.

(Thanks, Holis. Remember, this column belongs strictly to you men and women from this county who are in service -- no others can crash it)

December 16, 1943

First off, take a look at that guy above. Know him? Well we are indebted to public relations section of the Marine Corps, Atlanta, Ga., for the picture of "Corporal H. I. (HOLIS) PARKER of Flagler Beach, Florida, (as he) buckles on his tree climbers while stringing lines somewhere in the southwest Pacific where his engineering unit of a Marine Corps division is stationed." Holis is the son of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Parker of our beach town and he enlisted in the Marines (along with Brady Wadsworth and Buck Durrance) in January 1942. As you know, Brady is a casual at home from Guadalcanal where he and HOLIS served. Buck and HOLIS, both are still somewhere in the southwest Pacific.

(Our thanks to Marine Corps public relations Atlanta)

March 2, 1944

Another V-Letter, but this time around the world from the one above. It is from HOLIS PARKER, in the Marine Corps in the "Pacific area." Holis writes:

"I know I should have written much sooner but just couldn't seem to get started. I have received several papers in the past few weeks. You can't imagine how much it means to me over here. There is so little one can write about over here that I hardly know what to say. I met several of the boys from home over here, Buck Durrance, a few days ago and William Tinsley yesterday. Will say thanks a million for the Tribune. Will drop you another line when I can. Hope every one in Bunnell is OK. As ever, Holis Parker.”

July 13, 1944

Sgt. HOLIS PARKER of Flagler writes: "I know I should have written a long time ago and, actually, I have no excuse so I won't try to explain.

I have been receiving The Tribune quite regularly and I want to thank you very much. Myself and all the boys really enjoy reading the news and advertisements.

I have seen Buck Durrance and Howard Bankston several times. We had quite a time talking of Bunnell and Flagler Beach experiences. I know there are other Bunnell boys around but have not found them.

Could you send me the address of Edwin Hart?

Tell I. I. and the others I said hello. Hoping Bunnell and everybody is OK."

(We're all OK Holis. I'll send Edwin’s address to you airmail)

July 20, 1944

Another letter this week from Sgt. HOLIS PARKER, "just to say hello to let you know The Tribune has been reaching me regularly. It is the best way I know of to find out what's going on back home. It looks like the county election has cooled down considerably lately. Buck Durrance has been over to see me several times lately and brought Howard Bankston with him one day. They are about the only ones I have seen for quite some time."

October 5, 1944


By Sgt. Joseph P. Donahue, Marine Combat Correspondent

PELELIU, PALAU (Delayed) - "The only thing it didn't get was me," said Marine Sergeant HOLIS I. PARKER of Flagler Beach, as he surveyed the result of an almost direct hit on his foxhole by a Jap shell.

The shell landed on the edge of the hole, about a foot and a half from where the Marine Sergeant was huddled during the bombardment. His pack, rifle, gas mask and cartridge belt were blown to pieces.

Sergeant Parker, who hit the beach with the First Marine division on D-Day, also took part in the Guadalcanal and Cape Gloucester campaigns.

November 23, 1944

In a letter received from Cpl. John (Buck) Durrance, USMC, by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Durrance, Buck says he is well and very busy. A wire received from Sgt. HOLIS PARKER, USMC, this week stated that he is in California. Both boys were among the first to be sent to the Pacific war zone more than 30 months ago.


Sgt. HOLIS I. PARKER and Cpl. John "Buck" Durance, both Marines from Flagler Beach, have arrived in California and expect to be at their homes within two weeks, according to wires received by their parents this week. Both men have been in various actions in the Pacific for the past 31 months. Both are well.

These two, together with Brady Wadsworth enlisted in the Marine Corps in January 1942. All three were shipped out to the Pacific about the same time. Wadsworth was wounded in August 1942 on Guadalcanal, sent home later and honorably discharged because of wound.

The others, PARKER and Durrance, have been just about all over the Southwest, South and Central Pacific, both engaging in plenty of the tough going in those areas.

They all were members of the famed First Marine Division which has led so many of the initial assaults on various Jap strongholds in the Pacific.

November 30, 1944

Another of Flagler county's Marines arrived home today, John "Buck" Durrance. He arrived in the States about two weeks ago. With him also was HOLIS I. PARKER who is expected home any day now. Both have spent approximately 30 months in the various Pacific theaters of war.

December 7, 1944


Marine Sergeant HOLIS I. PARKER, veteran of 29 months in the Southwest Pacific, and Cpl. John "Buck" Durrance with 31 months in the same theater, arrived home this week for 30 day leaves with their parents at Flagler Beach.

Sgt. PARKER enlisted in the Marine Corps with Brady Wadsworth and John "Buck" Durrance back in January 1942, and all got together here again this week for a reunion.

Wadsworth was seriously wounded at Guadalcanal, sent back home and discharged. Durrance and PARKER have been through a number of major battles without injury and are now home on leave.

Both wear the Pacific campaign bar with four stars and the Presidential citation with one star.

With the arrival of his former comrades in the Marine Corps, Brady Wadsworth has taken Pvt. Buck Durrance and Sgt. HOLIS PARKER under his wing and is showing them the sights of Flagler and Volusia counties, which they have not seen for nearly three years, they having spent 30 months in the Pacific theater of war, and, with the exception of Brady, saw each other at varying times. Brady was wounded in 1942, sent back to the States and honorably discharged.
June 21, 1945

Sgt. HOLIS PARKER, who spent thirty-three months in the Pacific and who is now stationed at Quantico, Va., is spending several days at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Parker at Flagler Beach.

During the weekend members of the Parker family enjoyed a family reunion at their home.

October 25, 1945

“Quantico, Virginia.
October 22, 1945.

Dear Mr. Fuller:
Guess I should have written to you sooner but have been putting it off for some unknown reason.

Have been receiving The Tribune quite regularly and it surely is good to know what everyone is doing back home. It is the only way I have of keeping up with the boys in service.

As you probably know by now, I'm a married man. I picked a stranger from Fredericksburg, Va. Guess it was quite a surprise to most of the people back home as I told very few until it was over with.

I noticed the list of "Misters" in The Tribune. Well, you will be able to enter mine in it around the first of the year. I have 109 points but they don't do me a bit of good until my enlistment is up. So I guess I will just sit back and relax.

Will cut this short for now and go back to work. Give everyone our regards and we will see you after our delayed honeymoon which we expect to take the latter part of January.
Thanks a million for The Tribune.


(Well, I'm not surprised, Holis. I can look back and see how it happened because I came I back from the other war, ran around a bit but was caught flat-footed after coming to Bunnell. It's just in the nature of things. Anyway, congrats to you and best wishes to the Mrs.)