John Claude Pellicer

May 14, 1942

Flagler County has 74 men in the various branches of the armed forces at this time ..... the list up to date is as follows: CLAUDE JOHN PELLICER

October 8, 1942

CLAUDE PELLICER, in the army, now gets his mail care Postmaster, N. Y. C., we have been informed.

October 29, 1942

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Pellicer, parents of CLAUDE PELLICER who went into the army several months ago, received a letter from Claude a few days ago saying he is in England. Claude has been made a Sergeant, too.

December 3, 1942

According to information received here this week by Mrs. J. K Pellicer her son, CLAUDE, has received Staff Sergeant in the army. Claude is among the Flagler county boys doing duty on foreign soil at present.

September 23, 1942

A letter from Sgt. Alfred Tucker in England tells us that he is going along OK. He added that he was in London last week-end and met CLAUDE PELLICER there and really had a good time talking over old times and also the new ones. After we met, we realized that we are stationed only a few miles apart. I spent last night and yesterday over at his field, I haven't much to say for myself except I would like to be with some of those boys that are actually fighting, instead of pushing a pencil. I hear from Richard Tucker.

(Ed note– Tucker is in the Southwest Pacific theater).

I am going on furlough on the 26th of this month. I am going to spend two days on the Isle of Man and six days touring Scotland. Will write you about the trip when I get back from there."

(Mrs. George Biddle here said to tell you she hopes you enjoy Scotland, for it's her native country)

October 18, 1945



The above named Flagler County men are now entitled to be addressed as “Mister” instead of by any military title heretofore held...........