Joseph Brantley Pellicer

February 25, 1943

Six Flagler county men were sent to Blanding last week for induction. Turned down three for physical deficiency. They were Harold Higginbotham, Marvin Adams and Robert Long. The three who are in the army now are Zeno Mercer, JOSEPH BRANTLEY PELLICER and Jessie James Quigley.

March 11, 1943

J. B. PELLICER, who was inducted into the army at Blanding last month, has been transferred to Camp Hulen, Texas.

April 15, 1943

J. B. PELLICER, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Pellicer, has been transferred to Camp Hood, Texas.

June 24, 1943

Pvt. J. B. PELLICER, of Camp Hood, Texas, is on a short furlough visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Pellicer.

September 2, 1943

First thing I want to mention this week is a letter from J. B. PELLICER. He tells us that he is at the Desert Training Center in California, and has been for two months. But he adds "I am used to heat now." He also said he visited Old Mexico last week and had "a swell time."

January 20, 1944

Remember J. B. PELLICER? Well he's a full-fledged paratrooper now. He won the right to wear the world famous wings and boots of the U. S. Army Paratroopers by making his fifth jump January 6, at Ft. Benning, receiving his wings the following day." He is now stationed at Camp Mackall, N. C. for further training.

March 16, 1944

Pfc. J. B. PELLICER, paratrooper is here on furlough from Camp Mackall, N. C.

April 13, 1944

Paratrooper J. B. PELLICER is spending a ten-day furlough here with his mother, Mrs. J. E. Pellicer.

July 27, 1944

Paratrooper J. B. PELLICER from Ft. Benning, Ga., is here on furlough for a sort time.

August 24, 1944

We heard today - but haven't been able to verify - that Paratrooper J. B. PELLICER at Fort Benning has been seriously injured in a jump there.

November 9, 1944

J. B. PELLICER, paratrooper, who recently underwent an operation at Ft. Benning, Ga., because of injuries received in a jump, is here on furlough visiting relatives.

January10, 1946


The promotion of JOSEPH B. PELLICER, son of Mrs. Mattie K. Pellicer, to the rank of corporal is announced by Headquarters, Post of Corozal, Panama Canal Zone.

Cpl. Pellicer has been stationed in Panama since September 15, 1945, and is serving as staff car driver, according to a press release from public relations officer at New Orleans.