Bunnell, Florida
Thursday, October 19, 1944


George Albert Orcutt, a resident of Flagler Beach for the past five years, died at his home on Central Avenue Friday, October 13.

Mr. Orcutt was a native of Denmark, Maine, and was born December 9, 1871. He was married to Alma J. Thomas of Wheeler, Vermont, August 1, 1900. One child, a little girl, was born October 7, 1903, and died January 18, 1907.

A plumber and pipefitter by trade; Mr. Orcutt was a member of the Masonic Lodge No. 87 of Mount Washington, and of the Order Eastern Star Chapter No. 44 for 50 years. Masonic services were held Monday in the Baggett, Weatherby and McIntosh funeral parlors in Daytona Beach, followed with cremation in Jacksonville. Later services will be held in Vermont.

Honorary pallbearers were Judge H. A. Eisenbach, Representative H. T. Cook, Tom Holden, Homer Miller, D. D. Moody, J. F. Mercer, Robert Tweed, O. L. Oxford, Hazen Benson, F. L. Byrd, Henry Wells, M. B. Fuller, Harry Clegg, George Wickline, John Rice and K. K. Knight.

Floral offerings and expressions of sympathy were received from friends and relatives in the north and from Florida, which included the Masonic Lodge No. 87, the O.E.S. Chapter No. 44, Bunnell Lodge No. 200 and Bunnell O.E.S. Chapter 93; the Flag­ler Beach town commissioners and the Baptist Church.

Flowers from Vermont and New Hampshire included the names of the families of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Atkins, Mr. and Mrs. R. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Thomas, Mr. and. Mrs. Clarence Mercier, Mr. and Mrs. Roland Brechen, Mr. and Mrs. Harley Keniston, Mr. and Mrs. Hay Wood, Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Sheldon, Rev. and Mrs. Fred Wilcock, Mr. and Mrs. Fayette Barber, Mr. and Mrs. John Leonnart, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Barber, Mr. and Roger Barber, Mr. and Mrs. Asa Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Burrington, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Burrington, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Burrington, Mr. and Mrs. Winford Burrington, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Richie, Mr. and Mrs. George Yeaton; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bean, Holly Hill; North Convey friends were William Howe, Lucia B. Lakin, Lillian Hunter, and Lillian Waterhouse.

From Bunnell: Mr. and Mrs. Tom Holden, Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wells, Mr. and Mrs. K. K. Knight, Judge and Mrs. H. A. Eisenbach, Mrs. Lucille Smith; and A. L. Rabberman of Flagler Beach.