Bunnell, Florida
Thursday, December 30, 1920

In March 1897, Mrs. Minerva Ward was married to Mr. Augustus Miller, and old Union soldier, the father of Mrs. William Lewis.

From that time on Mr. and Mrs. Lewis have been as children to her, she and Mr. Miller frequently making their home with the Lewis’.

Eight years ago both families came south and again they lived together. The Lewis’ after four years south returned to Centralia, Illinois and shortly after the Miller’s came to the same place, where Mr. Miller died at the home of the Lewis’.

His widow, who is known and loved in Bunnell, came back to Bunnell about the time the Lewis’ did, about two years ago and last Saturday, December 18, 1920. She died at the home of the Lewis’ at Ocean City Beach, Florida.  For more than a month she suffered greatly, but she bore if patiently knowing the time of her release was near.

On Thanksgiving Day the pastor’s wife, Mrs. Kendall with Mrs. Joiner and Junior League came to see her and had a nice song service and prayer meeting, which she greatly enjoyed. She often asked a Christian friend here, to read the word and have prayer with her; and she rejoiced in the presence of the Lord with her.

For eight years she has been a member of the Methodist church, and has been a faithful worker in the Sunday school; and was much interested in her class.

She was a charter member of the Eastern Star, the members of which paid her much attention and attended her funeral in a body, placing beautiful flowers on the grave.

She had many friends, who buried her in the Espanola Cemetery after a funeral service at the Methodist church in Bunnell.

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis wish to express their thanks to all who have shown their mother kindness and attention during her long illness.

Bunnell, Florida
Thursday, December 23, 1920

The funeral services over the remains of Mrs. Minnie A Miller, whose death occurred at Ocean City Beach Saturday last after a long lingering illness, was held Sunday morning at 11 o’clock from the Methodist church. The Eastern Star lodge of Bunnell conducted the service, assisted by Rev. Paul Kendall.

Mrs. Miller was 72 years of age. She had been a visitor to Florida for several years, he and her husband being well known figures at Ocean City for the past several winters. Mr. Miller died while north last year and Mrs. Miller, although in ill health, returned here last spring and resided at Bunnell and the beach until her death.