Class of 1923
(10th Grade was highest class)


This was the first year that 11th grade subjects were taught in preparation for the full twelve grades for the term of 1923-24 and the first graduation from a four-year high school would be in the spring of 1924 - - it is presumed that this was a 10th grade graduation.

The Flagler Tribune of Thursday, 19 Apr 1923, carried a notice of the program for the 27 Apr 1923 commencement - - no listing of students graduating was given.


E. F. Fender, Principal


F. H. Bache
Ola Barber
Etha Clayton
Allie Cochran
Fred Cox
Equilla Dixon
Mrs. Fender
Phyllis Hazen
A. H. Johnson
Bessie Johnson
Myrtle Proctor
Ruth Richardson
Frances Souhwick
Allie L. Smith
Rosalee Simms
Daisy Walker