Class of 1918
(10th Grade was highest grade)

The following roster has been constructed from several sources. It cannot be determined which members of the class did not graduate as no record of the closing exercises has of yet been located. It is known that several of the classmates listed below did not finish the tenth grade.

This was the first school term under the Flagler County School Board after the county was created in 1917.

Garrie Hobart (Hob) Barber
(23 Nov 1899-08 Jan 1932)

Mary Belle Barber
(04 Apr 1901-03 Apr 1986)

Margaret Maude Burnsed
(18 Jan 1902-14 Apr 1928)

Hirman Crie

Amorette Claire Deen
(08 Dec 1901-20 Mar 1997)

James Lester (Jimmy) Deen
(04 Aug 1901-15 Aug 1986)

George Washington (Uncle Buck) Durrance
(13 Jun 1902-15 Aug 1973)

Florence Evers

Irene Mathilda (Nunny) Jeppson
(09 Oct 1898-15 Jul 1986)

Daniel Dinsdale Mack
(06 May 1898-14 Jan 1976)

Willis A Mack
(11 Oct 1901-28 Feb 1969)

Murtice Richardson
(06 Nov 1897-26 Aug 1977)

Beatrice Levina Sessions
(24 Aug 1902-23 Mar 1978)

Deolia Smith
(22 Oct 1898-29 May 1972)

Lamana Lucretia White
(27 Jul 1900-16 May 1952)



Lafayette Golden, Principal


The following is a list of the teachers employed by the Flagler County School System. With the exception of Corinne Taut who taught at the Gilbert School and Neva Brown who taught at the Hansen school, it is not known to which school they were assigned, so the compiler has listed those who schools were not identified.

Most of the teachers were paid $60 per month with the principal receiving $137 for his labors

N A Brantley
Faye Caldwell
Allie Cochran
Maree Golden
Pauline Henderson
Maye Kirby
Jennie Picue
Bessie Safriet
Belle Smith
Lilly Thompson
Helen Tingley
H H Williams


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