Class of 1952

1952 Yearbook


James Donald Alford, President
Barbara Laura Tidwell, Vice President
Patricia Ann Deen, Secretary-Treasurer
Betty Jo Rose, Historian
Walton Matthew Kinney, Parliamentarian
Anita Ann Koczwanska, Reporter

It’s better to be small and shine, than large and cast a shadow


Red and White

The school annual prepared by the Class of 1952 was named the “Pinea” and was dedicated to Walter Scott Morris, band director, principal, and administrator.

This class replaced the worn curtains given to the school by the Palmetto Club with a beautiful green velvet one that gave everyone a sense of pride

Graduated with this Class:

James Donald (Donny) Alford
(19 Feb 1935-

Elissa Aileen (Lisa) Cowart
(12 Jan 1935-

Patricia Ann (Pat) Deen
(14 Apr 1934-18 Jan 2023)

George Henry Giebert III
(19 Mar 1933-09 Jul 2004)

Walton Matthew (Walt) Kinney
(22 Sep 1934-

Anita Anna Koczwanski
(29 Dec 1933-28 Oct 2004)

Dorothy Elizabeth (Betty) Jo Rose
(26 Oct 1929-25 Sep 2017)

Gene Colbert Spivey
(05 Sep 1934-

Barbara Laura Tidwell
(22 Nov 1933-

Tomassina (Sina) Wells
(22 Feb 1935-bef 2011)

Others with this Class:

Albert Leroy (Buddy) Anderson, (25 Mar 1933-
William Harry Atkinson III, (16 Sep 1934-15 Mar 2010)
Harold Dale Combs, (20 Sep 1934-16 Sep 2001)
Russell Eatman Dupont, (19 Dec 1932-03 May 2015)
Geraldine "Geri" Johnson, (26 May 1927-25 Apr 2012)
Sherman S. Miller
Mordie H. (Ewing) Storey, (26 Feb 1934-01 Jan 1997)


B. Donald Stewart, Principal
Betty Alligood, School Secretary


Dorothy E. Alexander, 2nd Grade
Lucille R. Anderson, Library and English
Oscar L. Baldwin, Vocational Agriculture
Mrs. Myrtle G. Cockman, 7th Grade
Duane A. Deen, Science, Commerce, PE
John M. Dickson, Substitute Teacher
Mrs. Lois Higginbotham, Home Economics
Mrs. Hazel Holland, 1st Grade
Walter S. Morris, Director of Music
Mrs. Laura S. Morris, 5th Grade
Herman B. Murdock, Substitute
Mrs. Ruth M. Murdock, Commerce, Biology
Mrs. Emma H. Murray, 6th Grade
Mrs. Jacke L. Newman, Home Economics
Sigsbee C. Prince, Social Studies
Mrs. Gayle Stewart, Mathematics, PE
Mrs. Frances F. Wadsworth, 4th Grade
Mrs. Elvira E. Wooten, 3rd Grade


Mrs. Babe Irwin
Mrs. Norma Turner, Head Dietetian
Mrs. Nellie Mae Taylor


Johnny Botterbusch
Mrs. Eugenia Allen
Travis Chambers, Bus Supervisor
Mrs. Thelma Dupont
Mrs. Babe Irwin
Mrs. Sally Strickland


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