Class of 1933

In ourselves our future lies

Sweet Peas and Roses

Rainbow Pastel

Graduating with the Class:

Frankie Josephine Akins
(01 Mar 1914-03 Nov 1980)

Donald Lloyd Brooke
(30 Jun 1915-01 May 1996)

Doris Pauline Buckles
(19 Aug 1915-25 Jul 2016)

Hazel Adaline Buckles
(26 Feb 1917-23 Feb 2000)

William Howell (Bill) Cobb
(16 Oct 1913-30 May 1993)

Catherine Caroline Cyzycki
(22 Mar 1914-10 Jul 2009)

Albert Peter Kiefer
(11 Oct 1912-23 Apr 1993)

Mary Alice Metcalf
(27 Aug 1914-30 Jun 2004)

Zygmunt Wladimere Nowicki
(02 Jun 1913- 07 Oct 1989)

William Fowler (Billy) Owen
(04 Aug 1914 -25 Apr 1999)

Charles Henry Parker
(05 Jun 1915-16 Dec 1998)

Raymon Franklin Tucker
(06 Apr 1914-08 Nov 1998)

Others with this Class:

Ellis Richard Biddle, (07 Aug 1915-03 Sep 1982)
Robert Lee Burnsed, (25 Oct 1914-15 Oct 1976)
Evelyn Adeline Fowler (27 Mar 1914-14 Jul 2010)
Ray Chester Hunter, (18 Jun 1915-05 Feb 1942)
Karl Williams (Bud) Lord, Jr., (29 Mar 1914-06 Feb 1951)
Nancy Florena Mercer, (17 Oct 1915-01 Sep 2000)
Willie James Miller
Milton Paul Pellicer, (19 Apr 1915-17 Jul 1985)
Jeannette Kathryn Shamblen, (14 Sep 1916-10 Nov 1999)
Lewis Edward Wadsworth II, (21 Nov 1915-14 Oct 1985)
Spencer Paul White, (04 Apr 1913-04 Nov 1984)
Harold Priest Yelvington, (22 May 1914-22 May 1984)


P. K. Platts, Principal

Bunnell, Florida
Thursday, April 13, 1933

FLAGLER BEACH – Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom

In a picturesque setting, the senior class of the Flagler county high school sailed “away on the sea of life” last Friday night aboard a ship of rainbow hue. The boat, forty feet long and twelve feet wide, occupied the center of the Flagler Beach hotel dining room where the class of ’33 was dined by the juniors. The sides of the vessel were pink and green, junior colors, with the inside a solid mass of purple verbenas. At the stern of the boat a huge rainbow, the senior class colors, could be seen through the pennants and streamer festooned overhead, while an anchor hung over the starboard bow. The guests were heralded to the dining salon by the ships gong, and the address of welcome by “Captain” Lillo Johnson, president of the junior class was followed by the future prophesy of the upper classmen by ‘’Chiefmate” June Brown, secretary, and a reply to the juniors by Chief Engineer Donald Brooks. First Officer Albert Mountcastle addressed the officers in command. Norma Durrance, first officer, extended a vote of thanks to pilot P. K. Platts who responded with a few words of advice to the graduating class. Admiral Z. E. Booe pictured the destination of the officers and crew through childhood, manhood, matrimony, and old age. With the final class song the diners joined more than a hundred and fifty guests who danced until midnight to music by Eddie’s Dixie Aces of Daytona Beach.

Members of the senior class were: Pauline Buckles, Catherine Cyzycki, Josephine Aikins, Hazel Buckles, Mary Alice Metcalf, Sigmund Norwicki, Raymond Tucker, Donald Brooks, Billy Owen, Charles Parker, William Cobb, Albert Keifer. Chaperones were: Mrs. Dale Brown, Mrs. Homer Miller, Mrs. J. H. McKnight, Mrs. W. S. Spaulding.

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