Flagler County, Florida
(Section 36, Township 11, S, Range 29, E)

(Established 1875)

(Last visit to photograph markers: 25 March 2014 - updated from newspapers, daily)

DIRECTIONS: From the City of Bunnell, go north on U.S.1 to County Road 13 (6/10th of a mile N of the overpass). Take CR 13 to the town of Espanola (2.9 miles), then go west on CR 205, 9/10 mile to the cemetery which lies on the south side of the road

NOTE: This listing was originally compiled in June 2001 by taking digital images of each marker (956 total). Obituaries, the Social Security Death Index the Florida Death Index and family histories were also used in obtaining information. Any items contained in parenthesis were added by the compiler and do not appear on the grave markers. Dates and other information that appear in parenthesis were obtained from obituaries, the Social Security Death Index, the Florida Death Index, other published public records, family histories and Baggett & Summers Funeral Home Records transcribed by Bill Morgan and John Woodard of DeLand.

During November and December 2009 and January 2010 the obituary records of the Flagler County Historical Society were researched and 632 obituaries were found for individuals buried in this cemetery. They were scanned, posted and linked to this listing in February 2010. Additional obituaries will be posted as they are found.

The compiler was assisted in the production of this listing by Ray Mercer, Wanda Whitaker Mercer (1926-2012), Norma Durrance Turner (1916-2012) and June Rodgers Smith, all descendants of Flagler County Pioneer Families.

Any corrections and/or additions should be sent to the compiler, Claude Sisco Deen, Jr, P.O. Box 637, Flagler Beach, FL 32136-0637; or emailed to: Sisco_Deen@hotmail.com.


Abbott, Alice Scott, (May)1856-(16 Oct)1920
Wife of (George) H. Abbott (d/o Patrick Henry Scott & Ardelia Jane Gulick)

Adams, Claude C (Clinton), 05 Apr 1902-08 Mar 1974
(s/o Milton Lacy Adams & Manna F. Worl; h/o Mildred A.Mary & Lillian Victoria Cody)

Akins, Anita (Frances), 02 Nov 1893-17 Feb 1976
(d/o Mathew C. Davis & Frances E. Burnsed; w/o Charles W. Akins)

Akins, Charles Walker, 11 Jul 1953-13 Jul 1953
(s/o George Winfield Akins & Virginia Louis Dunson)

Akins, Charley (Charles James) W. (Winfield), 06 Sep 1878-22 May 1944
(s/o George Washington Akins & Caroline Malinda Prevatt; h/o Anita Frances Davis)

Akins, George Winfield (Buster), 16 Dec 1916-11 Nov 1986
(US Navy Seabees, WW II)
(s/o Charles James Winfield Akins & Anita Frances Davis; h/o Wilma Shamblen & Virginia Louise Dunson)

Akins, William Henry, 30 Jun 1954-13 Mar 2017
(s/o George Winfield Akins & Virginia Louise Dunson; h/o Patsy Ann Dupont)

(Akins, Jr., William Henry "Buddy," 11 Nov 1985-28 Jan 2015)
(s/o William Henry Akins & Patsy Ann Dupont; h/o Mary Pat Masters)
(Obituary says buried here; could not locate

Allam, Barbara R. (Rose), 17 Sep 1950-10 Jul 2008

Allen, Edith (aka: Lady) (Ethel), (28 Nov 1908)1907-(21 May)1997
(d/o John I. Choate & Mary Elizabeth Heatherly; w/o Sumner Winn Allen)

Allen, (Ellen) Louise McIntosh (aka Nell), (06 Oct) 1885-(08 Feb) 1977
(d/o William Swinton McIntosh, CSA & Ida Sutherland Talley; w/o George Elliott Allen)

Allen, George Elliott, (15 Feb)1881-(19 Jun)1949
(s/o Sumner Winn Allen & Marie McIntosh Winn; h/o Ellen Louise "Nell" McIntosh)

Allen, Jr., George Elliott, 21 Nov 1922-08 Jan 1993
2nd Lt, USAAC, WW II
(s/o George E Allen & Ellen Louise McIntosh; h/o Johnnie Maxine Buckles)

Allen, Ida O. (Olivia), 22 Dec 1947-03 Aug 2005
(d/o George Elliot Allen, Jr & Johnnie Maxine Buckles)

Allen, Johnnie (Maxine) Buckles, 04 Jun 1922-14 Mar 1994
(d/o John O. Buckles & Daisy A. Davis; w/o George Elliott Allen, Jr.)

Allen, Steven Howard, 02 Sep 1958-15 Oct 1962
(s/o William H. Allen, Jr & Lillian Pearl Young)

Allen, Unknown,
(compiler unable to read)

Allerton, Edward Clyde, 06 Mar 1917-10 Apr 1996
Sgt, U.S. Army Air Corps, WW II
(s/o Clyde E Allerton & Nola Luella Walton; h/o Ruby Jean Akins)

Allerton, Ruby Jean, (14 Oct)1919-(04 Jun)1980
(d/o Charles W Akins & Anita Frances Davis; w/o Edward Clyde Allerton)

Allman, Robert O. (Oscar), 29 Aug 1931-04 Nov 1976
(s/o Allen Fisher Allman & Frances W. Warren; h/o Gladys Mayetta Durrance)

(Amber, Alan Lee, (12 Apr)1952-2018)

Amber, Stan (Stanley) John, 29 Oct 1929-24 Nov 1991
Pvt, U.S. Army, Korea
(s/o John S. Amborski & Estelle Micalowski)

Anderson, Herbert E. (Eugene), 24 Apr 1902-06 Oct 1974
MM1, U.S. Navy
(s/o Walter Leon. Anderson & Earnestine E. Underwood; h/o Louise LNU)
(Seabees, WW II, Retired Flagler CO Deputy Sheriff)

Anderson, Inez S., 03 Jan 1904-27 Nov 2006
(d/o David Lee Summerall & Rebecca Lillian Kennedy; w/o Robert Williams & W. R. Anderson)

Anderson, Jimmie Edward, 16 Dec 1939-21 Mar 1977
Sgt, U.S. Army, Vietnam
(s/o Archie Dee Anderson & Ollie Arline Alexander; h/o Marguerite LNU)

Anderson, Ronald Dee, 24 Jan 1947-28 May 1969
(s/o Archie Dee Anderson & Ollie Arline Alexander)

Anglin, Archie (F), 1900-(31 Mar)1924
(s/o Johnn Thomas Anglin & Bertha Lula Wiley)

Anglin, Ava May, 1903-(18Jul)1920
(d/o John Thomas Anglin & Bertha Lula Wiley)

Anglin, Bertha (Lula), 09 Jul 1880-22 May 1956
(d/o Jacob Wiley & Louisa Jane Cooper; w/o John Thomas Anglin)

Anglin, Edgar E. (Edward), 18 Mar 1907-12 Aug 1963
(U.S. Navy, WW II)
(s/o John Thomas Anglin & Bertha Lula Wiley; h/o Nancy Elizabeth Mathis)

(Apeler, Martha May, 24 Aug 1925-13 Jul 2016)
(d/o Almond Fred Thompson & Nancy Elizaabeth Herring; w/o Victor Henry Apeler)

Apeler, Victor H. (Henry), 17 Jul 1922-03 May 1998
GM3, U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o William Henry Apeler & Elizabeth (Lizzie) Braddock; h/o Martha May Thompson)

Apeler, Victor W. (Walter), (18 Jan) 1952 - (03 Nov) 2005
(s/o Victor Henry Apeler; h/o Cindy Lee Higginbotham, Terry Lynn Martin)

Arave, Infant Son, 20 Sep 1956-20 Sep 1956
Son of William Lloyd Arave

Arnold, Frances, (10 Mar)1931-(22 May)1987
(d/o Arch Giddens & Gertrude E. Geoghagan; w/o FNU Britt & Joseph Milton Arnold, Jr.)

Arnold, John Wallace, 02 Jun 1927-(Dec)1955
TSgt 5 (U.S. Army)
(s/o Joseph Milton Arnold & Mahala Carter; h/o Lillian Roberta Smith)

Arnold, Joseph M. (Milton), (24 Apr)1889-(26 Feb)1965
(s/o Joseph A. Arnold & Treecy Quinn; h/o Mahala Carter)

Arnold, Jr., Joseph M. (Milton), 16 Oct 1924-12 Dec 1987
U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Joseph Milton Arnold & Mahala Carter; h/o Mattie Frances Giddens)

Arnold, Lillian (Roberta), (27 Sep)1916-(07 Jul 1986)1987
(Nee: Smith; w/o Louis Zachariah Stuckey & John Wallace Arnold)

Arnold, Mahala, (12 Aug)1894-(17 Feb)1986
(d/o Isaac Carter & Ella (Babe) Moody; w/o Joseph M. Arnold, Sr.)

(Arnold, Vivian Gayle, 04 Sep 1955-28 Jul 2005)
(d/o Joseph Milton (Joe) Arnold, Jr & Frances Giddens)

Arnold, Willard, (13 Dec)1932-(29 Jun)1978
Sp 4, U.S. Army, Korea
(s/o Joseph Milton Arnold & Mahala; h/o Frances Fay Lopez)

Arp, James F. (Franklin), 30 Oct 1922-09 Feb 1997
(U.S, Army Air Corps, WW II)
(s/o Grover Cleveland Arp & Hattie Mae Garner; h/o Robbie Cleopal Koger)

Arp, Robbie C (Cleopal), 07 Nov 1928-18 Oct 1988
Wife of James F. Arp, m 03 Nov 1945
(d/o Robert Henry Koger & Mary Emaline Sims)

Ash, Joan (Carolyn) Wright, 16 Nov 1958-21 Sep 2002
(d/o Douglas Wright & Ava LNU; w/o Jon Wilder & Joseph Ash)

(Atkinson, Fannie Joann, 27 Jan 1945-04 Mar 2015)
(d/o Thomas Jefferson Cockrell & Fannie Beatrice Pellicer; w/o Moses Reed Atkinson)

Atkinson, Moses R. (Reed), 21 Aug 1943-23 Apr 2001
A1C, U.S. Air Force
(s/o William Harry Atkinson III & Virginia Elise Johnson; h/o Fannie Joann Cockrell)

Bacher, Carrie (May) S., 11 Jul 1860-08 Mar 1954
(d/o Harvey Sullivan & Lucinda Wright; w/o William H. Bacher)

Bacher, William H., 02 Apr 1860-18 Oct 1935
(s/o Louis Bacher & Mary Patterson; h/o Carrie May Sullivan)

Baggett, Maegan Alyse , 11 Oct 1993-17 Feb 1999
(d/o James Baggett & Michelle Medders)

Bailey, Stanley P. (Paul), 26 May 1978-17 Aug 2008
(s/o Thomas Charles Bailey & Patricia Ann Germack)

Baker, Earl R. (Raymond), (30 Oct)1906-(05 Jul)1974
(s/o Fernand Baker & Goldie Amelia Wilts; h/o Martha May Wheeler)

Baker, Martha May, (08 Jun)1907-(28 Jun)1974
(d/o Alfred Wheeler & Nellie Lawrence; w/o Earl Raymond Baker)

Baker, Mary (Helen), (07 Aug)1940-(04 Jun)2012
(d/o Dorsey Davis Metts & Mary Lucille Clark; w/o William F. Baker, Sr.)

Bankowski, Walter, 18 Jun 1897-19 Apr 1963
Pvt, Co D, 13 Bn, U.S. Guards, WW I, Florida
(h/o Valeryia LNU (Div) & Jadwiga Rewkowski)

Bankston, Katherine D. (Delores), 17 Mar 1885-04 Jun 1982
(d/o John Baggs Johnston & Mary Ketus Carter; w/o Samuel Collins Bankston)

Bankston, Samuel C. (Collins), (02 Sep)1888-(07 Nov)1952
(s/o James E. Bankston & Emma K. Grady; h/o Katherine Delores Johnston)

Barber, Annabelle, 13 Apr 1925-30 Sep 2013
(d/o Garie Hobart "Hob" Barber & Bernice Lucinda Bates)

Barber, Bernice (Lucinda) Bates, 21 Feb 1903-26 Jun 1970
(d/o Benjamin James Bates & Grace Caroline Campbell; w/o Garrie Hobart (Hob) Barber,
Walter L. Fowler & John Oliver Buckles )

Barber, Dorothy C. (Marie), (28 May) 1918-(28 Apr 1998)
(d/o William McDonald (Mack) Cauley & Bertha Maude Bennett, w/o George E. (Eugene) Barber)

Barber, Flora L, (Emma), 28 Nov 1898-03 May 1936
( d/o John Benjamin Barber & Mary Smith; w/o Max Fein & Arthur Brown)

Barber, Garrie Hobart [Hob], 23 Nov 1899-08 Jan 1932
(s/o Jeptha Dennis (Jep) Barber & Minnie Sweat; h/o Bernice Bates)
(served as Flagler County Tax Assessor from 1924 until his death in 1932)

Barber, Garrie J. (John), 11 Dec 1952-17 Jul 2009
(s/o Shelton Bristol Barber & Phyllis C Kinney; h/o Laura Elaine Murray)

Barber, George E. (Eugene - Gene), 27 Jun 1911-16 Jul 1986
PFC, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o William Lemuel Barber & Mamie Kemp; h/o Dorothy Marie Cauley)

Barber, Gilford M. (Malcolm - Mike), 19 Mar 1890-20 Aug 1973
F1, U.S. Navy, WW I, Georgia
(s/o John Benjamin Barber & Mary Smith)

Barber, Grace, 08 Apr 1905-09 Dec 1905
(d/o Jeptha Dennis (Jep) Barber & Minnie Sweat)

Barber, Jeptha D. (Dennis), 18 Sep 1878-21 Nov 1971
(s/o John Benjamin Barber & Mary Smith; h/o Minnie Sweat)

Barber, John (Benjamin), 08 Oct 1853-29 Oct 1933
(s/o Jeptha Barber & Martha Medders; h/o Mary Smith)

Barber, John E. (Eulice - Pete), 29 Jul 1909-11 Aug 1985
(U.S. Army Air Corps, WW II, Cpl)
(s/o Jeptha Dennis Barber & Minnie Sweat; h/o Lina Mae Smith)

(Barber, L. (Laura) Elaine, 21 Jun 1952-(no date)
(d/o James Remley "Rem" Murray & Ruth Janice Peede; w/o William Michael Saunders & Garrie John Barber)

Barber, Lina (Mae), 14 May 1912-19 Sep 1979
(d/o Charles Connor Smith & Adaline LaGrange Breland; w/o John Eulice Barber)

Barber, Mary, 16 Jul 1858-20 May 1934
(d/o Dennis Smith, CSA & Elizabeth Carlisle; w/o John Benjamin Barber)

Barber, Minnie S., 15 Feb 1883-6 May 1973
(d/o Allen Sweat & Mary Jane Taylor; w/o Jeptha Dennis Barber)

Barber, Phyllis C., 23 Sep 1926-02 Jul 1998
(d/o Arden Blair Kinney & Dorothy Marie LNU; w/o Shelton Bristol Barber)

Barber, Shelton Bristol, 02 Jun 1923-10 Jun 1999
U.S. Marine Corps, WW II (Sgt)
(s/o Garrie H Barber & Bernice Bates; h/o Phyllis C Kinney)
(He served as Bunnell's mayor and a municipal judge in the 10 years before his six-term,
24-year position as Flagler County's top clerk. He retired in 1992)

Barber, William Lem (Lemuel), 16 Feb 1888-01 Jun 1931
(s/o John Benjamin Barber & Mary Smith; h/o Mamie Kemp)

(Barker, Fannie Marie, 19 Dec 1920-04 Aug 1916)
(s/o John Oliver Buckles & Daisy Ann Davis)
(w/o George Cornelius McArn, Jr., Robert Ethridge & Jim Kennon Barker)

Barmington, Fredrick D., 16 Nov 1844-27 Oct 1927
(Pvt, Co C, 46th IL Vol Inf, USA, Civil War)
(He was listed in the 1940-1941 Graves Registration Project conducted
by the Military Dept of Florida and the American Legion)
(h/o Pamelia Waugh & Mary Elizabeth Cornwall)

Barmington, Mary Cornwell (Elizabeth), (25)Dec 1860-(15)Jun 1943
(d/o Enoch Lin Cornwell & Nancy Amanda Beard; w/o Fredrick D. Barmington)

Barrow, Claude A. (Alexander), (05 Nov)1909-(13 Apr)1967
(s/o David Lloyd Barrow & Luevincy Rebecca Odom; h/o Isabel A. Hengelman)

Barrow, Isabel A. (Anna), (01 Apr)1920-(08 Feb)1996
(d/o Henry Hengelman & Margaret Reiger; w/o Claude Alexander Barrow)

Barrow, Paul A. (Alexander), 06 Jan 1951-13 Jan 2011
(s/o Claude Alexander Barrow & Isabelle A. Hengelman; h/o Deborah Lynn Nipper & Linda L. Cunningham)

Barzelogna, Anna G (Gayle), (11 Oct)1911-(26 Mar)1991
(d/o Edward L. Spencer & Cora Cox; w/o Peter B. Barzelogna)

Barzelogna, Camille (Ann) (nee: Krause), 18 Jul 1940-23 Jun 1999
(d/o Louis Krause & Jennie Ladanowski; w/o Richard Dean Barzelogna)

Barzelogna, James Scott “Jimmy,” 27 Jul 1958-01 May 1991
(s/o Richard Dean Barzelogna & Camille Krause)

Barzelogna, Peter (Pietro) B. (Bruno), (16 Feb)1898-(05 Jan)1976
(Italian Army, WW I)
(s/o Marco Barzelogna & Maria Quarantoto; h/o Anna Gayle Spencer)

Bass, Elizabeth, (14 Jun)1910-(24 Jul)2000
(d/o George W Gregory & Emma Kierce; w/o William Russell Bass)

Bass, William Russell, (14 Jun)1907-(15 Mar)1966
(s/o George Arelious Bass & Mattie Mae Weathersby; h/o Jennie Casey & Elizabeth Gregory)

(Bateman, John Joseph, 03 Oct 1979-18 Sep 2017)
(s/o Joseph Booe Bateman, Jr. & Minnie Mae Deen; h/o Amber LNU)

Baughn, Maxine A. (Augusta), (15 Jun)1914-(25 Oct)1979

Baumgartner, Eunice E. (Minnie), 21 May 1903-06 Jul 1983
(d/o William Henry Evans & Reaka Reahfeldt; w/o Eugene Bertram Savio & Lyle Joseph Baumgartner)

Beahm, Anna Varner, (14 Feb)1916-(04 Feb)1996
(d/o William E. Varner & Rebecca Mamie Kite; w/o FNU Frederick & William Franklin Beahm)

Beahm, William F. (Franklin), (23 Jan)1913-(05 Jan)1970
(s/o Charles Luther Beahm & Rachel Elizabeth Knight; h/o Verlie Virginia Jewell & Anna G. Varner)

Beardsley, Anna, (24 Nov)1882-(02 Nov)1979
(d/o Andrew Carlson & Johanna Sophia Peterson; w/o Magnus Naughton Lonngren & FNU Beardsley)

(Behling, Theodore, c-1867-14 Nov 1932)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate)

Belson, Betty Sue, (17 Mar)1906-(04 Aug)1978
(w/o Harry Charles Belson)

Belson, Harry C. (Charles), (08 Aug)1907-(02 Dec)1976
(s/o Heyman Belson & Dora Abelski; h/o Betty Sue LNU)

(Bennett, Chalmus Dewey, 26 Apr 1899-05 May 1964)
(s/o Omar Pasha Bennett & Velena Arizona Key; h/o Josephine L. Swain)
(obituary says buried here, compiler unable to locate)

Bennett, Ralph James, 22 Nov 1927-26 Sep 1989
Tec 5, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Herbert R. Bennett & Gracie Oveda Yelvington; h/o Velma L. Jacobs)

(Bernet, Peter, c 1873-11 Jul 1941)
(Native of France)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate)

(Bertha, Joyce Marlene "Molly," 19 Oct 1943-12 Jun 2020)
(d/o John Thrasher Ricks & Irma Courson; w/o Samuel Johnston "Sammy" Bertha)

Bertha, (Theda) Jeanette, (16 Apr)1920-(23 Mar)2001
(d/o Samuel Collins Bankston & Katherine Delores (Katie) Johnston; w/o Robert Thomas Bertha, Jr.)

Betts, Vera A., 20 Feb 1917-09 Mar 1957
(d/o Lee Roy Cash & Rosa Etta Thompson; w/o Olen Benjamin Dryden & Alton R.Betts)

(Biddle, John Harold, 28 Sep 1902-23 Dec 1922)
(s/o James M. Biddle & Elnora Brown)
(obit says buried here, compiler unable to locate grave)

Black, Benny D. (Dwayne), 17 Nov 1928-31 Dec 2014
PFC US Army Korea
(s/o Percy Shelton Black & Jennie "Jeanette" Moody; h/o Dorothy Elizabeth "Betty" Jo Rose)

Black, Betty J. (Dorothy Elizabeth Jo), 26 Oct 1929-25 Sep 2017)
(d/o Dr. Joseph Everett Rose & Ida Lee Elizabeth Parker; w/o Benny Dwayne Black)

Black, Jennie (Jeanette) Moody, 10 Jan 1909-29 Nov 2006
(d/o Robert Moody & Martha Nancy (Mattie) Barber; w/o Percy Shelton Black, Francis Eli Rambo,
Herbert Austin Preacher & Benjamin Franklin (Ben) Clifton, Jr)

Blakely, (Emma) Pearl, 26 Aug 1912-26 Dec 2001
(d/o Dozier Young Forsyth & Jessie Viola Bray; w/o Raymond Lee Bakely)

Blakely, (Raymond) Lee, 29 Jul 1906-15 Nov 1988
(U.S. Navy, MM2, WW II)
(s/o Robert Maston Blakely & Mollie Fudge Stuffle; h/o Emma Pearl Forsyth)

(Bondy, Charles Edward, 29 Mar 1910-10 Oct 1978)
(s/o George Edward Bondy & Lillian Beveridge; h/o Emily Louise Oger)
(listed as buried here on find-a-grave; compiler unable to locate marker)

Bondy, George E. (Edward), 09 Apr 1886-13 Nov 1957
(s/o Jonathan Bondy & Cythia Ann LeMasters; h/o Lillian Beveridge)

Bondy, Lillian, (18 Sep)1887-(16 Sep)1967
(d/o Kennedy Mayne Beveridge & Lydia Jane Walker; w/o George Edward Bondy)

Bordner, Ira Levi, 10 Mar 1889-07 May 1966
Pvt, 32 Co, Trans Corps, WW I, Ohio
(s/o Levi Bordner & Mary Jane Walker; h/o Bertha Irene Heise)

Bowden, Harold P. (Perry), (03 Oct)1899-(05 Feb)1971
(s/o Robert Thomas Bowden & Cynthia Emma Hickman; h/o Taudy Rebecca Cantrell)

Bowden, Taudy (Rebecca) C., (14 Jan)1908-(31 Jan)1991
(d/o William Andrew Cantrell & Fannie Arlena Morris; w/o L. L. Grissom & Harold Perry Bowden)

Bowers, Frances L. (Sara), 11 Oct 1926-01 Feb 1995
(d/o Henry Grady Lee & Lula Mae Smith; w/o Jesse Eugene Bowers & Henry Gonyo)

Bowers, Howard E. (Eugene). 12 Oct 1946-02 May 1965
(s/o Jesse Eugene Bowers & Sara Frances Lee)

Bowers, Jessie Eugene, (07 Jul)1923-(06 Jul)1980
OFC, U.S. Marine Corps, WW II
(s/o Jesse Monroe Bowers & Amorette Claire Deen; h/o Sara Frances Lee)

Bowman, Bobbie Jean, 23 Dec 1933-17 Jan 1996
(d/o Cecil J. McAlister & Lelia Cleone Henseley; w/o Elmer Mason Bowman)

Bowman, Elmer M. (Mason), 11 Mar 1930-04 Aug 1994 (4/5 Sep 1994)
Pvt, U.S. Army, Korea
(s/o George Bowman & Myrtle Garner; h/o Bobbie Jean McAlister)

Bowman, Sally Jane, 14 Jul 1955-28 Jul 2008

Bradley, Augustus G. (George), 31 May 1886-03 Feb 1972
(s/o James William Bradley & Sarah Glen Atwell; h/o Louella Jane "Lula" Hunt)

Bradley, (Carl) Glenn, (11 Jul)1956-(31 Oct)1973
(s/o Herbert Edward Bradley & Edna Stuart)

Bradley, Infant, 1936-1936

Bradley, Lula (Louella Jane) H., 14 Apr 1894-12 Aug 1975
(d/o Charles Berry Hunt & Louella Elizabeth Bethea; w/o Augustus George Bradley)

Brannon, Dorothy (Geneva), (09 Dec)1923-(21 Mar)1993
(d/o Augustus George Bradley & Lula Hunt; w/o Winston Stephen Brannon)

Brannon, W. (Winston) Stephen, (04 Jun)1922-(20 Oct 2008)
(s/o Seth Allen Brannon & Mattie Louis Ganous; h/o Dorothy Geneva Bradley)

Bratcher, Carl, 03 Mar 1926-11 Nov 1988
Cpl, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Lonney B Bratcher & Gertrude Turner; h/o Charlotte Nipper and Minnie Lenore Miller)

Bratcher, Charlotte (R) Nipper, 30 Oct 1935-24 Sep 2002
(d/o Otis Nipper & Grace; w/o Carl Bratcher & Jack C. White)

Bratcher, Glynn D. (Dale), 06 Oct 1941-26 Jan 2005
(s/o Lonney B. Bratcher and Gertrude Turner; h/o Zillah Ann Engram & Lillian Marie Burtter)

Bratcher, Henry M. (Marvin), (03 Apr)1931-(29 Mar)2002
QM3, U.S. Navy
(he also served in the U.S. Army Air Corps & U.S. Air Force)
(s/o Lonney B. Bratcher & Lillian Gertrude Turner; h/o Naomi E. Benton)

(Bratcher, Lillian M. (Marie), 25 Dec 1934-no dates)
(Nee: Burtter)

Bratcher, Lonney (B), 04 Jun 1899-29 May 1964
(s/o Bishop Marvin Bratcher & Litha M. Hughes; h/o Lillian Gertrude Turner)

Bratcher, Naomi E., 25 Nov 1937-01 Sep 1974
(d/o Floyd Benton; w/o Wiley Judson Allen & Henry Marvin Bratcher)

Bratcher, Robert, 19 Mar 1923-24 May 1972
Cpl, U.S. Army Air Corps, WW II
(s/o Lonney B. Bratcher & Gertrude Turner; h/o Eileen Allcock)

Bray, Ethel A. (Arene), (04 Jan)1898-(01 Jun)1963
(d/o Hosea Presley Bowers & Priscilla Rentz; w/o William James Priester & 2nd w/o James Stewart Bray)

Bray, Gerald R. (Rudolph), 02 Sep 1927-06 Nov 1933
(s/o William M. Bray & Margaret Ann Strickland)

Bray, James S. (Stewart)(aka: Bill), (20 Nov 1896)1897-(16 Mar)1967
(s/o William George Bray & Emaline Griffis; h/o Daisy Thelma Deen, Myrtle R. Allen & Ethel Arene Bowers)

(Bray, Myrtle R., Apr 1900-31 Dec 1936)
(d/o James W. Allen & Ninus P. LNU; w/o James Stewart Bray)
(obituary says buried here; compiler could not locate)

Brazier, Patricia A. (Ann - Trisha), 15 Nov 1958-26 Sep 1982
(d/o Bobby Harold Myers & Mary Jo Drawdy; w/o Michael Brazier)

Brock, Mattie (Martha A.), (15 Sep 1876)-07 Sep 1916
Wife of W. A. Brock
(d/o Thomas Reynolds & Rachel Malinda McAlarney; w/o William A. Brock)

Brock, Delia, c1905-16 Apr 1916
Dau of W. A. and Mattie Brock

Brock, Ronald Joe, 07 Dec 1955-24 Aug 1994
Sgt, U.S. Army
(s/o Joseph M. "Joe" Brock & Wilma Shamblen)

Bross, Henry H. (Harper), 28 Jan 1925-17 Feb 1967
(s/o Harry Lesher Bross & Anna Sarah Edris; h/o Mary Ellen Hollenbach)

Bross, Lisa Jean, 28 Nov 1969-28 Nov 1971
(d/o James Edward Bross & Gloria Jean Holmes)

Bross, Mary E., 05 Feb 1926-17 Jan 1999
Wife of Henry H. Bross
(d/o Harvey F. Hollenbach & Amanda Becthel)

Bross, William H. (Henry/Billy), (01 Jun)1958-(15 May)1978
(s/o Henry Harper Bross & Mary Ellen Hollenbach)

Brown, Charles Franklin, 09 Sep 1935-06 Dec 2002
(U.S. Army)
(s/o Charles Edward Brown and Frankie Josephine Akins; h/o Vera Lucille Fowler)
(note: there is a marker here, however, the VA lists him buried in Oakdale Cemetery, DeLand)

Brown, Charles Vernon, 28 Oct 1859-04 Oct 1920
(s/o Theodore Mortimer Brown & Delia Perkins Mitchell; h/o Elizabeth Tabitha Moore)

(Brown, Elizabeth Tabitha, 10 Mar 1865-04 Aug 1953)
(d/o John G. Moore & Rebeccca Jane Perkins; w/o Charles Vernon Brown)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate grave)

Brown, Everett (Carroll), (24 Dec)1924-(21 Oct)1994
(s/o James Harrison Brown & Annie M. Carroll; w/o Lena Halley)

Brown, Frankie J. (Josephine), 01 Mar 1914-03 Nov 1980
(d/o Charles W. Akins & Anita Frances Davis; w/o Charles Edward Brown)

Brown, John David, 08 Mar 1939-08 Oct 1962
(s/o Charles Edward Brown & Frankie Josephine Akins)

(Brown, Lena, 09 Feb 1927-29 Jan 2017)
(d/o Millard Halley & Louise Nesh; w/o Everett Carroll Brown)

Brown, Vera Lucille, 30 Jul 1934-23 Mar 1992
(d/o John J. Fowler & Hazel L. Prince; w/o Charles Franklin Brown)

(Browning, Burleigh Allison, 06 Jul 1881-12 Mar 1931)
(s/o George W.Browning & Flora Lynam)
(h/o Minerva Margaret "Minnie" Phillips & Dorothy Strickland)
(said to be buried here, compiler unable to locate grave)

Buckels, G. Wesley, 21 Nov 1920-22 Nov 1920
(s/o Louis Edward Buckels & Mary Magdaline Davis)

Buckels, Joseph W. (Walter called JW), (02 Sep)1917-(17 May)1982
(s/o Louis L. Buckles & Mary M. Davis; h/o Viola Mae Powers & Ophelia May Poole)

Buckels, O. (Ophelia) (14 Mar)1933-(26 Dec)1990
(d/o Jasper Hubert Poole & Mary Ruth Tankersley; w/o Joseph Walter Buckels)

(Buckels, Viola Mae, 30 Sep 1917-28 Oct 1995)
(d/o James Leonard Powers & Effie Lou Hall; w/o Joseph Walter Buckels)

Buckles, Arthur (James), (10 Sep)1896-(22 Mar)1975
(s/o Joseph Jackson Buckles & Hulda Ann Elizabeth Richardson; h/o Grace Hendry)

Buckles, Carol, 05 May 1922-11 Feb 1980
(d/o FNU Stranger; w/o Lee Roy Buckles)

Buckles, Clyde (Shelmon), (30 Jan)1892-(03 Nov)1966
(s/o Joseph Jackson Buckles & Hulda Ann Elizabeth Richardson)

Buckles, Daisy A. (Ann), 02 Mar 1895-17 Apr 1983
Wife of John O. (Oliver) Buckles
(d/o Mathew Davis & Frances E. Burnsed)

(Buckles, Ellen (19 May 1904-06 Jul 1926)
(d/o Lucian L. Geiger & Julia Ann "Annie" Sapp; 1st w/o Raiford J. Buckles)

Buckles, George, 19 Oct 1950-19 Oct 1950
Son of (Lee) Roy & Carol (Stranger) Buckles

Buckles, George K., 20 Dec 1930-26 Dec 1930
(s/o George Wesley Buckles & Susie Lulu Davis)

Buckles, George L. (Lee), 15 Sep 1952-18 Feb 1993
SA, U.S. Navy, Son of (Lee) Roy & Carol (Stranger) Buckles
(h/o Melissa Ann Hanson)

Buckles, George W. (Wesley), 11 Nov 1882-26 Jul 1947
(s/o Joseph J. Buckles & Hulda A. Richardson; h/o Mamie Yelvington & Susie Lulu Davis)

Buckles, Gladys, (26) Feb 1917-26 Feb 1917
(d/o John Oliver Buckles & Daisy Ann Davis)

Buckles, Hulda (Ann Elizabeth), (07 Mar)1863-(18 Apr)1940
Wife of Joseph J. (Jackson) Buckles
(d/o John Richardson & Elizabeth Strickland)

Buckles, John O. (Oliver), 25 Dec 1880-23 Mar 1965
(s/o Joseph Jackson Buckles & Hulda Ann Elizabeth Richardson; h/o Lillie Bowman, Daisy Ann Davis & Bernice Lucinda Bates)
(He served two terms on the Flagler CO School Board; member of the first game warden class for State of FL.)

Buckles, Joseph J. (Jackson), (28 Oct)1859-(19 May)1935
(s/o John Oats Buckles, CSA & Sara Ann Josephine Garrison; h/o Hulda Ann Elizabeth Richardson)
(He was supervisor of the Bimini Drainage District and was appointed by Governor Sidney Johnston Catts to serve on the first School Board when Flagler County was created in 1917. His name was on the cornerstone of Bunnell High School as a member of the board when the building was erected in 1924)

Buckles, Leroy, 28 Sep 1915-26 Jan 1962
CCSTD, U.S. Navy Reserve, WW II, Florida
(s/o George Wesley Buckles & Mamie Yelvington; h/o Carol Stranger)

Buckles, Louis E. (Edward), 26 Jun 1885-27 Sep 1973
(s/o Joseph Jackson Buckles & Hulda Ann Elizabeth Richardson; h/o Mary Magdaline Davis)

Buckles, L. (Louis) Lee, 13 Apr 1919-15 Jul 1919
(s/o Louis Edward Buckles & Mary Magdaline Davis)

Buckles, Mamie, 31 Oct 1887-26 Apr 1917
(d/o FNU Yelvington; w/o George Wesley Buckles)

Buckles, Susie Lulu, 30 May 1892-07 Nov 1947
(d/o Mathew Davis & Frances E. Burnsed; w/o Howell Moore; 2nd w/o George Wesley Buckles)

(Buckles, Unnamed Infant)
(c/o Joseph C. Buckles & Caroline Salyerds)

(Buckles, Unnamed Infant)
(c/o Joseph C. Buckles & Caroline Salyerds)

Buckner, Carolyn G., 10 Jan 1946-(no date)
(NEE: Pixley; w/o John Eugene Buckner)

Buckner, Dorothy L. (Louise), 02 Jan 1939-24 Sep 1997
Wife of Edward J Buckner, m 13 Jan 1957
(d/o Ralph E. Howell & Agnes Louise May)

Buckner, Edward J. (Jessie-Ed), 20 May 1938-
(s/o John Boone Buckner & Bessie Medders; h/o Dorothy Louise Howell & Vivian Grace Collins)

Buckner, John, 1968-
(s/o John Eugene Buckner & Carolyn G. Pixley)

Buckner, John Eugene, 15 Feb 1942-20 Jul 2001
married May 8,1961
(s/o John Boone Buckner & Bessie Medders; h/o Carolyn G. Pixley)

Bullock, (Jr.), Harry E. (Edward)(Pete), (13 Aug)1922-(08 May)1998
(s/o Harry Edward Bullock & Lillian Mae Griffith; h/o Mary Ellen Adkins)

Bullock, III, Harry E. (Edward), (06 Oct)1947-(04 Jun)1974
(s/o Harry E. Bullock & Mary Ellen Adkins)

Bullock, Jackie (Jacqueline Karen) L., (22 Aug)1957-(no date)
(Nee: Laks; w/o Robert Wayne Bullock)

Bullock, Mary E. (Ellen), (10 Aug)1927-(02 Jan)2012
(d/o Judge Roland Adkins & Elsie I. Padgett)
Wife of Harry E. Bullock

(Bullock, Mary Jo, 28 Mar 1936-04 May 2016)
(d/o Arthur James Drawdy & Rena P. Locke; w/o Bobby Harold Myers & Richard Rhiccardi "Hoss" Bullock)

Bullock, Robert W. (Wayne - Bobby), (24 Feb)1957-(08 Apr)2002
(s/o Harry Edward Bullock, Jr. & Mary Ellen Adkins , h/o Jacqueline Karen Laks)

(Bullock, Wendell Gary "Moose," 27 Mar 1959-01 Sep 2018)
(s/o Harry Edward Bullock, Jr. & Mary Ellen Adkins)
(h/o Penelope Felice "Penny" Nobles, Meryl Hovatt & Deborah Ward)

Burger, Eva H., (27 Dec)1910-(11 Jan 2006)
(d/o Jacob Herman & Pearl A. Clow; w/o Merrill E. Burger)

Burger, Merrill E. (Joe), (09 Feb)1912-(14 Jan)1978
(s/o Franklin Burger & Clarabel Wilson; h/o Eva Pearl Herman )

Burnette, Iva (Lamona) Deas, 17 Sep 1922-21 Sep 1964
(d/o Homer Paul Deas & Kamana Lucretia White; w/o Ralph Franklyn Burnette)

Burnette, Lana M., 19 Jun 1943-(no date)
(d/o Lester S. McAnally & Lois Pricolla Hutton; w/o Ralph Franklin Burnette, Jr.)

Burnette, Ralph Franklyn, Jr., 31 Jul 1942-(no date)
(s/o Ralph Franklyn Burnette & Iva Lamona Deas; h/o Lana M. McAnally)

(Burnette, Thomas Houston, 13 Aug 1948-05 Sep 2014
(s/o Ralph Franklin Burnette & Iva Lamana Deas)

Burnsed, Austin F., 28 Sep 1916-13 Oct 1918
(s/o Frank James Burnsed & Eva Ruby Shukis)

Burnsed, Eva R. (Ruby), 11 Nov 1902-25 Feb 1975
(d/o Walter Shukis (Schultz) & Dorothy Hanson; w/o Frank James Burnsed & Joseph Wiser)

Burnsed, Frank J. (James), 14 Nov 1896-24 Oct 1943
(s/o James Andrew Burnsed & Susan Grace Stevens; h/o Eva Ruby Shukis)

Burnsed, James A. (Albert), 22 Jan 1942-05 Sep 2014
(s/o Jerome Frances "Billy" Burnsed & Georgia Reece Mizell; h/o Suzette King & Mary Virginia "Ginny" Motes)

Burnsed, James R. (Ronald), 04 Dec 1933-06 Dec 1936
(s/o Frank James Burnsed & Eva Ruby Shukis)

Burnsed, Jerome Francis, 18 Jul 1922-07 Nov 1989
NUS2, U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o Frank James Burnsed & Eva Ruby Shukis; h/o Georgia Reece Mizell)

Burnsed, Lane Jerome, 20 May 1994-27 Jul 2012
(s/o James Albert "Jamey" Burnsed, Jr. & Iola Dawn Wimberly)

Butchart, Charlotte (Aunty), (10 Jun)1854-(26 Nov)1925
(d/o FNU Brown; w/o FNU Butchart)

Butler, Agatha (Anna), 1878-(12 Dec)1961
(d/o James Pearce Hooper & Ann Higgans; w/o James May & Mahlon Bane Butler)

Butler, Mahlon Bane, 19 Nov 1866-04 Aug 1950
1st Sgt, 8 Coast Arty SAW, WW I
(h/o Agatha Hooper)

Byrd, Frank L. (Franklin Leroy), (30 May)1871-(21 Jun)1949
(h/o Pearl Irine Graham)
(State Representative, Flagler CO, 1923, 1929)

Byrd, Ola Barber, 11 Feb 1908-24 Dec 1983
(dau of Jeptha Dennis Barber & Minnie Sweat; w/o Smiley Armstrong Baker, Jr, Louis Everett Robinson & Carlisle Appleby Byrd)

Byrd, Pearl Graham, 1879-(25 Feb)1949
(d/o William S. Graham & Beulah C. Kendrick; w/o Frank L. Byrd)

Cameron, Rosely F., 13 Aug 1896-03 Nov 1989
(d/o Adolph Flatauer & Regina Goettinger; w/o Joseph B. Montgomery & Samuel Hugh Cameron)

Cantrell, Fannie A. (Arlena), 30 Apr 1883-02 Nov 1950
(d/o Ervin Madison Morris & Rebecca M. Kincaid; w/o William M. Cantrell)

Cantrell, Pauline (DeAnn - Polly), 18 Oct 1921-06 Jan 1973
(d/o William M. Cantrell & Fannie Arlena Morris; 1st w/o Otis Stone Hunter)

Cantrell, Richard H. (Henry), (04 Nov)1912-(16 Dec)1970
(s/o William M. Cantrell & Fannie Arlena Morris; h/o Faye Louise Forsyth)

Cantrell, W. (William) M., 26 Mar 1881-22 Jun 1943
(h/o Fannie Arlena Morris)

Carlisle, Kenneth Warren, 20 Feb 1934-17 Mar 1934
Adopted son of Jesse M. & Pearl Carlisle

Carlisle, Pearl M. (Mae), (08Apr)1911-(30 Jun)1939
(d/o Jesse W. Malphurs & Mable L. Buckles; w/o Jesse M. Carlisle)

Carter, Debra Ann, 31 May 1959-17 Feb 1999
(d/o James Harris Medders; w/o Jeffrey Lane Combs & Gordon Wayne Carter)

Cash, Harry J. (John), (05 Feb)1906-(14 Dec)1973
(s/o Ernest Mitchell Cash & Viola M. Clendenen; h/o Myrtle LNU)

(Cash, Myrtle L., (20 Dec)1908-(14 Dec)2000)
(w/o Harry John Cash)

Cauley, Benjamin F. (Franklin), 05 May 1925-01 May 1992
(s/o William McDonald (Mack) Cauley & Bertha Maude Bennett; h/o Stella Fedora Kersey & Delores Worman)

Cauley, Bertha M. (Maude), (16 Jul)1885-(08 Dec)1968
(d/o John Wesley Erwin Bennett & Mary Lou Smith; w/o William McDonald (Mack) Cauley)

Cauley, Delores A., 14 Jul 1939-
(d/o FNU Worman; 2nd w/o Benjamin Franklin Cauley)

Cauley, Ellamae, (31 May)1915-(02 Jul)1999
(d/o August Carl Ehlenbach & Ethel; w/o Joshua Ward (Bud) Cauley)

Cauley, Jerry W. (Ward), 17 Jul 1940-23 Jan 2009
(U. S. Army)
(s/o Joshua Ward Cauley & Ella Mae Ehlenbach; h/o Louise Dale Tiffany & Shirley A Clifton)

Cauley, Joshua Ward (Bud), (21 Mar)1907-(07 May)1977
(s/o William McDonald (Mack) Cauley & Bertha Maude Bennett; h/o Eula Mae Pitman & Ella Mae Ehlenbach)

Cauley, Mack (William McDonald), 12 Mar 1884-17 Feb 1945
(s/o William Franklin Cauley & Harriet F. Deen; h/o Bertha Maud Bennett)
(Flagler CO Jail Guard, 1920)

Cauley, Robert Wayne, 24 Jun 1963-02 Nov 1994
(s/o Jerry Ward Cauley & Shirley A. Clifton)

Cauley, Shirley A., 10 Oct 1941-13 Aug 2002
(d/o Grover Cleveland Clifton & Eula P Martin; w/o Jerry Ward Cauley)

Chambers, Daphne Maud, 14 Sep 1911-14 Dec 1946
(d/o Zachary Grantham Holland & Flora Maud Deen; w/o Travis Pledger Chambers)

Chambers, Fred J. (James), 22 May 1893-05 Mar 1974
(s/o James William Chambers & Martha Jane Mashburn; h/o Margaret Jane McNeil)

Chambers, Margaret J. (Jane), 24 May 1903-22 Feb 1997
(w/o Fred James Chambers)

Chambers, Sallie (E.) Morgan, 10 Oct 1918-13 Jul 2000
(d/o Henry Christopher Morgan & Ollie Mae George; w/o Henry J. Todd & Travis Pledger Chambers)

Chambers, Travis P. (Pledger), (28 Aug)1905-(23 Jan)1995
(s/o Hoyt Chambers & Golie; h/o Daphne Maud Holland & Sallie E. Morgan)
(Director, Flagler CO School Bus Department)

Chapin, Isabelle C., (04 Jun)1920-(29 Dec 2005)
(d/o Charles F.Thorndike & Florence M. Cappello; w/o Joseph Spencer Chapin)

Chapin, Joseph S. (Spencer), (17 May)1921-(29 May)1985
(h/o Isabelle Celia Thorndike)

(Chewning, Mary Emma, 25 Apr 1943-13 Apr 2019)
(d/o Ernest Everett Ketchum & Edith Elizabeth Mack; w/o Freddie A. Chewning, Jr. & Robert William Mansfield)

Choate, John I. (Isaac), (25 Sep)1873-(21Oct)1926
(s/o John Choate & Julia Hamm; h/o Mary Elizabeth Heatherly)
(Mayor of Bunnell, 1923)

(Choate, Shirley Denese, 16 Jun 1947-26 Jun 1947)
(d/o Z. I. Choate & Virginia Louise Dunson)
(Said to be buried here, compiler could not locate grave)

Clark, Charles Bennett, 18 Nov 1921-09 Sep 1975
SFC, U.S. Army, WW II, Korea, Vietnam
(s/o Philip Brooks Clark & Olive Gertrude Davison, h/o Elizabeth LNU)

Clark, Julian Griffin, 29 Nov 1922-07 Feb 2002
PFC, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Richard Elijah Clark & Mattie V. Griffin; h/o Virginia L. McKenzie)

Clegg, John A. (Alfred “Jack”), 24 Nov 1918-25 Sep 2005
(Sgt, U.S. Army, WW II)
(s/o Harry Clegg & Julia Ward Ferguson; h/o Margaret Viola Muzayka)
(Flagler CO Superintendent of Public Instruction, 1946-1952, Flagler CO Commissioner, 1955, Mayor of Bunnell, Trustee of Daytona Beach Community College, president of Clegg & Associates, president of
Ellis Bank of Bunnell and Flagler Beach, publisher of The Flagler Tribune and author of
"History of Flagler County" and "My First Seventy-five Years" )

Clegg, Margaret (Viola) M., 13 Oct 1929-29 Dec 1984
(d/o Charles Konstantine Muzyka & Jessie Viola Bray; w/o John Alfred (Jack) Clegg)

Clifton, Eula P., (23 Nov)1907-(24 Jul)1985
Wife of G. Clevie Clifton
(d/o James Robert Parker & Angeline Delta Joyce; w/o of James Howard & Grover Cleveland Clifton)

Clifton, G. Clevie (Grover Cleveland), (05 Jan)1904-(07 May)1974
(s/o James Harmon Clifton & Margaret (Callie) Jones; h/o Viola DeBois & Eula Parker)

Clifton, Grover M. (Marsh), 25 Jul 1929-30 Nov 1977
SSgt, U.S. Air Force, Vietnam
(s/o Grover Cleveland Clifton & Viola DeBois; h/o Joan McGhee & Phylis Mae Savio)

Clifton, James Harmon “Big Jim,” 04 Sep 1949-10 Jun 2004
(s/o Grover Cleveland Clifton & Eula P. Martin)

Cobb, Alma (Rosetta) A., (21 May)1871-(05 May)1959
Wife of Thomas J. (Jefferson) Cobb
(d/o Zachariah Taylor Addington & Clarissa Jane Smith)

Cobb, Barbara (Jean), 13 May 1948-13 May 1948
(d/o Hugh Tanner Cobb & Rosa Lena Butler)

Cobb, Dalton Hoke “Cobby,” 02 Jan 1934-15 Jun 2003
(s/o Hoke Smith Cobb & Wilda Elnora Holland; h/o Eleanor Faye Irwin, Karen Hogan, & Elizabeth Keen Allen)

Cobb, Edward D. (Dewey), (16 Apr)1902-(20 Aug)1973
(s/o Thomas Jefferson Cobb & Alma Rosetta Addington)

Cobb, Evelyn Anne, 1912-(19 Jun)1951
(d/o William Madden; w/o William Howell (Bill) Cobb)

Cobb, Henry C. (Charles), 22 Nov 1916-24 May 1995
(s/o Leoma Lee Cobb & Laura Lula Moore; h/o Lucile Virginia Bradley)

Cobb, Hoke Smith, 27 Jun 1905-05 Jun 1961
(s/o Thomas Jefferson Cobb & Alma Rosetta Addington; h/o Wilda Elnora Holland)

Cobb, Jr., Hoke Smith, 23 Nov 1928-21 Dec 1928
(s/o Hoke Smith Cobb & Wilda Elnora Holland)

Cobb, John T. (Tyrus), (09 Dec)1889-(28 Feb)1933
(s/o Thomas Jefferson Cobb & Alma Rosetta Addington; h/o Carrie Thomas)

Cobb, Leoma L. (Lee), 29 Sep 1885-02 Jan 1950
(s/o Charles Rice Cobb & Mary Elizabeth Harper; h/o Laura Lulu Moore)

Cobb, Lucile (Virginia) B., 20 Jun 1918-(20 Sep 2011)
(d/o Augustus G. Bradley & Lula Hunt; w/o Henry Charles Cobb)

Cobb, Lular L., 26 Jul 1880-27 Jul 1936
(d/o Henry Martin Moore & Lucinda Spears; w/o Leoma Lee Cobb)

Cobb, Marilyn, 26 Oct 1946-28 Oct 1946
(Twin d/o Hugh Tanner Cobb & Rosa Lena Butler)

Cobb, Rosalyn (Marie), 26 Oct 1946-26 Oct 1946
(Twin d/o Hugh Tanner Cobb & Rosa Lena Butler)

Cobb, Thomas J. (Jefferson), (29 Aug)1865-(14 Dec)1958
(s/o John Cobb & Christiana Adeline Tanner; h/o Alma Rosetta Addington)

Cobb, Wilda (Elnora) Holland, 08 Oct 1905-02 Aug 1991
Married 06 Nov 1926
(d/o Zachary Grantham Holland & Flora Maude Deen; w/o Hoke Smith Cobb)

Cochran, Louetta Sheffield, (Dec)1874-(23 Aug)1936
(d/o Isham Mallie Sheffield; w/o William H. Cochran)

Cochran, Shep (Mary Sheffield), (30 Aug)1910-(20 Jan)1998
(d/o William H. Cochran & Louetta Sheffield )

Cochran, William H., (08 May)1866-(18 Dec)1920
(s/o William Calvin Cochran & Martha Ann Hill; h/o Louetta Sheffield)

Cockrell, Fannie Beatrice Pellicer, 28 Aug 1919-02 Aug 1991
(d/o Joseph Edward Pellicer & Martha Keziah Johnston; w/o Jeff Cockrell)

Cockrell, (Thomas Jefferson) Jeff, 07 Jan 1917-07 Jun 1988
(s/o Robert Cockrell & Janie Belle Jones; h/o Fannie Beatrice Pellicer)

Cody, Barbara (Joyce), 22 Feb 1929-19 Mar 1994
Married 06 Jul 1944
(d/o Daniel D. Morrison & Beulah Mae Grimes; w/o Richard Walter (Dick) Cody, Jr)

Cody, Edmond W. (Wright - Ed), (15 Jan)1881-(25 Apr)1959
(s/o John Augustus Cody & Mary Victoria Wright; h/o Pearl Lanier & Martha Nancy Barber)

Cody, Lawrence S. (Sidney), 06 Feb 1888-21 May 1932
(s/o John Augustus Cody & Mary Victoria Wright; h/o Mary Virginia O’Neal)

Cody, Jr., Lawrence S. (Sidney), 29 Jun 1909-16 Sep 1999
(s/o Lawrence Sidney Cody & Mary Virginia O’Neal; h/o Onie Gatlin)

Cody, Martha (Nancy) Moody, 10 May 1880-10 Jun 1947
(d/o John Benjamin Barber & Mary Smith; w/o Robert Moody, Fred Simpson Booe & Edmond Wright Cody)

Cody, Onie Gatlin, 10 Jul 1914-26 Feb 1994
(d/o Aaron Benjamin Gatlin & Dola Arbadena Silcox; w/o Lawrence Sidney Cody, Jr)

Cody, R. (Richard) Walter (04 Feb)1886-(11 Jan)1971
(s/o John Augustus Cody & Mary Victoria Wright; h/o Ruth E. Trissell & Ruby Dalquist)
(Flagler CO Commissioner, 1949-1957)

Cody, Jr., Richard (Walter) (Dick), 05 Jul 1918-(24 Jan 2004)
(s/o Richard Walter Cody & Ruth E. Trissell; h/o Barbara Morrison)

Cody, Ruby (Christine) D., (05 Apr)1901-(25 Dec)1985
(d/o John Dahlquist & Anna Benson; w/o Richard Walter Cody)

Cole, James Smith, (08 Jun)1920-(08 Apr)1983
PFC, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Addison Cole & Charlotte May Rhinehart)

Collings, Clyde Lyle, 28 Dec 1904-04 Mar 1962
(s/o Elbert Everitt Collings & Myrtle J Jarvis; h/o Margaret Cecelia Crockett)
Veteran, WW I

Collings, Margaret C. (Cecelia), 20 Apr 1910-11 May 1985
(d/o Cecil Crockett & Ruth E.LNU; w/o Clyde Lyle Collings)

Collings, Richard Lyle, 17 Oct 1933-29 Aug 1950
(s/o Clyde Lyle Collings & Margaret Cecelia Crockett)

Collins, Floyd Jack, 31 Aug 1926-15 Mar 1986
Y3, U.S. Navy, WW II
(h/o Betty Ruth Stone)

Condon, George H. (Harold), (09 Jun)1899-(12 Sep)1971
(s/o Daniel W. Condon & Mary L. Obrien; h/o Dorothy Bertha Denham)

Conley, Winnifred E. (Winnie), 02 Mar 1883-12 Feb 1958
(d/o James Auldridge Hunter & Ruth Raulerson; w/o Alonzo Messer Bunnell & Harry F. Conley)

Cook, David Johnston, 29 Oct 1944-15 Nov 2010
Captain - U.S. Marine Corps - Vietnam - Distinguished Flying Cross; Purple Hearts
(s/o Herbert Telwyn Cook & Margaret Mary Johnston; h/o Brenda Elaine Childers Myers)

Cook, Evelyn M. (Marie), (01 May)1914-(26 May)1980
(d/o Bruce Enock Johnson & Mary Christine Witt)
m 24 May 1932
(to Robert Michael Cook)

Cook, Herbert Telwyn ( HT), (22 Dec)1905-(04 Apr)1993
(s/o George E. Cook and Clara M. Darkin; h/o Myrtle Agnes Horne & Margaret Mary Johnston)
(Bunnell City Commissioner, 1931, Flagler County State Representative 1939-1955,
Flagler County Attorney, 1935-1975)

(Cook, James Perkins, 24 Feb 1940-17 Mar 2009)
(s/o Herbert Telwyn Cook & Margaret Mary Johnston; h/o Nilda Gonzales)

Cook, Margaret Mary Johnston, (17 Dec)1911-(26 Dec)1993
(d/o Ernest Walton Johnston & Mabel Minna Fink; w/o Herbert Telwyn Cook)

Cook, Robert M. (Michael), (13 Jun)1910-(21 Jun)1991
(s/o Robert A. Cook & Ora Ethel Applegate; h/o Evelyn M. Johnson)

(Cooper, Victoria (Myrtle) Holton, 21 Apr 1946-31 Jan 2013)
(d/o Grady Daniel Holton & Connie Hollis; w/o David Frederick Cooper)

Copsy, Frank M. (Francis Mason), 06 Sep 1909-06 Jul 1986
PFC, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o John Thomas Copsy & Lilie May Broadstone; h/o Irma Jeanette Havender & Charlene Newton Crum)

Copsy, James M. 24 Nov 1946-29 Feb 2008
U.S. Army, Vietnam
(s/o Francis Mason "Frank" Copsy & Charlene Newton Crum; h/o Margaret Ann "Mickey" Schiek)

Cottrill, (James) Harrison, (15 Dec)1876-(30 Oct)1954
(s/o Felix Wirt Cottrill & Susan Virginia Cottrill; h/o Kittie Carter)

Cottrill, Kittie, (08 Feb)1877-(14 Aug)1955
(d/o Salem George Carter & Angelina Bias; w/o James Harrison Cottrill)

(Cowart, Charles H., 15 Sep 1932-13 Nov 2018)
(s/o Charles Hiram Cowart & Esther Helen Davisdon; h/o Patricia Ann Deen)

Cowart, Charles H. (Hiram) (CH), (06 Feb)1908-(26 Feb)2007
(s/o Oliver Wesley (Ollie) Cowart & Nancy Beatrice Mask; h/o Esther Helen Davidson & Thera Edna Anderson)
(note: CH is actually buried in the Seville Cemetery)

Cowart, Fannie L., 16 Sep 1908-
Wife of Steven Ishmel Cowart
(on tombstone with husband; no death date inscribed)

Cowart, Steven I. (Ishmel), 22 Oct 1902-05 Jan 1968
Hus of Fannie L
(s/o George Cowart & Lizzie Bradshaw; h/o Fannie Leolar Harris)

Cowart, Thera E. (Edna), (01 Nov)1914-(19 Nov)1996
Married 09 Sep 1955
(d/o John J. Anderson & Edna E. Brett; w/o Charles Hiram Cowart)

Craig, James O’Neil, 21 Mar 1918-03 Jun 1972
Sgt, U.S. Army, WW II, Arkansas
(s/o Hallie Everett Graig & Nira A. Norman; h/o Rettie Opal Garrett)
(Superintendent, Flagler County School Board, 1969-1972)

Craig, Natasha Ann (11 Aug)1994-(10 Nov)2010
(d/o Dennis Craig & Theresa Antonich)

Craig, Opal Rice, (17 Mar 1919-14 Aug 2011)
(d/o William A. Garrett & Eliza Adeline "Addie" Hood; w/o James O’Neil Craig & Earl Edward Rice)

Crawford, Frank A. (Alton), (01 May)1912-(19 Sep)1972

Crawford, Thomas R., 1917-1995

Creal, Charles E. (Edward), (08 Sep)1920-(06 Jan)1975
(s/o Charles Ramsey Creal & Lily Beauchamp Jones; h/o Ann Elizabeth Smythe)
(Fire Chief, Bunnell Volunteer Fire Dept, President, Citizens Bank of Bunnell)

Crews, Joshua Douglas "Josh," 18 May 1976-21 Nov 2010
(s/o Cecil Scott Crews & Melanie Marie Hodge)

(Crews, Marshall Herman, 06 Nov 1939-19 Oct 2019)
(s/o Charles Barney Crews & Ava Hazel Townsend; h/o Joyce Marie Cody)

Crowson, Ruth, 18 Sep 1910-(23 Dec)1915
(d/o Frank Sullivan Crowson & Florence Chorlton)

Cummins, Charles H. (Houston), (09 Dec )1941-(16 Feb)1989
(s/o Paul William Cummins & Gladys Faye Hamric)

Cummins, Gladys Townsend, 13 Feb 1919-14 Sep 2003
(d/o William H Hamric & Nancy Josephine "Josie" Yates; w/o Paul William Cummins & Henry Jernigan Townsend)

Cummins, Paul W. (William - Bill), 16 Nov 1907-11 Oct 1965
(s/o Charlie Cummins & Rosa LNU; h/o Gladys Faye Hamric)

Cunningham, Linda Lou Maddox, (13 Aug)1943-(13 Dec)1998
(d/o Carl Dwight Russell & Dorothy Annabelle Lewis; w/o Lawrence Maddox & James Randolph Cunningham)

Cunningham, James Randolph, (21 Mar)1937-(17 Jun)2001
(s/o McKinley Cunninngham & Nellie Furr; h/o Willie June Jacobs & Linda Lou Russell)

Cunningham, Willie J. (June), 06 Jun 1938-03 Feb 1976
(d/o William S. Jacobs & Ida Josephine Wilson; w/o James Randolph Cunningham)

(Cvynski, Peter, -30 Jul 1920)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate)

Cywinski, Anton (Tony), 25 Oct 1880-01 Jan 1963
(aka: Anthony Cybush Cywinski)
(s/o John Cywinski & Koji Akexander; h/o Mary LNU)

Cywinski, Mary, 24 Jan 1893-12 Mar 1969
(w/o Anton Cywinski)

Dahlquist, Lawrence (Alvin), (01 Mar)1903-(05 Apr)1980
(s/o John Dalquist & Anna Benson)

(Damron, Ina Ruth, 13 Jan 1954-18 Sep 2008)
(d/o Wilfred Hazel Hunter & Ina Wanelle West; w/o Charles Edwin Damron)

(Daugherty, Dorothy K.(Katherine), (13 Jul 1910-13 May 2003)
(d/o Frank Leslie Hughes & Etta Katherine Bloyd; w/o George Francis DeNeve & Harry Albert Daugherty)

Daugherty-Seale, Harry (Albert), (21 Mar)1908-(29 Dec)1957
(s/o Roy Alberta Daugherty & Mabel Lucille Barnett; h/o Dorothy Katherine Hughes)

Davis, Adeline, (29 Jan)1874-(17 Sep)1954
(d/o John Richardson & Elizabeth Strickland; w/o Napoleon R. Mizell & Benjamin Franklin Davis)

Davis, Alma E. (Estelle), (12 May)1886-(05 May)1976
(d/o William Goodwin & Maggie Clinton; w/o Harry Bernard Davis)

(Davis, Benjamin, 1845-1912)
(s/o George Washington Davis & Jane LNU; h/o Nicy LNU)
(family says buried here, compiler unable to locate grave)

Davis, Benjamin F. (Franklin), (05 Feb 1876)1874-(15 Mar)1959
(s/o Benjamin Davis & Nicy LNU; h/o Adaline M. Richardson)

(Davis, David "Davy," ????-08 Dec 1918)
(probate records show that on 27 Sep 1920, his estate paid $10 for a cemetery lot here
to J. S. Hunter & W. R. Malphurs; complier could not locate his grave - he was from Ohio)

Davis, Eva M. (Mae) Buckles, 17 May 1912-12 Dec 1960
(d/o George Wesley Buckles & Mamie Yelvington; w/o Bert Davis)

Davis, Harry B. (Bernard), (15 Nov)1888 (12 Dec)1972
(s/o Mathew Davis & Frances E. Burnsed; h/o Alma Estelle Goodwin)

(Davis, J. B., c1885-Dec 1925)
(obit says buried here at expense of county - could not locate grave)

Davisson, Shekinah Glory, 08 Nov 1994-17 Sep 2008
(d/o Joel Davisson & Kathy LNU)

(Dearing, Tiffany Angela, 04 Sep 1981-10 May 1995)
Dau of Tommy & Jeannie Garner

Deas, Homer Paul, 10 Aug 1901-05 Jun 1972
(h/o Lamana Lucretia White)

Deas, Lamana (Lucretia) White, 27 Jul 1900-16 May 1952
(d/o Guy Walter White & Jessie Rose Eatman; w/o Homer Paul Deas)

Decker, Irma Courson, 31 May 1914-22 Nov 1998
(d/o Bert C. Courson & Mardena Stafford; w/o John Thrasher Ricks & Virgil Decker)

Decker, Orville R. (Reed), (17 Feb)1930-(03 Sep)1979
(s/o William Washington Decker & Harriet Preston; h/o Judith Rebecca Leonard & Mary Doris Grice)
U.S. Army - Korea

Deen, Adolph, 16 Sep 1888-08 Jan 1968
(s/o John Henry Deen & Adeline Moody; h/o Bessie Annie Smith)
(Flagler County's first Tax Assessor)

Deen, Bessie (Annie), 22 May 1890-13 Mar 1968
(d/o William S. Smith & Pearce Maranda "Peony" Smith; w/o Adolph Deen)

Deen, Betty (Jean) Hunter, 08 Oct 1933-19 Sep 1984
(d/o Ray Chester Hunter & Jewel Glyn Whitaker; w/o Lawrence Waldo (Buddy) West & Stanley Richard Deen)

Deen, Connie (Mabel), 31 Oct 1909-02 Oct 1918
(d/o Adolph Deen & Bessie Annie Smith)

Deen, Duane A. (Allen) Deen, (26 Jul)1916-(01 Dec)1990
Lt., U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o James Emmett Deen & Ethel Winifred Sisco; h/o Luellen Lewis)
(He was a Lt Cmdr, USNR & Flagler CO Judge for 12 years)

Deen, Ethel (Winifred) Sisco, (01 Jan 1898)-(02 May 1923)
(d/o Charles Edward Sisco & Susie Pauline Hetcel; 2nd w/o James Emmett Deen)

Deen, Freda Regina, (24 May)1918-(18 Oct)2003
(d/o Joseph B. Montgomery & Rosely F. Flatauer; w/o William Welch Deen)

Deen, George E. (Edward), 19 Sep 1913-13 Jan 1997
(s/o Adolph Deen & Bessie Annie Smith; h/o Zelda Zane Harrell)

Deen, Grace (Millie Grace), 13 Dec 1911-15 Oct 1916
(d/o Adolph Deen & Bessie Annie Smith)

Deen, Helen (Lucile) Cody, 21 Apr 1911-20 Jun 1997
(d/o Lawrence Sidney Cody & Mary Virginia O’Neal; w/o Robert Wallace Deen)

Deen, Infant, 1912-1912
Infant son of Robert W. (Williams) & Mattie (Jane) Richardson Deen

Deen, Irma Tice Ruggles, 24 Jun 1912-04 Dec 1997
(d/o Percy Edward Tice & Caroline M. Phillips; w/o Chester R. Ruggles & Claude Sisco Deen, Sr)

Deen, John Curtis, (15 Jul)1921-(09 Feb)1983
Sgt, U.S. Marine Corps, WW II
(s/o William Henry Deen & Minnie Mae Johnston; h/o Margaret Jane Hunt)

Deen Jr., John Curtis, 26 Mar 1950-26 Feb 1959
(s/o John Curtis Deen & Margaret Jane Hunt)

Deen, Lois (Ruth), 02 Oct 1915-08 Sep 1916
(d/o Adolph Deen & Bessie Annie Smith)

Deen, Luellen (I), 11 Jul 1916-02 Jun 1995
PFC, U.S. Army, WW II
(d/o Jacob Alvah Lewis & Ossie Lou Davis; w/o Duane Allen Deen)

Deen, Margaret Jane, (25 Oct)1922-(21 Mar)1984
(d/o John Pierson Hunt & Margaret Brantley; w/o Jesse Edward Plummer & John Curtis Deen)

Deen, Mattie (Jane) Richardson, 23 Oct 1875-07 Oct 1953
(d/o Worth Zeno Richardson & Martha Jane Wallace; w/o Robert Williams Deen)

Deen, Robert W. (Wallace - Rob), 21 Apr 1906-26 Sep 1983
(s/o Robert Williams Deen & Mattie Jane Richardson; h/o Helen Lucile Cody)
(He was the founder of and served as President of the Flagler CO Cattleman's Association for several years. He also served on the Flagler CO Board of Supervisors, the Bimini Drainage District
and the Flagler County Soil Conservation District)

Deen, Robert W. (William), 07 Jul 1881-03 Jan 1957
(s/o Henry Deen & Nancy Miles; h/o Mattie Jane Richardson & Mary Ruth Cosgrove)

Deen, William Welch, 02 Jan 1915-14 Feb 1978
Pvt, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o William Henry Deen & Minnie Mae Johnston; h/o Freda Regina Montgomery)

Deen, Zelda (Zane) H., 02 Mar 1914-26 Dec 2002
(d/o John Calhoun Harrell & Mary Molcy; w/o George Edward Deen)

Deery, Robert E. (Edward), 30 Dec 1955-17 Aug 1989
(s/o Francis James Deery & Claire Patricia Hobin; h/o Lynn Marie Taylor)

DeSuza, Ethel A. (Alice), 23 Sep 1906-26 Jan 1990
(d/o Arthur Kelly Webster & Lottie McAllister; w/o Franklin Pierce DeSuza)

de Valadares, H. (Harold) C. (Conliffe), (22 Jan)1887-(12 Jan)1964
Canadian Veteran, WW I, 58 Bt
(s/o William de Valadares & Sarah Ann Bown; h/o Annie E. L. Mower)

(Dever, Kathleen Su, 20 Dec 1946-23 Mar 2017)
(d/o Shelton Bristol Barber & Phyllis C. Kinney; w/o Larry George Dever)

Diaz, Omar Perez, 24 Aug 1952-28 Jun 1995

Dick, Joseph (Charles), (27 Mar)1917-(20 Oct)1989
(s/o Bill P. Dick & Sarah M. Whaley; h/o Dorothy Theresa Talley & Mary Loretta Sweeney)

Dietrich, Angelina, (19 Mar)1911-(26 Jul)1995
(NEE: Pacino; w/o August Dietrich)

(Dietrich, Phillip Paul (21 May)1939-(04 Aug)2015)
(s/o August Dietrich & Angelina Pacino)

Diggs, Thomas E. (Edison), 24 Sep 1946-26 Jan 2004
Cpl, U.S. Marine Corps, Vietnam
(s/o Charles Edison Diggs & Odeline L. Callahan; h/o Deborah Louise Wyatt)

Dillon, Edward Joseph (Jr), 04 Feb 1920-10 Feb 1996
S1, U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o Edward Joseph Dillon & Mary Catherine Gorman; h/o Hazel Adaline Buckles)

Dillon, Hazel (Adaline) B., 26 Feb 1917-23 Feb 2000
(d/o John Oliver Buckles & Daisy Ann Davis; w/o Edward J. Dillon, Jr)

DiMillo, Joseph Eli, 15 Feb 2008-16 Dec 2011
(s/o Marcus Dimillo & Carrie Susanne Emery)

Dimillo, Silas Isaiah, - 12 Mar 2007

Dodgen, James Clifford, 02 Feb 1900-10 Jun 1983
(s/o Isaac Fletcher Dodgen & Hattie Huskey; h/o Rhoda Ella McClure)

Dodgen, John, 15 Mar 1938-13 Apr 1997
Sp4, U.S. Army, Vietnam
(s/o James Clifford Dodgen & Rhoda Ella McClure; h/o Judith Spivey)

Dodgen, Rhoda Ella, 11 Mar 1907-27 Jul 1985
(d/o James McClure & Margarett England; w/o James Clifford Dodgen)

Dooley, Annie P. (Pearl), (20 Jan)1911-(11 May)1991
(NEE: Stovall; w/o Inman Thomas Dooley)

Dooley, Inman T. (Thomas), (12 Apr)1913-(12 Apr)1994
(s/o Mitchell N. Dooley & Ellen Richardson; h/o Annie Pearl Stovall)

Dow, Agnes Nisbet, (20 Feb 1872)-02 Jul 1899
Wife of George V. T. Dow
(d/o David Nisbet & Agnes Robertson; w/o George Vair Turnbull Dow)

Drady, Elma R., (23 Aug)1904-(16 Mar)2001
(d/o William Eudona Reeves & Della Bell Kent; w/o Levi H. Drady)

Drady, Levi H. (Howell), (06 Feb)1897-(22 Aug)1974
(s/o William James Drady & Belle Bena Flanagan; h/o Gladys Martha Oswalt & Elma Reeves)

Drawdy, Artie C. (Artiamus Cartel), (12 Apr)1905-(25 Jun)1978
(s/o George Oliver Drawdy & Margaret Alice Garrett)

Drawdy, Bertha (Mae), 1897-(Jan)1963
(NEE: Martin;w/o Artiamus Cartel Drawdy)

Drawdy, David A. (Arnold), 22 Nov 1942-29 Sep 2009
(s/o Arnold Jackson Drawdy & Rena Mae Price)

Drawdy, Harry C. (Curtis), 26 Jan 1903-04 Aug 1968
(s/o George Oliver Drawdy & Margaret Alice Garrett)

Drawdy, Margaret Alice, (21 Jun)1877-(31 Mar)1962
(d/o Charney H. Garrett & Georgiana Driggers; w/o George Oliver Drawdy)

Drawdy, Ronald R., 26 Apr 1947-(no date)
(s/o Arnold Jackson Drawdy & Rena Mae Price)

(Dunson, Anna I. (Irene), 16 Oct 1921-23 Jun 2012)
(d/o John J. Jarosz & Anna Mary Mansky; w/o Marcus Henry Dunson)

Dunson, Annie Joyce, 27 Sep 1946-14 Aug 1998
(d/o Willliam Sanford Dunson & Annie Mary Simpson; w/o James Lewis Mozingo,
Richard Lawrence Anderson, John Alfed Wood & Joe L. Reese)

Dunson, Florence (Camilla), (15Oct)1931-(14 Nov)2007
(d/o Jacob Jaszczak & Julia Eva Gudorwicz; w/o Robert Calvin Dunson)

Dunson, Marcus H. (Henry), 12 Sep 1922-15 Oct 1981
(s/o Walker Lee Dunson & Margaret Elizabeth Brown; h/o Anna Irene Jarosz)

Dunson, Margaret E. (Elizabeth), (15 Aug)1898-(24 Nov)1973
Married 12 Jul 1918
( d/o John Calvin Brown & Martha Ann Earnhart; w/o Walker Lee Dunson)

Dunson, Robert C. (Calvin), 27 May 1928-27 Nov 2008
(U.S. Navy, Korea)
(s/o Walker Lee Dunson & Margaret Elizabeth Brown; h/o Florence Camilla Jaszczak)

Dunson, Walker L. (Lee), (05 Dec)1899-(18 Jun)1974
(s/o Walker Allen Dunson & Nannie Texonia Jackson; h/o Margaret Elizabeth Brown)
(He served as a member of the Flagler County School Board for 16 years and was a FL State Game Warden)

Dunson, William Sanford (Bill), 01 Mar 1924-12 Sep 1975
(S1, U.S. Navy, WW II)
(s/o Walker Lee Dunson & Margaret Elizabeth Brown; h/o Annie Mary Simpson)

Durrance, Herman F. (Freddy), (11 Jan)1935-(04 Jun)1985
(s/o James Lema Durrance & Frances Utah Osteen)
( h/o Dorothy O. LNU, Maria Frost, & Frankie Guyette Durrance)

(Durrance, Patricia Ann, 01 Sep 1931-20 Oct 2019)
(d/o Harlan Spencer French & Leona Moody; w/o Thomas Walter Durrance)

Durrance, Thomas W. (Walter) “Tommy,” 26 Oct 1928-27 Aug 2003
(U.S. Navy, Korea)
(s/o Thomas Omega Durrance & Irene M Jepson; h/o Patricia Ann French)
(Flagler CO Commissioner)

Durshimer, Arthur H. (Henry), 01 Oct 1905-14 May 1965
(s/o Frank Clarence Durshimer & Margaret Belle Meeks; h/o Nell Louise Allen)

(Durshimer, Jr., Arthur Henry 25 Oct 1932-01 Feb 2001)
(so Arthur Henry Durshimer & Nell Louise Allen; h/o Violet Grace Tompkins)

Durshimer, Nell Louise Allen, 07 Oct 1910-21 Dec 2002
(d/o George Elliott Allen & Ellen Louise McIntosh; w/o Arthur Henry Durshimer)

Dye, Jack, 16 Nov 1905-03 Sep 1971
Tec4, 503 Ordnance Co, WW II, Ohio
(h/o Irene LNU)

Ebert, Edna M. (Mary), (23 Feb)1899-(16 Nov)1994

Edmonson, Frances (Alverda) W., (26 Jul)1923-(29 Nov)1981
Married 29 Aug 1942
(d/o Alfred L. West & Lilly George Davis; w/o Phillip A "Zip" Edmonson)

Edmonson, Phillip A. (Alexander) (Zip), (18 Feb)1922-(16 May)1994
U.S. Army
(s/o Wesley F. Edmonson & Tilithia West; h/o Frances Alverda West)
(Flagler CO Sheriff)

Edwards, Mary J. (Jewell), 04 Oct 1906-26 Dec 1983
(d/o Kenneth McRae Holly & Mary Matilda Young; w/o Rubin Edwards)

Edwards, Roger Ray, 18 Jan 1937-09 Jan 2012
(s/o Rubin Edwards & Mary Jewel Holly; h/o Ella Mae Mann)

Edwards, Rubin, 20 Feb 1905-06 May 1967
(h/o Mary Jewell Holly)

Emery, Darius Harold, (10 Mar)1884-(18 Dec)1957
(s/o David L Emery & Amelia Celina Brooks; h/o Mable M Wickblom)

Emery, David Harold, 18 Oct 1915-08 Aug 1990
(s/o Darius H. Emery & Mable M. Wickblom; h/o Grace Virginia Lord)
(Flagler CO building inspector, and served many years on the Flagler County Board of Public Instruction)

Emery, Grace Virginia Lord, 03 Sep 1910-26 Oct 1996
(d/o Karl Williams Lord & Grace Pratt Spaulding; w/o David Harold Emery)

(Emery, Howard Michael, 21 Nov 1946-29 Jul 2020)
(s/o David Harold Emery & Virginia Grace Lord; h/o Sharon Dianne Sykes & Connie June Nearing)

Emery, Mabel (Marie) Wickblom, (19 Oct)1886-(21 Aug)1976
(d/o Peter J. Wickblom & Ida Marie Rapp; w/o Darius Harold Emery)

English, George M. (Madison)., 04 Dec 1934-(26 Oct 2007)
(s/o Jesse English & Kelsie Crews; h/o Margaret Ann Barrow)

English, Margaret A. Barrow, 01 Jul 1941-(no date)
( d/o Claude A. Barrow & Isabel A. Hengelman; w/o George M. English)

Ervine, Deolia Smith, 22 Oct 1898-29 May 1972
(d/o Crozier Alexander Smith & Fannie Estelle Englet; w/o Samuel H. Newbill & Robert Ervine)

(Fair, Andrew, Aug 1859-10 Jul 1920)
(compiler unable to locate grave; Flagler County Court Document say he was buried here)
(born Scotland; h/o Sarah A. "Sadie" Hannay)

Farley, Edward Joseph, 05 Mar 1918-16 Feb 1984
SSgt, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o John Farley & Julia Ryan; h/o Josephine Catalano & Mattie L.Carter)

Farmer, (Lillian) Gertrude Bratcher, 18 Dec 1903-09 Mar 1994
(d/o William Henry Turner & Mozell LNU; w/o Lonny B. Bratcher & John Joseph Farmer)

Farnsworth, Edna F. (Frances), (13 Oct)1918-(18 Sep)1973
(d/o Maurice Eales & Esthel Hull; w/o Stanley Leonard Farnsworth)

Farnsworth, Stanley L. (Leonard), (13 Jun)1916-(26 May)1966
(s/o Leonard Farnsworth & Ehtel May Easom; h/o Edna Frances Eales)

Faso, Vincent J. (Joseph), 22 Aug 1913-06 Mar 1978
(s/o Ludovico Faso & Maria L Bosco; h/o Laurene C. LNU)

Fell, Paul R., 20 Oct 1950-18 Jun 2006
(s/o Paul R. Fell & Francis Moran; h/o Doreen Randall)
(Bunnell City Commissioner, 2000-2006)

Ferguson, Mary (Magdaline-Mag) Davis, 29 Aug 1902-04 Mar 2000
(d/o Mathew Davis and Frances E Burnsed; w/o Lewis Edward Buckles,
John Franklin Rushing & Marcel Clifton Ferguson)

Field, Yvonne O. (Olga), 1931-(15 Dec)1966
(d/o Joseph T Kozminski & Olga A. LNU; w/o James Field)

Fields, Katy Karleen, (18 Mar)1923-(11 Nov)1941
(d/o William Arthur Tidwell & Laura Belle Brewer; w/o Clinton Fields)

Flad, George (Joseph), (24 Mar)1960-1999
(h/o Deborah Elizabeth McKee & Melissa Ann Mack)

Flanningan, Martha (Texonia) Dunson, (24 Feb)1920-(17 Nov)1962
(d/o Walker Lee Dunson & Margaret Elizabeth Brown; w/o Antonio Ferdanez Diaz & James W. Fannigan )

Folk, John J. (Joseph), (22 Jan)1882-(Sep)1962
(h/o Verna Harmon Wells)

Folk, Verna H. (Harmon), (03 Jun)1889-(03 Jul 1969)
(Nee: Wells; w/o John Joseph Folk)

Ford, Mabel B., 02 Dec 1929-20 Oct 1994
(d/o Ollie F. Butler & Mattie L. Wilson; w/o Robert Edward Ford)

Ford, Robert E. (Edward), 23 Sep 1927-30 Jun 1981
(s/o Claborn Ford & Panola Hughes; h/o Mable Louise Butler)
(U.S. Army)

Fortin, Eugene A. (Arthur), (15 Jun)1895-(25 Jan 1991)
(h/o Yvonne Blanche LNU)

Fortin, Yvonne B. (Blanche), (29 Dec)1902-(05 Apr)1982
(w/o Eugene Arthur Fortin)

(Fortner, Brittany Nicole, 29 Aug 1992-13 Apr 2017)
(d/o Walter Lou Fortner, Jr. & Lou Anne Dobbs)

Fortner, Kathryn (Post) L., (05 Oct)1912-(22 Jun)1984
(d/o Karl Williams Lord & Grace Pratt Spaulding; w/o David Lyle Holland & Walter Lou Fortner)

Fortner, Walter Lou, (14 Mar)1909-(30 Jan)1971
(s/o John David Walter Fortner & Nancy Turman Anderson; h/o Kathryn Post Lord)

Fowler, Alfred, (28 May)1904-(09 Sep)1974
(h/o Marion LNU & Florence M. Cappello)

Fowler, Amos S. (Sylvester), 03 Aug 1868-08 Mar 1954
(s/o Charles Mortimer Fowler & Melvina Ellen Whitney; h/o Louise Katherina Neururer)
(Flagler CO State Representative, 1919-1924)

Fowler, Florence, (22 Aug)1900-(Feb)1983
(d/o Luigi Cappello & Bell LNU; w/o Charles Edward Thorndike & Alfred Fowler)

Fowler, Louise K. (Katherina), 28 Sep 1872-02 Aug 1946
(d/o Saturninus E. Neururer & Mary Moeckel; w/o Amos Sylvester Fowler)

Fox, Angeline (Angelina Marie/Mary), (29 Mar)1877-(04 Oct)1920
(d/o Jean John Tiss & Catherine "Katie" Schoenborn; w/o Tillman Jacob Fox)

Fox, Tillman J (Jacob), (22 Jan)1867-(10 Jul)1946
(s/o William C. Fox & Exceline Ann Nicholson; h/o Lillian Ruby Peters and Angelina Marie Tiss)

Franz, F. C. (Frank Charles), 1866-(13 Jul)1932
(h/o Rose Helen LNU)

Franz, Rose Helen, 16 Jan 1870-25 Oct 1967
(w/o Frank Charles Franz)

Friedman, Elmer L. (Louis), (19 Nov)1910-(17 Sep)1966
(s/o Samuel Thomas Friedman & Mary Etta Whitehorn; h/o Emma Marie Pace)

Friedman, Jr., (Elmer) Louis, (14 Aug)1940-(17 Dec)1982
(s/o Elmer Louis Friedman & Emma Marie Pace; h/o Samuella (Sammie) Whitaker)

Friedman, Marie Pace, (10 May)1915-(20 Sep)1983
(d/o Eugene Daniel Pace & Emma Belle Simpson; w/o Elmer Louis Friedman)

(Friedman, Samuela, 15 Jan 1941-12 Jul 2014)
(s/o Louie McClellan Whitaker & Ethel Lee Cook; w/o Elmer Louis Friedman, Jr.)

Frier, Isaiah H. (Hansel), (31 Dec)1870- (08 Jul)1941
(s/o Aaron Gaines Frier & Narcissus Smith; h/o Laura Lorene Pellicer)

Frier, Laura L. (Lorene), (02 Oct)1883-(09 May)1966
(d/o Paul Franklin Pellicer & Rebecca Youngblood; w/o Isaiah Hansel Frier)

Frier, Paul Hubert (Hub), 16 Jun 1910-16 Aug 1993
U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Isaiah Hansel Frier & Laura Lorene Pellicer; h/o Fern Gatlin)

Fuller, Eula M., (13 May)1901-(15 May)1971
(d/o George Moody & Bettie Miles; w/o Melvin Blanchard Fuller)

Fuller, George Melvin, 02 Apr 1927-25 Dec 1928
(s/o Melvin Blanchard Fuller & Eula Moody)

Fuller, M. B. (Melvin Blanchard), (06 Sep)1893-(30 Mar)1971
(U.S. Navy, WW I )
(s/o William Early Fuller & Katie Louise Newman; h/o Eula Moody)
(Flagler CO Supt. of Education, 1936-1940 plus several years as a board member, Mayor, City of Bunnell, Editor, Flagler Tribune, 1935-1966)

Futch, Walter, (22 Jul)1903-(03 Nov)1975
(s/o John Henry Futch & Frances R. Baylor; h/o Nell Maloney)

Gantt, Vivian C. "Grace,", 19 Feb 1950-03 Mar 2013
(d/o O. C. Collins & Hilda Helmey; w/o Thomas Wheeler Gantt & Edward Jessie Buckner)

Garner, Jennifer Leeann, 09 Apr 1991-06 May 1995
Dau of Tommy & Jeannie Garner

(Garnier, Josue (Joshua), 07 Sep1830-05 Aug 1914)
(s/o Josue Garnier & Jeanne Chauffrey; h/o Elizabeth Coutanche & Katherine Webber)
(born, St. Helier, Trinity Parish, Isle of Jersey, England)

(Garvey, Judy Ann, 10 Jul 1948-no date)
(d/o Marcus Henry Duncan & Anna Irene Jarosz; w/o Harris Blakely Jackson, Fred M. Harris & Paul Lewis Garvey)

Gay, Dwight D. (Delmon - Dewey), 01 Jan 1938-19 Nov 1994
U.S. Army
(s/o Cater Thelmon Gay & Claudia Lee Steadman; h/o Beverly Jane Rodgers)

Geller, Annie Ruth Lee, 27 Jan 1923-05 Feb 2000
(d/o William Jackson Lee & Ellen Anna Goodwin; w/o Frederick Geller)

Geller, Frederick, 27 Oct 1917-04 Sep 1973
Pvt, U.S. Army, WW II
(h/o Annie Ruth Lee)

Gentry, William E. (Ewell), 12 Nov 1919-23 Jul 1969
EM3, U.S. Navy Reserve, WW II
(s/o Andrew Jackson Gentry & Susie M.Price; h/o Emily Louise Parrish & Connie LNU)

Germack, Grete R., 31 Jan 1927-22 Mar 2004
(d/o Andreas Rosenmueller & Barbara Mueller; w/o Walfired Misch & Stanley Joseph Germack)

Germack, Stanley Joseph, 28 Nov 1932-10 Aug 1992
SP3, U.S. Army, Korea
(s/o Frank Germack & Minka Stella Skrownski; h/o Grete Rosenmuller)

Gibson, Alfred, (12 Feb 1896)1897-(19 Mar)1968
(h/o Unknown & Mary Frances Thomas)

Gibson, Mary (Frances), (06 Mar)1882-(21 Aug)1969
(d/o William H. Farmer & Ollie E. Thompson; w/o William Henry Farmer & Alfred Gibson)

Giddens, Arch, (13 Nov)1903-(05 Oct)1985
(s/o George Franklin Giddens & Frances Whitman; h/o Gertrude E. Geoghagan & Evelyn Marie Dorsay)

Giddens, Evelyn (Marie), (20 Mar)1920-(19 Jul)1993
(d/o Sumpter Dorsey & Annie L. McCullough; w/o Arch Giddens)

Giddens, Gertrude E. (Elizabeth), 1913-(29 May)1968
(d/o George W. Geoghagan & Mattie Mae West; w/o Arch Giddens)

Giddens, Richard, (16 Sep 1943)-(24 May)1995
(s/o Arch Giddens & Gertrude Elizabeth Geoghagan)

Giddens, Robert (Dane), (14 Feb)1945-(22 Jun)1983
(United State Air Force)
(s/o Arch Giddens & Gertrude Elizabeth Geoghagan; h/o Marsha Elaine Durrance)

Giebert, George Henry, (08 Sep)1854-(12 Feb)1946
(h/o Weltha Martha Ormsby)

Giebert, Jr., George Henry, 06 Mar 1908-22 Jan 1983
(s/o George Henry Giebert & Weltha Martha Ormsby; h/o Myrtice Oveda Holland)

Giebert, (Myrtice) Oveda Holland, 30 Jan 1914-04 Jul 1996
(d/o Zachary Grantham Holland & Flora Maud Deen; w/o George Henry Giebert, Jr.)

Gilley, Alice (Lorrain), (12 May)1956-(28 May) 2002
(d/o Lauds C. Gilley & Lily Minona Buckles; w/o George Franklin Sharp, Jr.)

Gilley, L. (Lauds) C., 09 Oct 1927-31 May 1991
CD2, U.S. Navy, WW II, Korea
(s/o William C Gilley & Minnie Lou King; h/o Lily Minona Buckles)
(Captain, Volusia County Sheriff's Office)

(Gilley, Lily Minona, 11 Jun 1927-13 May 2008)
(d/o Abraham Harold Buckles & Eula Lee Richardson; w/o Lauds C. Gilley)

Gist, Billy Ray, (Jul)1930-(15 Aug)1932
(s/o M. H. Gist)

Glover, Linnie (Irene) Lane, 25 Feb 1905-02 Mar 1981
(d/o James Henry Lane & Rohoda Corine Lansford; w/o Sherman Roosevelt Glover)

Glover, Sherman R. (Roosevelt), 01 Jan 1905 (1906)-23 Jun 1983
Tec5, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/ o William Thomas Glover & Lula L. Wilkins; h/o Linnie Irene Lane)

Gnagie, Dorothy (Llwellen), (25 Jun)1924-(08 Dec)1986
(d/o Carl Leroy Knoblaugh & Ada May Hyden; w/o Elbert Allen Gnagie & Kenneth Ashford Williams)

(Gombos, George, 1897-(Jan) 1962)

Gonzales, Oswaldo (E.), 30 Nov 1910-02 Jul 1982
(h/o Aba Otelia Lucas)

Goodwin, Baby Girl, 1975-1975

Gordon, Charles H. (Heywood) “C. H.”, 16 Aug 1922-(30 Jan 2006)
(U. S. Navy, WW II - Pearl Harbor Survivor)
(s/o Olin C. Gordon & Eunice White; h/o Dallas R. Sellers)

Gordon, Clarence (Poe, Jr), (12 Nov)1934-(16 Nov)1934
(s/o Clarence Poe Gordon & Toulou Allen Lovelace)

Gordon, Clarence P. (Poe - “Bruz”), (16 Jun)1910-(02 Feb)1980
(s/o Charles Benjamin Gordon & Ellen Carnelia; h/o Toulou Allen Lovelace)

Gordon, Dallas (Ruby), 07 Sep 1922-26 Dec 2004
(d/o William Arthur Sellers & Lettie Alliene Merriman; w/o Charles Heywood Gordon)

Gordon, Dorothy L., (14 Jun)1909-(16 Dec)1985
(w/o George King Gordon)

Gordon, Ellen C. (Carnelia), (c 05 Sep)1881-(28 Jun)1938
(w/o Charles Benjamin Gordon)

Gordon, George K. (King), (08 Apr)1908-(31 Jul)1993
(U.S. Army)
(s/o Charles Benjamin Gordon & Ellen Carnelia; h/o Dorothy L. LNU)

Gordon, Rob Roy, (12 Jan)1909-(15 Mar)1982
(s/o Robert Hezekiah Gordon & Mary Lavina Tweedy; h/o Miriam Frances Brown)

Gordon, Toulou (Allen) L., (22 Aug)1911-(28 Jun)1983
(d/o Thomas Embry Lovelace & Julia Allen; w/o George Phillips & Clarence Poe Gordon)

Gore, Mattie Lou Edwards, (Aug 1888)1889-(17 Feb)1938
(d/o WilliamWalter Edwards & Elizabeth Matt Chambliss; w/o Foster Napolian Gore)

Gowdy, Frank W. (Whitley), 24 Jul 1910-08 Jan 1984
Sgt, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o David Gowdy & Alice Whitley; h/o Kathleen Mary O'Halloran)

Gowdy, Kathleen M., 22 Nov 1916-07 Oct 1998
(d/o James O'Halloran & Florence Batchelor; w/o Frank W. Gowdy)

Green, Rickey Lee Clint, 07 Jan 1980-28 Sep 2011
(s/o Rickey Neal Green & Margaret Ruth Wylie; h/o Jodi Marie Wetzler)

Gresham, John F. (Fuller) (Shug), 12 Dec 1904-24 Feb 1989
(s/o Omar Samuel Gresham & Mary Helen Fuller; h/o Myrtle Rodgers & Mrs. Bertha Meadows)

Gresham, Myrtle Rodgers, (18 Sep)1908-(19 Sep)1957
(d/o James Clifford (Buddy) Rodgers & Rebecca Louise Dallis; w/o John Fuller Gresham)

Griggs, Virginia "Joy" (Louise) Akins, 08 Dec 1925-20 Nov 2005
(d/o Walker Lee Dunson & Margaret Elizabeth Brown; w/o Z. I. Choate,
George Winfield “Buster” Akins & Walter Griggs)

Grimes, Bertha M.(Mabel), (12 Apr)1887-(08 Jun)1975
(d/o Pickney Westbury Martin & Mary Elizabeth Cordray; w/o Morris L. Grimes)

Grimes, Morris L. (Leon), (12 May)1878- (29 Jun)1933
(s/o Levi Grimes & Emma Lugenia Shuman; h/o Bertha Mabel Martin)

Groth, James H. (Henry), 14 Aug 1939-28 Aug 1996
(s/o Clarence Henry Groth & Ella May Earl; h/o Katherine S. Amann)

Groth, Katherine S., 31 Dec 1939-(no date)
(d/o Alfred Amann & Elllanore LNU; w/o Henry James Groth)

Gurley, Mae Bertha (Bertha Mae), (08 Dec)1905-(13 Sep)1970
(d/o William McDonald Cauley & Bertha Maude Bennett; w/o Frank Lee Hutcheson & Paul Leroy Gurley)

Guthrie, Anthony "T.J" (Tyler James), 03 Apr 1996-30 Sep 2012
(s/o James Anthony Guthrie & Carerra Rebecca Grace King)

Guthrie, James Anthony "Andy,"06 May 1967-30 Sep 2012
(s/o Bud Guthrie & Lorraine LNU; h/o Carerra Rebecca Grace King)

H. P. P.,

(Halbeck, Henry, -21 Feb 1919)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate)

Hamblin, Joan M. (Margret), 21 Nov 1941-11 Dec 1996
(d/o Albert Hamilton (Bert) Harding & Mary Magdeline Mann; w/o Jacob C. Hume & Larry Grover Hamblin, Jr)

Hamblin, Larry G (Grover)(Jr), 12 Sep 1935-08 Feb 1998
Pvt, U.S. Marine Corps, Korea
(s/o Harry Grover Hamblin & Mossie N. Penley; h/o Patsy Geraldine Lane & Joan Margaret Harding)

Hance, Charles D. (Douglas), (21 Oct 1880) 1881-(15 Dec) 1950
(s/o Edwin Hance & Mary D. Shull; h/o of Sophia Geiger)

Hance, Edwin, Aug 1849-(11) Mar 1932
(s/o Charles Douglass Hance & Deborah Wyckoff Bradford; h/o of Mary D. Shull)

Hance, Soffie (G.)(Sophia), (May)1886-(12 Jan)1950
(d/o John J. Geiger & Martha E. Sherf; w/o Charles Douglas Hance)

(Hankerson, Allihden Christian, c 1928-16 Oct 1933)
(g/d of James S. Hankerson)
(obit say buried here, compiler could not locate)

(Hankerson, James S., 28 Oct 1873-01 Mar 1932)
(h/o Maude Eulalia Herring)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate)

Harbert, Fred (Frederick), 12 Aug 1887-05 Jan 1948
PFC, 148 Field Arty, 41 Division, WW I
(s/o John E. Harbert & Hattie McIntosh; h/o Nancy (Nannie) Malphurs & Alice Ruth Bigham)

Harbert, James Edward, 17 Mar 1947-02 Sep 1989
Sp4, U.S. Army, Vietnam
(s/o Ralph Edgar Harbert & Martha Lillian Oates)

Harbert, Nannie (Nancy), 28 Jul 1890-04 Jun 1912
(d/o William Riley Malphurs & Nora Stuckey; w/o Frederick Harbert)

Harbert, Ralph E. (Edgar), (15 Oct)1911-(17 Nov)1983
SSgt, Army, WW II
(s/o Frederick Harbert & Nancy Malphurs; h/o Martha Lillian Oates)
(Flagler CO Clerk of Court, 1946-1960, Supervisor, Flagler Beach Waterworks, 1964-1980)

Hardesty, Robert T. (Taylor), (24 Jul) 1887-(31 Dec)1920
(Fm. U.S. Navy, WW I)
(s/o William Hardesty & Angeline Adams)

Hardesty, William, (12 Apr)1843-(04 Jan) 1924
(s/o Thomas Hardesty & Maria Stephenson; h/o Angeline Adams)

Harding, (Albert) Bert H. (Hamilton) (27 Jan)1916-(07 Dec)1997
(s/o Joseph Harding & Margaret Lucy Martin; h/o Mary Magdeline Mann)

Hardin, Gladys C. (Caroline), 25 Jul 1918-13 Dec 2013)
(d/o Henry Salyerds & Annie Agnes Hamilton; w/o John D. Hardin)

Harding, Mary M. (Magdeline), (29 Sep)1920-(03 Oct)1993
(d/o Henry Lee Mann & Clara Ryland; w/o Albert Hamilton [Bert] Harding)

Hardwick, Rosemarie, 13 Mar 1936-28 Oct 2006
(NEE: Cruz; w/o Gayle N. Hardwick)

Harper, Ida Francis, 1854-(28 Jun)1933
(obit says she is the mother of Mrs. E. H. Salter)

Harper, James (Keith), (13 Jul)1949-(05 Sep)2007
(U.S. Army, Vietnam)
(s/o Keith Harper & Joan Annabelle Gearhart; h/o Angela Stephens)

Harper, Joan A. (Annabelle), 27 Jun 1930-03 Feb 2006
(d/o Louis Gearhart & Helena Streitch; w/o Keith Harper)

Harper, Keith, 19 Feb 1921-09 Oct 1988
PFC, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Grover Cleveland Harper & Dorothy Margaret Hughes; h/o Joan Annabelle Gearhart)

Harper, Michael (Wayne), (12 Feb)1984-(12 Feb)1984
(s/o James Keith Harper & Angela Stephens)

(Harper, Pamala Lynn, 06 Jun 1958-15 Apr 2015)
(d/o Keith Harper & Joan Annabelle Gearhart)

Harper, Rebecca (Lynn) Mercer, 28 Dec 1953-22 Oct 2017
(d/o Ray Lawrence Mercer & Wanda Lee Whitaker; w/o Steven Stanley Harper; p/o Deen Wall)

Harrelson, James Doyle, 09 Sep 1928-27 Sep 1988
(s/o Robert Lee Harrelson & Wilma Harris)

Harris, Gregory (Houston), (30 Oct)1960-(12 Aug)1988
(s/o Rex Bill Harris & Frances E. LNU; h/o Florence Irene Boyd)

Harris, William Wayne, (14 Nov) 1969-(27 Feb)2019
(s/o Coy Gary Harris & Linnie Nancy; h/o Marsha Elaine Durrance; p/o Sharon Green)

(Harris, Gregory Houston II, 16 Jan 1981-19 May 2002)
(s/o Gregory Houston Harris & Florence Irene Boyd)

Harris, Julia Ann, (26 Sep)1950-(07 Apr)1989
(d/o FNU Mashburn & Ethel Catherine Stagner; w/o Edward Harris)

Harris, Lillian L. (Letty), (03 Dec)1903-(12 Oct)1994
(d/o General Lee Harrelson & Mary Cager Geiger; w/o Lucien Lamar Harris)

Harris, Lucien L. (Lamar), (29 Aug)1902-(06 Jul)1981
(s/o George M. Harris & Lettie C; h/o Lillian L. Harrelson)

Harrison, Phyllis M. (Marie), (01 Feb)1935-(05 May)1979
(d/o Ralph Ignatius McReady & Martha Marie Sullivan; w/o Everett Harrison)

Harrison, Roger Lawrence, 23 May 1929-20 May 1992
PFC, U.S. Army, Korea
(s/o Wilfred Harrison & Evelyn Reed; h/o Vivian May Davis)

Hartenbach, George H. (Harold), 18 Aug 1908-18 May 1965
Pvt, U.S. Army, WW II, Ohio
(s/o Albert Earl Hartenbach & Anna Rosa Gloecker; h/o Mildred Mary Snowden)

Hartenbach, Mildred H. Sheeler, 25 Jan 1910-25 Dec 1986
(d/o Ellsworth Jefferson Snowden & Frances Virginia Hall; w/o George Harold Hartenback & Lester Clair Sheeler)

(Hartman, Richard Craig, 23 Feb 1948-21 Aug 2003)
(U.S. Navy)
(s/o Norman Hartman & Ethel Taub; h/o Barbara Ann MacDougall &Lucille Ann Pelliciotti)

Hattabaugh, Melvin V. (Virgil), 09 Jul 1912-24 Apr 1976
Sgt, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o George Hattabaugh & Emma L. Sawyer; h/o Gretrude LNU)

Haupt, Norman P. (Paul), 28 Sep 1929-10 Jun 2003
(s/o Louis Charles. Haupt & Elizabeth Parker)

Henderson, Oliver Grant, (27 Jul)1866-(19 Jan)1919
(s/o George J. Henderson & Jane Dunlap; h/o Tessa Crist)

Henderson, William A. (Austin), (01 Jan )1919-(16 Jun)1971
(Veteran of WW II)
(s/o Jule H. Hendeerson & Lily Hopkins; h/o Francis Thelma LNU & Minnie Lenore Miller)

Hersey, Doris (Lee), 19 Dec 1940-(no date)
(d/o Fitzhugh Lee Malphurs & Esther Collins Pettigrew; w/o Eugene Hue Hersey)

Hersey, Eugene Hue, 18 Jul 1935-01 Jul 1999
CS3, U.S. Navy
(s/o George Washington Hersey & Mollie Walker; h/o Doris Lee Malphurs)

Hersey, Jeff (Jeffrey Eugene), 06 Jun 1963-14 Jan 1989
(s/o Eugene Hue Hersey & Doris Lee Malphurs; h/o Casandra Michele Twigg)

Hersey, Lillian Wall, 18 Feb 1921-24 Jul 1995
(d/o Roy Wall & Arlo Gillis; w/o Odell Hersey)

Hersey, Odell, 11 Mar 1918-01 Aug 1989
PFC, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o George Washington Hersey & Mollie Walker; h/o Lillian Wall)

Hersey, Roy Odell (Pete), 12 Apr 1943-26 Aug 1999
(s/o Odell Hersey & Lillian Wall)

Hersey, Sandee (Casandra Michele), 04 Jun 1966-14 Jan 1989
(d/o George William Twigg & Gloria Clarette Harding; w/o Jeffrey Eugene Hersey)

Hetcel, Annie, Jan 1866-1919
(d/o Paul Hetcel & Margaret Epiany)
(she was blind and lived with her sister Susie Hetcel Sisco)

Higginbotham, Aileen, (25 Oct) 1890-(27 Oct)1943
(d/o John Augustus Cody & Mary Victoria Wright; w/o Porter Preston Higginbotham)

Higginbotham, Bonnie (Lizzie), (16 Apr)1932-(17 Oct)1998
(d/o William Jesse Medders & Hester Vernie; w/o Harold Edward Higginbotham)

Higginbotham, Elizabeth (Beth) Knight, 07 Oct 1962-04 Jun 2012
(d/o Walter Eugene Knight III & Kathleen Anderson; w/o James R Walters II &
William Ward Higginbotham)

Higginbotham, Harold E. (Edward), 07 Jan 1924-08 Feb 1997
Sgt, U.S. Army, WW II, Korea, Silver Star, Purple Heart
(s/o Porter Preston Higginbotham & Aileen Cody; h/o Lizzie [Bonnie] Medders)

Higginbotham, Porter (Preston), (16 Jul 1893)1892- (10 Jul)1969
(s/o Samuel Higginbotham & Sarah Fynettie; h/o Aileen Cody)

Higginbotham, Porter P. (Jr), (18 Dec)1921-(04 Feb)1942
(s/o Porter Preston Higginbotham & Aileen Cody; h/o Effie Annie Mae Crews)

(Hilderbrandt, Augusta F. (Agusta Fredericka Mueller), (28 Jan 1876-23 Aug 1966)
(w/o Carl Wetzleb, FNU Gilmore & J. C.Hilderbrandt)
(obit says buried here, compiler unable to locate grave)

(Hill, Ellen (Ellen Elizabeth Sutton), 01 Nov 1868-05 Feb 1942)
(w/o William P. Hartland & William Hill)
(obit says she is buried here, compiler unable to locate grave)

Hill, Robert Earl, 01 Apr 1939-13 Apr 1994
(s/o Ebon Lewis Hill & Margaret Kathyrn Mascoe; h/o Susan M. Peterson)

Hill, Susan Peterson, 07 Mar 1952-(no date)
(NEE; Peterson; w/o Robert Earl Hill)

(Hirschi, Phyllis Deann, 22 Apr 1940-21 Jul 2013)
(d/o John Brice Hosford & Claudine Cantrell; w/o William Bernard Hirschi)

(Holdridge, Jr., Henry Wilbur, 23 Mar 1935-03 Dec 2018)
(s/o Henry Wilbur Holdridge & Angie Myrtice Knight; h/o June LNU)

Holland, David L. (Lyle), 25 Apr 1916-18 Oct 1953
S Sgt, Co I, 167 Inf, 31 Inf Div, WW II, Bronze Star, Florida
(s/o Zachary Grantham Holland & Flora Maud Deen; h/o Kathryn Post Lord & Effie Lousie Young)

Holland, Effie L. (Louise), 09 Dec 1922-03 Mar 2007
(d/o Andrew Jackson Hays & Maggie Mulford; w/o Orin Kermit (OK) Herr & David Lyle Holland)

Holland, Flora Maud, 16 Jun 1883-17 Dec 1966
(d/o Daniel Martin Deen & Martha Elnora Tuten; w/o Zachary Grantham Holland)

Holland, (Marion) Hazel Harrell, 18 Jul 1911-13 Oct 2002
(d/o John C Harrell & Mary Molcy "Minnie"; w/o of Zachary Dean Holland)
(Flagler CO Teacher, 1936-1973)

Holland, Zachary Dean, 04 Jun 1908-03 Feb 1977
Tec 5, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Zachary Grantham Holland & Flora Maud Deen; h/o Marion Hazel Harrell)
(in 1938 he was the supervisor for the Works Progress Administration for Flagler County building the Civic Center, the Flagler County Jail, and the Flagler Beach Board Walk; he was elected for three terms as Superintendent of Public Instruction of Flagler County;
he served on the Bunnell City Commission and served one term as Mayor)

Holland, Zachary G. (Gratham), 09 Mar 1877-07 May 1941
(s/o Richard W. Holland & Bethany Barnes; h/o Flora Maud Deen)
(He was very active in the political affairs after the creation of Flagler County, serving as the first County Commissioner from his district from when the county was created in 1917 until 1926, being chairman of the board in 1925. He was again elected commissioner in 1929 and served until 1934)

Hollingsworth, Charles L. (Lucius), 10 Jan 1880-03 Feb 1942
(s/o Ornan Hollingsworth & Martha Mills; h/o Lula May Hannah & Queene Eliza Mosby)

Holmes, Carol A. (Ann), 22 Dec 1942-27 Aug 1998
(d/o William Harrison Williams & Verna Estelle Haywood; w/o Leo Michael Maurath & Walter Henry Holmes, Jr.)

Holmes, Helen K. (Katherine), (17 Mar)1924-(02 Feb)1995
(d/o Frank John Hormes & Louise E. Moffatt; w/o Walter Henry Holmes)

Holmes, Walter H. (Henry), (11 May)1919-(08 Sep)1997
(s/o Warren Holmes & Lottie Williams; h/o Helen Katherine Hormes)

Holmes, Jr., Walter H., 26 Apr 1949-28 Aug 1974
(s/o Walter Henry Holmes & Helen Katherine Hormes; h/o Carol Ann Williams)

(Holton, Jr., Grady D., 09 Nov 1936-20 May 2011)
(s/o Grady Daniel Holton & Connie Hollis

Hormes, Frank J. (John), (18 Jun)1893-(06 Nov)1965
(s/o Fredrick Gordon Hormes & Lena Tamm; h/o Louise Estelle Moffitt)

Hormes, Louise E. (Estelle), (18 Jan)1895-(02 Feb)1977
(d/o William Herbert Moffitt & Susan Frances Callan; w/o Frank John Hormes)

Hosford, Claudine, (01 Oct)1919-(27 Nov)1977
(d/o William Andrew Cantrell & Fannie Arlena Morris; w/o John Brice Hosford)

Hosford, Gerald J. (Jay)(Vaughn), (09 Jun)1894-(03 Nov)1953
(s/o H. Harry Hosford & Harriet Marion Estabrooke ; h/o Naomi Taylor Brice)

Hosford, Harriet M. (Marion), (31 Jul 1866)-22 Feb 1934
(d/o Edwin C. Estabrook & Marion Howard; w/o H. Harry Hosford & Valle Corliss)

Hosford, John B. (Brice - Jack), (13 Aug)1915-(04 Aug)2001
(s/o Gerald Jay Vaughn Hosford & Naomi Taylor Brice; h/o Claudine Cantrell)

Hosford, Naomi (Taylor) B., (06 Feb)1896-(02 Dec)1985
(d/o John Thomas Brice & Charlotte Estella (Stella) Taylor; w/o Gerald Jay Vaughn Hosford)

Houston, Mervyn B. (Burley)(Scott), 15 Aug 1946-21 Jun 1993
Gy Sgt, U.S. Marine Corps, Vietnam
(h/o Sharren Ilene Zimmerman & Saundra K. Creston)

(Howard, Virginia Grace, 05 Sep 1928-15 Jan 2006)
(d/o Cecil Broward "CB" King & Hattie Grace Cauley)
(w/o James Eustis Crews, Jr., Joseph Paul Kiwala & Oliver M. Howard)

Howell, Fritz Hugh, 22 Sep 1899-02 May 1973
(s/o George W Howell & Annie Elizabeth Yeomans; h/o Minnie Lee Spivey)

Howell, Minnie (Lee) McKnight, 22 Jun 1893-17 Mar 1987
(d/o Matthew A. Spivey & Anna Jane Hursey; w/o Jesse Hildreth McKnight & Fitz Hugh Howell)

Hubbard, Elizabeth (Astrid Lillian Elizabeth), (14 Jul)1908-(20 Mar)2001
(d/o Lars Reinhold Larson & Anna Maria Wilhelmina Johnson; w/o Rev. Ralph Leroy Hubbard)

Hubbard, Ralph (Leroy-Rev.), (28 Dec)1901-(28 Mar)1982
(s/o Edward C. Hubbard & Elizabeth Blencher; h/o Astrid Lillian Elizabeth Larson)

Hunter, Anna Lee "Peaches," 15 Dec 1955-19 Oct 2008
(d/o Louis Mohler Frey & Mildred Lee; w/o Marvin Franklin Clegg & Otis Stone "Rocky" Hunter, Jr.)

Hunter, April Lynn, 12 Apr 1951-23 May 1951
Dau of W. E. (Wilfred Eliza) & Naomi (June - Hosford) Hunter

Hunter, Barbara (E.)(Jessie) "Ghee," 05 Apr 1928-13 Jul 2004
(d/o Earl E. Edenfield & Charlie Murray; w/o Howard Lewis Hunter)

Hunter, Claude Kenneth, (12 Dec)1912-(20 Nov)1984
MSgt, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Elzie Auldridge Hunter & Etta Eliza Stone; h/o Martel Kight)

Hunter, Elzie A. (Auldridge), 21 May 1888-28 Nov 1963
(s/o James Auldridge& Ruth Raulerson; h/o Etta Eliza Stone)

Hunter, (Elzie) Earl, 15 Oct 1911-18 Jan 1912
(s/o Elzie Auldridge Hunter & Etta Eliza Stone)

Hunter, Ettie E. (Eliza), 15 Jun 1887-20 Apr 1973
(d/o William H. "Uncle Billy" Stone & Lucy Ann Clifton; w/o Elzie Auldridge Hunter)

Hunter, Harvey D., 19 Nov 1950-(no date)

Hunter, Hazel E. (Ellen), 14 Dec 1904-03 Mar 1936
(d/o Aaron Benjamin Gatlin & Dora Arbadena Silcox; w/o James Eugene Hunter)

(Hunter, Henry H. c 1877-20 Oct 1925
(s/o James D. Hunter & Bithey Ann LNU)

Hunter, Howard L. (Lewis), 06 Jan 1924-17 Nov 2010
(s/o Elzie Auldridge Hunter & Etta Eliza Stone; h/o Barbara Jessie Edenfield)

Hunter, J. (James) Auldridge, 27 Apr 1861-25 Oct 1927
( s/o James D. Hunter & Bithey Ann LNU; h/o Ruth Raulerson)

Hunter, J. (James) Eugene, 07 Nov 1907-03 Mar 1936
(s/o James Auldridge Hunter & Ruth Raulerson; h/o Hazel Ellen Gatlin)

Hunter, Mitchell A., (c 1868)-23 Dec 1898
(s/o James D. Hunter & Bithey Ann LNU)

Hunter, Otis Stone, 21 Feb 1920-19 Jan 1999
(Sgt, U.S. Army, WW II)
(s/o Elzie Auldridge Hunter & Etta Eliza Stone; h/o Pauline DeAnn [Polly] Cantrell & Susan Ann Muzyka)
(He was a Bunnell City commissioner and was the third generation of his family to serve as a County Commissioner of Flagler County, 1960-1980; woodland supervisor of more than 22,000 acres of woodland in Flagler CO owned by the Owen-Illinois Company, 1965)

Hunter, Jr., Otis Stone "Rocky," 09 Feb 1956-19 Oct 2008
(s/o Otist Stone Hunter & Susan Ann Muzyka; h/o Tere Michelle Trivett & Anna Lee Frey)

Hunter, Ray Chester, 18 Jun 1915-05 Feb 1942
(s/o Elzie Auldridge Hunter & Etta Eliza Stone; h/o Jewel Glyn Whitaker)

Hunter, Ruth, 15 Sep 1863-05 Mar 1956
(d/o James Fort Raulerson & Ruth Hull; w/o James Auldridge Hunter)

Hunter, Susan Ann, 25 Feb 1935-(no date)
(d/o Charles Konstatine Muzyka & Jessie Viola Bray; w/o Otis Stone Hunter)

Hunter, Wilfred Elzie, 20 Sep 1926-02 Sep 1988
S1, U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o Elzie Auldridge Hunter & Etta Eliza Stone; h/o Naomi June Hosford & Inda Wanelle West)
(Chief of Police, Bunnell, FL; Flagler CO Deputy Sheriff)

Hurl, Floyd V., 20 Jul 1918-04 Mar 1980
S Sgt, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Warn Hurl & Audrey Russell; h/o Hertha Louise Holmes)

Hutcheson, Frank L. (Lee), (13 Oct)1903-(03 Dec)1933
(s/o F J Hutcheson & Sadie Adams; 1st h/o Bertha Mae Cauley)

(Isbell, Sharon Denice, 1966-06 Oct 1966)
(Infant dau of M/M Freddy Isbell)
(obit says here, compiler could not locate)

Janicki, Maria (Victoria Kiernicki), (26 Sep)1896-(30 May)1976
(w/o Olimpi Janicki)

Janicki, Olimpi, (10 Nov)1888-(10 Jan)1965
(s/o Kassian Janicki & Theodora Kmec; h/o Bernice [Bronislawa] Mach & Maria Victoria Kiernicki)

Jenkins, Mamye, 15 Sep 1892-05 Apr 1914
(d/o A. W. Jenkins & Jennie LNU)

Johns, Donna M., 25 Nov 1959-13 May 1998
(d/o Ralph James Bennett & Velma L. Jacobs; w/o Cecil Johns)

Johnson, Baby Boy, (1959)-23 Jul 1959

Johnson, Bessie L. Jones, 02 Oct 1913-15 Mar 1993
(d/o Knox Jones & Florrie E. Fisher; w/o Willard Booth Johnson)

Johnson, Willard Booth, 12 Sep 1916-19 Jan 1987
(s/o McQueen A. Johnson & Ruth B. Priest; h/o Bessie L. Jones)

Johnston, Albert B. (Bartholomew), (12 Oct)1907-(04 Aug)1974
(s/o Ernest Walton Johnston & Laura Louise Burnsed; h/o Maria McIntosh (Ria) Allen)
(Director, Hastings Potato Growers Association)

Johnston, Alice Ann, 10 Nov 1923-22 Dec 1990
(d/o Michal Mikulka & Ann Marcyz; w/o Ernest Walton Johnston, Jr.)

Johnston, Daniel Claude, 07 Sep 1927-05 Sep 2011
CM3 US Navy World War II
(s/o Ernest Walton Johnston & Mabel Minna Fink; h/o Madeline Moore & Dora Angelina Saia)

Johnston, Ernest C. (Carlton), 23 Aug 1909-11 Oct 1984
(s/o Ernest Walton Johnston & Laura Louise Burnsed; h/o Katherine Clair Walker & Mary Lucille Clark)

Johnston, Ernest W. (Walton), (27 Feb)1884-(26 Aug)1966
(s/o John Baggs Johnston & Mary Ketus Carter; h/o Laura Louise Burnsed & Mabel Minna Fink)
(appointed Sheriff of Flagler CO in 1917 on formation of the county, then elected in 1921 serving to 1924;
served again 1937-1941; Flagler County Judge, 1945-1956)

Johnston, Jr., Ernest Walton, 31 Aug 1921-30 May 1984
Cpl, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Ernest Walton Johnston & Mabel Minna Fink; h/o Alice Ann Mikulka)

Johnston, Infant, 11 Sep 1923-11 Sep 1923
(s/o Isham Lafayette Johnston & Mary Alice Reynolds)

Johnston, Isham Lafayette, (02 Mar)1888-(30 Apr)1959
(s/o John Baggs Johnston & Mary Ketus Carter; h/o Mary Alice Reynolds)

(Johnston, John Bagwell, 05 Feb 1949-21 May 2014)
(s/o Albert Bartholomew Johnston & Ria McIntosh Allen; h/o Gwendolyn Joyce King)

Johnston, Mabel M. (Minna), (10 Jun)1891-(27 Feb)1961
(d/o Daniel Coleman Fink, CSA & Margaret Louise Jones; w/o Ernest Walton Johnston)

Johnston, Madeline (Madge) M., 10 Aug 1918-23 Mar 1988
(d/o Robert D. Moore & Bessie F.Goodnough; w/o Daniel Claude "Danny" Johnston)

Johnston, (Mary) Alice Reynolds, (18 May 1896)1900-(11 Mar)1968
(d/o William Victor Reynolds & Martha E Robinson; w/o Isham Lafayette Johnston)

Johnston, (Mary) Lucille M., 16 Feb 1919-22 Jun 1998
(d/o John Willie Clark & Alice Gertrude Clifton; w/o Dorsey Davis Metts & Ernest Carlton Johnston)

(Johnston, Maria McIntosh (Ria), 09 May 1913-20 Aug 2011)
(d/o George Elliott Allen & Ella Louise McIntosh; w/o Charles Clement Samford
& Albert Bartholomew Johnston)

Johnston, Sylvia J. (Jane), (17 Apr)1939-(25 Jul)1957
(d/o Ernest Carlton Johnston & Katherine Clair Walker)

Jones, Baby, (No dates)
Dau of Hugh of Arkansas

Jones, Bernice Fisher, 19 Jan 1902-19 Jan 1987
(s/o Knox Jones & Florrie E. Fisher; h/o Leona Gabrion & Etta Frances Eatman)

(Jones, Edna Pearl, 28 Oct 1910-18 Jun 1915)
(d/o Knox Jones & Florrie E. Fisher)
(obit says buried here, could not locate)

Jones, Jr., Eugene J. (Jerome) (16 Jan)1935-(16 Nov)1974
(Korean Veteran)
(h/o Nancy Jean LNU)

Jones, Florrie E., (13 Dec)1876-(19 Oct)1949
(d/o Daniel Fisher & Georgia Douglas; w/o Knox Jones)

Jones, Hattie V. (Vera), (19 Nov) 1915-(06 Aug 2004)
(d/o Knox Jones & Florrie E. Fisher)

Jones, Knox, (25 Dec)1865-(11 Jun)1953
(s/o Marion Jones & Rebecca Bostick; h/o Florrie E. Fisher)
(Flagler CO Commissioner, 1921)

Joyce, Ruth A. (Armor), 01 Nov 1905-23 Oct 1983
(d/o Saul Caraway Mercer & Queen Victoria Musselwhite; w/o William Clyde Lewis & William P. Joyce)

(Kane, Emma Marie, (28 Oct)1911-(12 Feb)1987)
(d/o Robert Moody & Martha Nancy Barber)
(w/o Charles Melford "Chick" Miller, James Elisha Maddox & James Donald Kane)

Keller, Ethelena, (21 Feb)1930-(23 May)1994
(d/o Almond Fred Thompson & Nancy Elizabeth Herring; w/o Charles G. Keller)

Kelly, George B. (Bunyan), (14 Oct)1908-(03 Feb)1999
(s/o George B Kelly & Hattie Loufair King; h/o Vera V. Stephan)

Kelly, Paul B.(Blaine), 17 May 1901-29 Sep 1966
(s/o William Kelly & Roxanna Farrar; h/o Lavalla Maxine Bondy)

Kelly, Vera V., (02 Jan)1912-(20 Sep)1993
(w/o George B. Kelly)

(Kemp, Mattie Lee, c1921-19 Dec 1923)
(s/o Charles Richard Kemp & Edna Mae Murray)
(death certificate says buried here, compiler could not locate)

(Kemp, Unknown Son, c 1920-18 Dec 1923)
(s/o Charles Richard Kemp & Edna Mae Murray)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate)

Kempisty, John, 1895-1981
PFC, U.S. Army, WW I
16 May 1894-20 Jan 1981
(s/o Aleksander Kempisty & Marjanna Tyszka; h/o Janina Kaczorowski & Laverne Watson)

Kempisty, Laverne, 1903-(16 Jan)1961
(Nee:Watson; w/o FNU Overby & John Kempisty)

Kendall, Edna (May) B., (19 Jun)1920-(01 Feb)1993
(d/o Barney McCoy Barnhill & Arrie; w/o George Robert Kendall)

Kendall, Elizabeth, (13 Oct)1883-(17 Apr)1979
(d/o Peter Kiefer & Sarah Isabelle Seward; w/o John Kendall)

Kendall, George R. (Robert), (15 Oct)1912-(27 Mar)1967
(s/o John Kendall & Elizabeth Kiefer; h/o Mary Elizabeth Fricklin & Edna May Barnhill)

Kendall, James Lewis "Jimmy," (07 Sep)1941-(06 Jan)2014
(s/o George Robert Kendall & Edna May Barnhill; h/o FNU Young & Mary Ardith Gray)

Kendall, Jr., James L. (Louis), 30 Mar 1966-09 Sep 1966
(s/o James Louis Kendall & FNU Young)

Kendall, John, (11 Nov 1878) 1879-(14 Jun)1963
(s/o Aaron Kendall & Louvina Reed; h/o Martha Breeding & Elizabeth Kiefer)

Kendall, Kerum S. (Scott), 26 Feb 1981-09 Apr 1981
(s/o Bruce Renard Kendall & Elaine B. Hull)

Kiefer, (Mary Matilda) May, (21 Oct )1884-(30 Jan)1974
(d/o Peter Keifer & Sarah Isabelle Seward)

Kielb, George (John), (04 Jan)1893-(27 Mar)1980
(s/o Joseph Kielb & Annie LNU; h/o Victoria Felenczak)

Kielb, Victoria 1894-(14 Jun)1960
(w/o George John Kielb)

King, Cecil B. (Broward - CB), (08 Feb)1908-(23 Dec)1979
(s/o Joseph M. King & Ida L. Kelly; h/o Hattie Grace Cauley)

King, Harold B. (Hal), 26 Jan 1951-27 Oct 1998
(s/o Joseph Mack King & Haroldine Bowden; h/o Kimberly Kay Knight & Deborah LNU)

King, Hattie Grace, (04 Apr)1909-(16 Jun)1996
(d/o William McDonald Cauley & Bertha Maude Bennett; h/o Cecil Broward King)

King, Joseph Mack, (11 Nov)1929-(26 Jun)1977
(s/o Cecil Broward King & Hattie Grace Cauley; h/o Haroldine Bowden)

King, Virginia (Grace), (05 Sep)1928-(15 Jan)2006
(d/o Cecil Broward (CB) King & Hattie Grace Cauley; w/o James Eustis Crews, Jr,
Joseph Paul Kiwala & Oliver M. Howard)

King, Jr., William (Frankllin), (18 Apr)1946-(13 Jan)1999
(s/o William Franklin King & Lillian Lucille Neal)

Kinney, Arden Blair, 31 May 1904-18 Aug 1994
(s/o John J. Kinney & Annabelle B. Walton; h/o Dorothy Marie Kiser)

Kinney, Dorothy Marie, 14 Jul 1903-23 Nov 1996
(d/o James Kiser & Debra Rickabaugh; w/o Arden Blair Kinney)

Kinney, Grace K. (Kathleen), (19 Mar)1905-(24 Mar)1991
(d/o Mathew Davis & Frances E. Burnsed; w/o Walton John Kinney)

Kinney, John A. (Arden) (Jack), 11 Oct 1928-12 Sep 1951
PFC, U.S. Army, 38th Inf, Korea
(s/o Arden Blair Kinney & Dorothy Marie Kiser)

Kinney, Walton J. (John), (17 Sep)1898-(17 May)1968
(WWI Vet)
(s/o John J. Kinney & Annabelle B. Walton; w/o Grace Kathleen Davis)
(Flagler CO School Board member)

(Kinney, Walton Matthew, 22 Sep 1934-(no date)
(s/o Walton John Kinney & Grace Kathleen Davis; h/o Marjorie Ann Durrance)

(Klemm, Adolph Gustave, 07 Apr 1886-10 Nov 1959)
(s/o Charles Robert Klemm & Johanna Bishoff; h/o Charlotte Snow)
(obit says buried here, compiler unable to locate grave)

Klemm, Charlotte, 1883-(08 Jan)1960
(w/o Adolph Gustave Klemm)

Knight, Arlene F. (Faye), (29 Dec)1938-(11 Mar 2020)
(d/o Henry Charles Cobb & Lucile Virginia Bradley; w/o Eldon Lewis Knight)

Knight, Eldon L. (Lewis), (19 Aug)1927-(20 Sep)1999
(s/o Walter Eugene Knight Jr & Mattye Lourraine Driggers; h/o Myrna Pauline Rodgers & Arlene Faye Cobb) (Bunnell City Commissioner, 1976)

Knight, Leona M., (02 May)1908-(07 Jan)1999
(d/o Isaac I. Moody, Jr. & Dora Lee)
(w/o Harlan Spencer French, Malcolm Leroy Johnson, & Walter Eugene Knight, Jr.)

Knight, Jr., Walter E. (Eugene), (21 Jul)1901-(10 Mar)1966
(s/o Walter E. Knight & Salome J. Kellum; h/o Mattye Lourraine Driggers, Elizabeth Price & Leona Moody)
(He worked for the creation of Flagler County and remained on as one of its loyal supporters. He served as a member of the Board of County Commissioners of Flagler County from Jan 1929 until Jan 1935. He also served several years as a member of the Flagler County Board of Public Instruction.)

Knight, W. (Walter) Eugene (III - Gene), (12 Sep)1936-(29 Mar)1982
(s/o Walton E. Knight & Elizabeth Price; h/o Faye Yvonne Ruark & Kathleen Anderson)

(Knoblaugh, Albert Stanley, 08 Dec 1892-05 Apr 1971)
(s/o Harrison Knoblaugh & Linda Snell; h/o Irene Rhodehamel & Mary Lee Dorsett)
(obit says buried here, compiler unable to locate grave)

Knoblaugh, Jack L.(Lee), 26 Aug 1931-23 Mar 1999
U.S. Army, Korea
(s/o Carl Leroy Knoblaugh & Ada May Hayden)
(h/o Cora Ernestine Johnston, Ida Strickland Huchinson, Carol Louise Lane & Vickie Diane Bloxom)

(Knoblaugh, Linda A. (Ann), 07 Mar 1948-14 Jan 2006)
(d/o Grady Danie Holton & Connie Hollis; w/o Robert Leroy Knoblaugh)

Knox, Georgina L. (Luella), 15 Nov 1930-(20 Jan)2014
(d/o George M. Taylor & Sarah Dunton; w/o Jesse V. Knox)

Knox, Jesse V. (Virden - Buddy), 04 Mar 1920-20 Mar 1997
SSgt, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Jesse E Knox & Gladys Pearl; h/o Georgina L. Taylor)

(Kozal, Anna, c1839-29 Jul 1925)
(possibly the mother of Anna Kozal who married Joseph V. Kudrna)
(obituary says buried here, compiler could not locate grave)

Kozal, Anna, 1845-1921

Krakowski, Anna S., 1879-1955
(w/o Anton Krakowski)

Krakowski, Anton (Tony), 1879-(12 Nov)1962
(h/o Anna Stock)

Krier, Amelia, 08 Oct 1897-25 Mar 1983
(d/o William L. Morgan & Margaret Thomas; w/o Gilbert Albert Krier)

Krier, Gilbert A. (Albert), 04 Jan 1899-20 Feb 1991
Pvt, U.S. Army, WW I
(h/o Helen LNU, Amelia Morgan & Josephine Elizabeth Parker)

(Kruger, Herman, 01 Jul 1871-14 Dec 1937)
(h/o Jennie Cook)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate grave)

(Kruger, Jennie, 16 Oct 1868-31 Dec 1930)
(d/o FNU Cook; w/o Herman Kruger)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate)

Kudrna, Ada R.(Augie), (09 Mar)1885-(03 Aug)1964
(d/o James Auldridge Hunter & Ruth Raulerson; w/o William E. Kudrna)

Kudrna, Anna, 1870-(26 Mar)1959
(d/o Mrs. Anna Kozal; w/o Joseph V. Kudrna)

Kudrna, Joseph V., 31 Mar 1862-29 Jun 1938
(s/o John J. Kudrna & Anna Severa; h/o Anna Kozal)

Kudrna, William E., (14 Jan)1892-(30 Oct)1966
(s/o Joseph V. Kudrna & Anna Kozal; w/o Ada R. Hunter)

Kuhn, Gloria Clarette, (09 Jan)1945-(01 Nov) 2011
(d/o Albert Hamilton "Bert" Harding & Mary Magdeline Mann; w/o George William Twigg,
John Avery Brown & Donald Mark Kuhn)

Kulick, Trofim (Tom), (17 May)1893-(21 May)1972
(s/o Stanley Kulick & Motrona Krasucki; h/o Angele Moskal, Helen Meachem & Mary Kolakowski)

(Kyser, William Ronald, 10 Oct 1938-03 Sep 1939
(s/o Hilton Edward Kyser & Norma Latisha Herrin)
(originally bured here, reinterred Stokesville Baptist Church Cemetery, Atkinson CO, GA)

Lagan, Vernon Andrew, 20 May 1948-18 Jun 1992
Sgt, U.S. Army, Vietnam

Laks, Robert D. (Daniel), 28 Jun 1979-10 Apr 2013
(s/o Bert Jacobs Laks & Ann Lorraine McDonald; h/o Jessica LNU)

(Land, John Thomas, 09 Oct 1886-01 Sep 1968)
(s/o Fletcher C. Land & Nancy Jane Brown; h/o Letha Wionns Johnson & Lillie C. LNU)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate grave)

Land, Lillie C., 18 Jul 1905-25 Mar 1986
(w/o John Thomas Land)

Lane, Bobby Ray, 09 Mar 1944-11 Mar 2008
(s/o Norman Hobson Lane & Mable Poe; h/o Dona Augusta Miller)

Lane, Mable (Martila) P. , (21 Jan)1912-(23 Jan 1999)
Wife of Norman H. (Hobson) Lane, married 18 Mar 1932
(d/o William W. Poe & Cena K.Gurganus)

Lane, Norman Gerald, 01 Apr 1940-27 Dec 1963
Pvt, U.S. Army, Alabama
(s/o Norman Hobson Lane & Mable Poe)

Lane, Norman H. (Hobson), (08 Jul)1912-(26 Feb)1978
(s/o James Henry Lane & Rohoda Corine Lansford; h/o Mable Martila Poe)

Langdale, Homer J. (Jackson), 27 Nov 1902-27 Jan 1954
(s/o John W. Langdale & Armonia Rutherford; h/o Evelyn Adeline Fowler)

Law, Robert A. (Allen), (11 Jun)1917-(12 May)1999
(s/o Russell Allen Law & Mable Marian Pearce; h/o Marguertie H. Beyer)

Laycook, Abbie M., 03 Apr 1861-01 Mar 1914
(w/o William Emerson Laycook)

Laycook, Wm E. (William Emerson), 23 Jul 1861-22 Aug 1925
(s/o Francis Marion Laycook & Mary Jane Forbess; h/o Abbie M. Skinner)

(Layton, Grover Cleveland, 16 Aug 1886-18 Mar 1960)
(s/o George A. Layton & Julia Wilson; h/o Stella Coker)
(obit say buied here, complier could not locate)

Layton, Jr., Grover C. (Cleveland), (15 Jul)1918-(28 Feb)1981
U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Grover Cleveland Layton & Stella Coker; h/o Ethel Catherine Stragner)

Leatherwood, Granville Grover, 11 Aug 1916-17 Sep 2001
U.S. Navy
(s/o Ellis C. Leatherwood & Olla Francis Ferguson: h/o Marcelle Bertha de la Fosse)

(Leatherwood, Marcella (Bertha), 18 Sep 1917-28 Mar 2014)
(d/o Clyde Andrew de la Fosse & Dorothea Frieda Johnson; w/o Granville Grover Leatherwood)

Lee, Betty B., 27 Jul 1902-21 Dec 1988
(d/o William T Bowen & Anna C. Schaller; w/o Graham Wesley Lee)

Lee, Ellen A. (Anna) (23 Dec)1880-(08 Feb)1966
Wife of William J. (Jackson) Lee
(d/o James Goodwin & Shelba Boatright)

Lee, Graham W. (Wesley), 21 Sep 1896-16 Nov 1956
(s/o William Lazras Lee & Amida LNU; h/o Betty Bowen)

Lee, Henry Grady, 19 Jan 1888-22 Sep 1968
Pvt, U.S. Army, WW I, Florida
(s/o William James Lee & Sarah Ann Huggins; h/o Lula Mae Smith)

Lee, Isaac E. (Ebenezer), (31 Mar 1844)-18 Apr 1932
Pvt, Co E, 1 SC Inf, CSA
(obit says date of death, 17 Apr 1932)
(s/o Isaac Gordon Lee & Susannah A.Rodgers; h/o Leonora McKensie)

Lee, Jane E., 1850-1932

(Lee, Robert Wallace, 01 Dec 1932 -19 Jul 2017)
(s/o James A.Wallace & Augusta Dell Morrison)
(adopted by Graham Wesley Lee & Betty Bowen who are buried here)
(h/o Sylvia Elizabeth Genung & Phyllis Mae Savio)

Lee, Warren E. (Edward Orell), 24 Sep 1907-08 Mar 1973
(s/o Warren Jackson Lee & Ellen Anna Goodwin; h/o Clarice Smith)

Lee, William H. (Herbert - Willie), 17 Nov 1910-05 Mar 1945
SSgt, U.S. Army Air Corps, Florida
(s/o William J. Lee & Ellen Anna Goodwin)

Lee, William J. (Jackson), (18 May)1869-(23 Jan)1944
(s/o Isaac Ebenezer Lee & Leonora McKensie; h/o Ellen Anna Goodwin)

Leggett, Carrie (Ethel), (c-1907)-(18 Nov 1933)
(d/o William H. Medders & Mary Ann Sabarr Johnson; w/o J. Carrol Leggett)

Lennox, Ruth, (20 Oct)1888-(23 Jul)1954
(d/o William Newton Collings & Sarah Jane Collings; w/o George L. Akers & William Frankton Lennox)

Leonard, Garland P. (Parker), 22 May 1931-24 Dec 1993
(s/o Percy Gray Leonard & Myrtle Mae Hill; h/o Betty LNU & Barbara Anne Stradley)

Leonard, Milton G. (Gray), 27 Apr 1925-14 Oct 1991
(s/o Percy Gray Leonard & Myrtle Mae Hill)

Lewis, David W. (William), 04 Aug 1944-08 Aug 1970
(s/o William Clyde Lewis & Mildred Beatrice Grimes; h/o Deanna Rae Dixon)

Lewis, L. (Louise) Frances, (18 Mar)1864-(26 Dec)1943
(d/o Clytus Alexander Guy & Catherine Hickman; w/o William Montgomery Lewis)

Lewis, Max (Silex), (16 Jul 1901)-(01 Feb)1970
(h/o Florene B.Olmstead & Ruth Mildred Stone)

Lewis, Mildred B. (Beatrice), 27 Sep 1909-29 Jun 1966
(d/o Morris Leon Grimes & Bertha Mabel Martin; w/o William Clyde Lewis)

Lewis, Ruth (Mildred), (18 Feb 1899)-(19 Apr)1978
(w/o Max Silex Lewis)

Lewis, William C. (Clyde), 04 May 1901-27 Aug 1975
(s/o William Mongomery Lewis & Louise Frances Guy; h/o Ruth Armor Mercer & Mildred Beatrice Grimes)

Lewis, William M. (Montgomery), (03 Aug)1854-(25 May) 1937
(s/o Clitus Mongomery Lewis; h/o Louise Frances Guy)

Logan, Eleanor Marie, 21 Nov 1938-06 Jan 2012
(d/o Robert Moody, Jr. & Minka Stella Skowronski; w/o Lawrence Waldo West & Ronald Allen Logan)

(Logan, Jack, 06 Apr 1946-02 Aug 2019)
(s/o Thomas Jefferson Logan & Rebecca Louisa Guthrie; h/o Beverly Oni Douglas)

(Logan, Ronald Allen, 30 Jan 1938-28 Nov 2019)
(s/o Thomas Jefferson "Jack" Logan & Rebecca Louisa "Betty" Guthrie; h/o Eleanor Marie Moody)

Long, Thelna Barbara, 07 Sep 1954-22 Jun 1990
(d/o George Joseph Valenta & Laurene C.LNU; w/o James E. Long)

Lonngren, Della Marie, 1905-(01 Oct)1956
(Nee: Pitt; w/o Bert Ringvald Lonngren)

Lonngren, Robert (Magnus), (01 Jul)1910-(26 Apr)1982
Son of Anna Beardsley
(s/o Magnus Lonngren & Anna Varner; h/o Elaine B. Campbell)

Lord, Celia P. (Page), 15 Mar 1918-28 Jan 2008
(d/o Karl William Lord & Grace Pratt Spaulding)

Lord, Grace (Pratt), (27 Feb)1878-(09 Dec)1950
(d/o Owen Wright Spaulding & Rachel Eliza Pratt; w/o Karl Williams Lord)

Lord, Karl Williams, (30 Apr)1884-(01 Jul)1956
(s/o James Ancil Lord & Ida Grace Williams; h/o Grace Pratt Spaulding & Ethel Clark)
(Flagler CO Commissioner, 1939)

Lord, Jr., Karl Williams (Bud), (29 Mar)1914-(06 Feb)1951
(s/o Karl Williams Lord & Grace Pratt Spaulding; h/o Nancy Florena Mercer)

Lovelace, (Ada) Pauline Forsythe, (12 Oct)1916-(09 Feb) 2002
(d/o Dozier Young Forsythe & Jessie V. Bray; w/o Thomas Embry (Buck) Lovelace Jr)

Lovelace, Emma Jean, (12 Sep)1948-(02 Sep)1967
(d/o Thomas Embry Lovelace, Jr. & Ada Pauline Forsyth)

Lovelace, Julia (McLeod) Allen, (31 Jan)1892-(25 Sep)1970
(d/o Summer Winn Allen & Marie McIntosh Winn; w/o Thomas Embry Lovelace)

Lovelace, Thomas Embry, (26 Feb)1882-(28 Jul)1960
(s/o William Perry Lovelace & Emma Cordelia Edge; h/o Julia McLeod Allen)
(Flagler CO Commissioner, 1923)

Lovelace, Jr., Thomas Embry (Buck), (21 Dec)1912-(26 Apr)1986
(s/o Thomas Embry Lovelace & Julia Allen; h/o Ada Pauline Forsyth)

(Luke, John Mitchell, 01 Apr 1860-04 Oct 1937)
(s/o William H Luke & Rebecca Tucker; h/o Leila Estelle Stone)
(according his grandson, Ronnie Luke, the grave is unmarked and in the section on the right
as you enter the cemetery)

(Luke, Unnamed Infant),
(child/o William Allen Bryan & Sallie Luke)

Lynn, Camie C., (01 Jan)1915-(18 Jan)1982
(d/o William Andrew Cantrell & Fannie Arlena Morris; w/o James Roscoe Lynn)

Lynn, J. (James) Roscoe, (15 Aug)1909-(17 Jul)1975
(s/o James A. Lynn & Nora Tedder; h/o Cammie Cantrell)

Lynn, John R. (Ronald - Johnny), 12 Mar 1936-08 Dec 2003
(U.S. Marine Corps, Korea)
(s/o James Roscoe Lynn & Camie Cantrell; h/o Joann Lane)

Lynn, Nora, 09 Nov 1878-28 Jan 1961
(d/o James William Tedder & Francis Rebecca Wolfe; w/o James Albert Lynn)

Mack, James Earl, (19 Apr)1947-(17 Oct)2005
(s/o Earl Mack & Helen Cotton; h/a Linda LNU)

Magazine, Clifford Paul, 21 Aug 1946-22 Feb 1999
Sp 4, U.S. Army, Vietnam
(s/o Robert W. Magazine & Margaret LNU; h/o Linda L. LNU)

Magazine, Linda L., 10 Aug 1951-(no date)
Wife of Clifford Paul

Magee, C. (Clarence) Otis, (24 Mar) 1898-(03 Jan) 1972
(Pvt, U.S. Army, WW I)
(s/o Samuel Riley Magee & Laura Gertrude Chandler; h/o Pauline Sisco)
(Bunnell City Commissioner, 1935, Ass’t Chief, Bunnell Volunteer Fire Dept, 1935, 1947)

Magee, Pauline, (29 Sep)1891-(19 Oct)1985
(d/o Charles Edward Sisco & Susie Pauline Hetcel; w/o Charles (Jack) Leonhardt & Clarence Otis Magee)

(Malphurs, Bailey, (1815)-(1905)
(7th FL Inf, CSA)
(FL Veteran's Grave Registration Project of 1940-1941 says buried here, could not locate grave)
(Brownell Genealogy Collection says "buried next to Riley & Nora Malphurs with no dates,
only age 90 years.")

Malphurs, Esther C. (Collins), 05 Jan 1904-23 Mar 1988
(d/o James Allen Pettigrew & Annie A. Cleghorn; w/o Fitzhugh Lee Malphurs)

Malphurs, Fitzhugh L (Lee), 30 Mar 1898-31 Mar 1981
(s/o William Riley Malphurs & Nora Stuckey; h/o Esther Collins Pettigrew)

Malphurs, Infant, (1908)-(1908)
"Our Darling Son"
(s/o Jesse Washington Malphurs & Mable Lee Buckles)

Malphurs, Jesse (Valentine), 05 Dec 1837-07 Sep 1911
Pvt, 1 Bn 10 Reg FL Inf, CSA
(s/o Edward Malphurs & Elizabeth; h/o Martha Riley & Rutha Davis)

Malphurs, Jesse W. (Washington - Sonny), 26 Jan 1875-07 Jan 1935
(s/o Jesse Valentine Malphurs & Rutha Davis; h/o Mable Lee Buckles)
(Flagler CO Commissioner, 1927, 1928)

Malphurs, Joseph Reed, 21 Feb 1906-21 Apr 1931
(s/o Jesse Washington Malphurs & Mable Lee Buckles; h/o Ruth Luella Cowart)

Malphurs, Mable L. (Lee - May), 03 Dec 1887-28 Mar 1957
(d/o Joseph Jackson Buckles & Hulda Ann Elizabeth Richardson; w/o Jesse Washington Malphurs)

Malphurs, Nora, 19 Feb 1872-05 May 1962
(d/o Pinkey Stuckey & Mary Adaline Groover; w/o William Riley Malphurs)

Malphurs, (William) Riley, 22 Nov 1867-14 Jan 1940
(s/o Jesse Valentine Malphurs & Martha Riley; h/o Nora Stuckey)
(He was active in local politics serving on the school board for a number of years)

Mann, Bessie O. (Ovieda), 21 Mar 1920-19 Jun 2010
(d/o William Jesse Medders & Hester Vernie; w/o John Boone Buckner & Roy Mitchell Mann)

Marcinkowski, Eugene F. (Filip), (29 Nov)1891-(04 Oct)1971
(s/o John Marcinkowski & Eugina Kolankowski; w/o Veronica Kestusz)

Marcinkowski, Veronica, (24 Mar)1907-(04 Jul)1998
(d/o Martin Kestusz & Elizabeth LNU; w/o Eugene F Marcinkowski)

Mariani, Edith A. (Anne), 14 Aug 1902-14 Aug 1984
(d/o Henry Edward Rowlands & Anne Jane Bratt; w/o Harry Mariani)

Marquis, Jr., James George, 30 Jan 1939-24 Sep 2010
(s/o James George Marquis & Virginia Vogrel; h/o Diane Eppert)
(Bunnell City Commissioner and Vice Mayor)

Marsh, Edward, (03 Apr)1903-(11 Jul)1974
(h/o Ida S. Morgan)

Marsh, Ida (S), (30 Aug)1894-(15 Apr)1975
(d/o William H. Morgan & Henrietta Wolfe; w/o Edward Marsh)

(Marsi, Paul J. (Joseph) (27 Jul)1967-(05 May)1990)
(s/o James L.Marsi & Dorothy Margaret Reardon)

Martin, Mary, c 1895-18 Jun 1941
(d/o FNU Gramner; w/o James M. Martin)

Maryes, Cynthia Harper (Joan "Cindy"), 29 Nov 1950-10 Nov 2013
(d/o Keith Harper & Joan Annabell Gearhart; w/o Otis David Maryes)

Massey, Jr., Ralph, (07 Feb)1941-(20 Feb)2013
(s/o of Ralph Massey; h/o Faye Raye Edmonson)

Matthew, Infant Girl, 1975-1975

May, James, Feb 1871-13 Nov 1932
(s/o Henry May & Elizabeth Jane Trembeth; h/o Agatha Anna Hooper)

Mazzatto, Franklin E.(Everette), 02 Jul 1933-01 Jul 1990
(s/o Giuseppe Mazzatto & Hannah Jane Conkin; h/o Louise Clifton)

Mazzatto, Louise C., 09 Nov 1939-(11-2015)
(d/o Grover Cleveland Clifton & Eula P. Martin; w/o Franklin Everette Mazzatto)

McAfee, (Rita) Belita, (16 Jul)1948-(20 Jul)1976
(d/o Floyd Jack Collins & Betty Ruth Stone; w/o James Martin McAfee)

McAllister, Stephen Reid, 25 Nov 1952-15 Jun 2015
(LCPL, USMC, Vietnam)

McArn, Jr., George C. (Cornelius), 16 Feb 1942-21 Dec 1966
(U.S. Navy)
(s/o George Cornelius McArn & Fannie Mae Buckles; h/o Marie Peavy)

McCabe, Barbara Carol, 12 Jul 1945-25 Oct 1986
(d/o Emile Antoine Smythe & Elizabeth Deacon Powell; w/o FNU Pryor, Jon [Jack] McCabe & William Joseph De Sormeau III)

McCabe, Merland Eugene, (15 Oct)1913-(30 Aug)1964
(s/o Eugene Rule McCabe & Ada M. Pierce; h/o Lola Helen Farnsworth)

McCabe, Michael Marcus, 26 Mar 1972-26 Mar 1972
(s/o Jon (Jack) McCabe & Barbara Carol Smythe)

McCraney, Arnold Larue, 18 Nov 1933-29 Jan 1983
(s/o Marion Leonidas McCraney & Clara Annalee Revels)

(McCraney, Charlie Hansford, 19 May 1944-16 Jan 2013)
(s/o Marion Leonidas McCraney & Clara Annalee Revels, h/o Mildred Allison & Marjorie Ann Durrance)

McCraney, Colleen (Kaye), 1965-(Aug)1965

McCraney, Everett Lindsay, 29 Oct 1916-06 Sep 1996
U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o Marion Leonidas McCraney & Clara Annalee Revels)

McCraney, Louise (Ethel Louise Wilson), (03 Mar)1931-(11 Nov)1982
(d/o Roy Elbert Wilson & Gladys Atkinson; w/o Sidney Lanier McCraney)

McCraney, Marion Gordon, 23 Jun 1919-13 Nov 1942
TM3, U.S. Navy, WW II, KIA
(s/o Marion Leonidas McCraney & Clara Annalee Revels)

(McCraney, Marjorie Durrance, 03 Sep 1937-(no date)
(d/o Nathan Omega Durrance & Lucille B. Davison)
(w/o Walton Matthew Kinney, James Francis Burger II & Charlie Hansford McCraney)

McCraney, Robert Lee, 02 Nov 1935-22 Oct 1994
Sgt, U.S. Marine Corps, Korea
(s/o Marion Leonias McCraney & Clara Annalee Revels; h/o Carolyn Jane Dixon)

McCraney, Sidney L. (Lanier), (18 Aug)1928-(23 Apr)1976
(s/o Marion Leonidas McCraney & Clara Annalee Revels; h/o Ethel Louise Wilson)

McCraney, Sorcha Noel, 31 May 2003-06 Oct 2005
(d/o Sidney L. McCraney & Jessica Chapman)

McDaniel, Shirley (May), 11 Jul 1941-13 Oct 2000
(d/o James Taylor & Martha Branch)

McDonald, Kenneth M. (Miller), (11 Mar)1904-(05 Feb)1966
(s/o Dea R. McDonald & Lillian Uhlan; h/o Mary Sylvia Freestone)

McDonald, Mary S.,(27 Nov)1910-(no date on stone)(27 Nov 1992)
(d/o Charles Cleveland Freestone & Lydia Perkins; w/o Kenneth Miller McDonald)
(creamated by Meeks Crematory, Muncie, Indiana, 29 Nov 1992)

McDowall, Faye R. (Ruth) Brown, 24 Aug 1931-26 Apr 1999
Wife of James A McDowell, Jr
(d/o Kirk W.Brown & Vera Mikesell; also w/o Francis Nelson Gilmer, Jr.)

McDowall, Jr., James A. (Alfred), 09 Aug 1922-18 Oct 2008
(s/o James Alfred McDowall & Lota Asilee Holland; h/o Betty Lee Turpin, Gladys Becket & Faye Ruth Brown)

McDowell, Harriett L. (Louise), (Feb)1890-(05 Oct)1969
Wife of Willis A.
(d/o William Braund & Frances Irvil; w/o Willis Alexander McDowell)

McDowell, Willis A. (Alexander), (01 Jan)1888-(30 Dec)1972
(s/o William McDowell & Helen Riddles; h/o Harriett Louise Braund)

McIntosh, John N. (Nash), (23 Apr)1890-(06 Jul)1971
(U.S. Army, WW I, France)
(s/o William Swinton McIntosh, CSA & Ida Sutherland Tally; h/o Willie Cleveland Graham)

McIntosh, Willie (Cleveland) G., (05 Oct)1884-(03 Apr)1970
(d/o William S. Graham & Beulah C. Kendrick; w/o John Nash McIntosh)

McKenzie, Allen Clayton, 22 Mar 1928-08 Sep 1933
(s/o Victor Wade McKenzie & Etha Virginia Clayton)

McKenzie, David M. (Myron - Bus), (28 Feb)1910-(02 Mar)1986
(s/o Wade Hampton McKenzie & Fannie Nephles Page; h/o Ellnor Smoak)

McKenzie III, David M. (Myron), (06 Jul)1962-(Dec)1977
Son of Dr. D. M. McKenzie, Jr.
Died At Sea
(s/o David Myron McKenzie, Jr., & Glenda Williamson)

McKenzie, Ellnor Smoak, 03 Apr1912-15 May1987
(d/o John Siffly Smoak & Margaret Allen; w/o David Myron McKenzie)

McKenzie, Etha (Virginia) Clayton, 09 Oct 1901-20 Oct 1991
(d/o Thomas Clayton & Della Sparks; w/o Victor Wade McKenzie)

McKenzie, Fannie (Nephles) Page, (26 Apr)1876-(27 Feb)1954
(d/o William H. Page & Abigail Emeline Elvington; w/o Wade Hampton McKenzie)

McKenzie, Victor Wade, 27 Aug 1903-18 Oct 1945
(s/o Wade H. McKenzie & Fannie Nephles Page; h/o Etha Virginia Clayton)

(McKenzie, Jr.,Victor Wade, 14 Dec 1924-04 Sep 2001)
(PFC, U.S. Army, WW II )
(s/o Victor W McKenzie & Etha Virginia Clayton; h/o Ina Joe Wrench)

McKenzie, Wade Hampton, (31 Dec 1876)1877-(07 Aug)1957
(s/o of Allen D. McKenzie & Mary Spivey; h/o Fannie Nephles Page)

McKenzie, Wm Allan (William Allen), 18 Jan 1900-02 Jun 1923
(s/o Wade Hampton McKenzie & Fannie Nephles Page)

McKnight, Audrey (Montine) B., (12 May)1917-(11 May)2010
(d/o Jeptha Dennis Barber & Minnie Sweat; w/o Jesse Hildreth McKnight, Jr.)

McKnight, Camilla G., (22 Sep)1914-(01 Aug)2004
(d/o Morris Leon Grimes & Bertha Mabel Martin; w/o Theodore Kendrick McKnight & Melvin W. Berwaldt)

McKnight, Jesse H. (Hildreth), 28 Jul 1879-27 Aug 1950
(s/o George Thompson McKnight & Mattie Louise Arinton; h/o Minnie Lee Spivey)
(Flagler County Sheriff, 1929-1933)

McKnight, Jr, Jesse H. (Hildreth), 29 Mar 1916-02 May 1994
Capt., U.S. Army Air Corps, WW II
(s/o Jesse Hildreth McKnight & Minnie Lee Spivey; h/o Audrey Montine Barber)
(Flagler County Deputy Sheriff)

McKnight, Lois Tilton, 01 Jan 1908-20 Dec 1927
(d/o Jesse Hildreth McKnight & Minnie Lee Spivey)

McKnight, Theodore K. (Kendrick - Buddy), (03 Oct)1909-(22 Sep)1974
(s/o Jesse Hildreth McKnight & Minnie Lee Spivey; h/o Camilla Grimes)
(Flagler County Sheriff, 1952-1956; Flagler CO Judge, 1962)

McMillan, Ethel G. (Grace), (29 Jan)1918-(29 Jul)1992
(d/o Myric Elmon Dusenbury & Mary F. Hines; w/o Lucis Waalton McMillan)

McMillan, Lucis W. (Mac), (13 Aug)1909-(26 Jun)1970
(s/o John Walton McMillan & Theresa Elizabeth Paulk; h/o Ethel Grace Dusenbury)

(McNaughton, William L., c-1861-25 Oct 1933)
(h/o Beatrice A. Peters)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate)

(McPherson, Nettie A., 16 Aug 1866-09 April 1921)
(d/o Daniel R. Woolley & Cornelia B. Lowell; w/o John Elmer McPherson)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate)
(Her husband (1869-1953) is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida)

McReady, Ralph I. (Ignatius), (13 Jan)1911-(01 Nov)1965
(s/o William Henry McReady & Boydanna Boarman; h/o Martha Marie Sullivan)

Meares, Mamie L. (Lee), 1920-(18 May)1961
(d/o Joseph Milton Arnold & Mahala Carter; w/o Elmer Raymond McDonald & Clarence Nixon Meares)

Medders, Barbara Alma (Bobby), 02 Jan 1931-(23) 29 Dec 2009
(d/o Thomas A. Evans & Lavada Pearl Durrance; w/o James William Medders)

Medders, Cloie, 1932-1932
(d/o James William Medders & Cloie Faye Hunter)

Medders, Donna E. (Eugena), 21 Jan 1952-(no date)
Wife of James Harrie Medders
(Nee: Dearing & also w/o Robert Bing Welfenberg)

(Medders, Elzie, Aug 1933-21 Feb 1935)
(s/o James William (Willie) Medders & Cloie Fae Hunter)
(obit says buried here; compiler unable to locate grave)

Medders, Hester V., (27 Jan)1905-(15 Mar)1973
(d/o Nashon M. Johnson & Betty Riggins; w/o William Jesse Medders)

Medders, James Harrie, 18 Oct 1935-06 Mar 1997
(U. S. Army)
(s/o William Jesse Medders and Hester Vernie; h/o Welma Hughes & Donna Eugena Dearing)

Medders, James W. (William) , 23 Sep 1922-16 Apr 1975
Tec 5, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o William Jesse Medders and Hester Vernie; h/o Barbara Alma Evans)

Medders, Jr., James (William), (06 Jul)1952-(30 Nov)1996
(s/o James William Medders & Barbara Alma Evans)

Medders, Jessie (William Jesse), (30 Apr)1898-(21 Mar)1974
(s/o William H. Medders & Mary Ann Sabarr Johnson; h/o Hester V. Johnson)

Medders, Mary Ann, (Apr)1876-(13 Oct)1952
(d/o John Barton Johnson & Mary Ann Crosby; w/o William H. Medders)

Medders, Shirley J., 12 Aug 1965-12 Jan 2001
(d/o Franklin E Mazzatto & Louise Clifton; w/o Joey Jay Medders)

(Medders, Unnamed Infant, 1935-01 Sep 1935)
(i/o James William (Willie) Medders & Cloie Fae Hunter)
(said to be buried here; compiler unable to locate grave)

Medders, W. (William) H., 09 Oct 1868-09 Oct 1935
(s/o Jessie Riley Medders & Elabeth Altman; h/o Mary Ann Sabarr Johnson)

Mercer, Carolyn, (08 Jun)1918-(Jul)1986
(d/of Morris L. Grimes & Bertha Martin; w/o James Franklin (Johnnie) Mercer, Jr.)

Mercer, Infant, (06 May 1924)-(06 May 1924)
Son of James F. & Martha R. Mercer

Mercer, James F. (Franklin), (02 Mar)1891-(14 Jul)1967
(s/o John Christopher Mercer & Nancy Celeta Deen; h/o Martha Rosetta Ray)
(He served on the Flagler County Board of County Commissioners in 1926 and his name is on the cornerstone of the old Court House. He was Tax Collector of Flagler County from 1932 until 1962)

Mercer (Jr), Johnnie (James Franklin), (02 Apr)1914-(31 Oct)1977
(PFC, U.S. Army, WW II)
(s/o James Franklin Mercer & Martha Rosetta Ray; h/o Carolyn Grimes)

Mercer, Martha R. (Rosetta), (10 May)1897-(07 Oct)1977
(d/o Elias Still Ray, CSA & Margaret R [Maggie] Richardson; w/o James Franklin Mercer)

(Mercer, Ray Laurence, 20 Feb 1926-07 Dec 2019)
(s/o James Franklin Mercer & Martha Rosetta Ray; h/o Wanda Lee Whitaker)

Mercer, Wanda L. (Lee), 20 Sep 1926-30 Jul 2012
(d/o Louie McClellan Whitaker & Ethel Lee Cook; w/o Ray Laurence Mercer)

(Messer, Infant Son, 1935-01 Sep 1935)
(s/o M/M Willie Messer)
(obit says buried here compiler could not locate)

Metts, Dewayne D. (Dorsey), 22 Aug 1937-30 May 2009
(s/o Dorsey Davis Metts & Mary Lucille Clark; h/o Mary Jane Edwards)

Metts, Mary Jane, 25 Jun 1939-19 Aug 2010
(d/o Rubin Edwards & Mary Jewell; w/o Dewayne Dorsey Metts)

Miller, Anna (Eliza) B., (Feb 1855)-24 Oct 1929
(d/o Susan Burnsed & David Molton; w/o James C. Miller)

Miller, Brenda L., (30 May)1959-(18 Feb)2003
(d/o Cecil E. Hazellief & Bonnie Ruth Holland-Herr; w/o Julian H. Durrance and James W. "Jim" Miller, Jr.)

Miller, Charles F. (Franklin), 11 Dec 1881-11 Sep 1940
(s/o James C. Miller & Annie Eliza Burnside)

Miller, Charles M. (Martin) (Sam), 26 Nov 1928-20 Nov 1986
(s/o Daulphus Dell Miller & Rosa Augusta Wilkinson)

Miller, Cinda (Cynthia), (1880)-(1900)
(d/o Jessie Valentine Malphurs, CSA & Rutha Davis; w/o Oscar Miller)

Miller, Dancy M. (Munroe), (02 Sep 1890)-(26 Apr 1918)
U.S. Navy
(Fm 3c, First Flagler County serviceman to die in WW I - natural causes)
(First American Legion Post formed in the county named in his honor)
(s/o James C. Miller & Annie Eliza Burnside)

Miller, Daulphus D. (Dell), (08 Dec)1898-(04 May)1972
( s/o James C. Miller & Annie Eliza Burnside; h/o Nellie B Mosby & Rosa Augusta Wilkinson)

Miller, Edmund L., 29 Nov 1876-14 Apr 1952
(h/o Mary Ann Treadwell )

(Miller, Edward Eugene, 01 Jun 1946-24 Apr 2002)
U.S. Army (65-71)
(s/o Raymond Miller & Marie Jean D'Arc Rivard; h/o Sheryl LNU)

Miller, Effie Maybell, 05 Jul 1891-19 May 1954
(d/o Arnold Lambert & Sarah Rebecca Wimer`; w/o James Joseph Miller)

Miller, Elzie, 1928-1934
(s/o George Mathew Miller & Francis Elizabeth Ayers)

Miller, Elizabeth (Lizzie), 19 Mar 1897-24 May 1982
(d/o John David Ayers & Mary Priscilla Clark; w/o John E. Davis & George Mathew Miller)

Miller, Etta B. (Etta Lukens Brown), 16 Aug 1880-29 Apr 1956
(d/o James Brown & Lavina Murray; w/o William H Miller)

Miller, Sr., George M. (Mathew), 17 Nov 1875-30 Jun 1972
(s/o James C Miller & Annie E Burnside; h/o Madeline Green & Francis Elizabeth Ayers)

Miller, Glenn J. (Joseph), (13 Mar)1914-(23 Aug)1974
(U.S. Navy diver, WW II)
( s/o James Joseph Miller & Effie Maybell Lambert; h/o Ruby Ruth Webster)
(Flagler Beach Mayor - diver at Marine Studios)

Miller, James C., (17 Jun 1848)-10 Dec 1929
(s/o Thomas Miller & Rachel Sears; h/o Annie Eliza Burnside)

Miller, James Joseph, 13 Dec 1877-15 Mar 1949
(s/o James C. Miller & Annie Eliza Burnside; h/o Effie Maybell Lambert)

Miller, Lloyd M. (Mathew), (17 Nov)1910-(20 Dec)1970
(s/o George M. Miller & Madeline Green)

Miller, Loretta (Elizabeth), 20 May 1906-29 Mar 1965
(d/o Dominick Compoli & Jennie Deaugeli; w/o Rufus Marvin Miller)

Miller, Mary Ann, 30 Sep 1881-04 Jul 1964
(nee: Treadwell; w/o Edmund L. Miller)

(Miller, Minerva, 15 Oct 1847-18 Dec 1920)
(d/o Geroge Kenyon & Anna Burge; w/o Thomas J. Ward & Augustus Miller, USA)
(obit says buried here, compiler unable to locate grave. In her will dated 02 Dec 1920 which is
on file at the Flagler County Historical Society in Bunnell, FL,
she requested that "my body may be taken to Marion County, State of
Illinois, and laid beside that of my Husband." )

Miller, Rosa A. (Augusta), (19 May)1902-(11 Nov)1990
(d/o Salatha Wilkinson & Minnie Knowles; w/o Daulphus Dell Miller)

Miller, Rufus M. (Marvin), (03 Jun)1907-(30 Nov)1979
U.S. Navy, WW II (CWO)
(s/o Lonnie T. Miller & Minnie Lee Teate; h/o Margaret M. (Maggie) Tidwell & Loretta Elizabeth Compoli) (Flagler Beach Commissioner, Flagler Beach Postmaster)

Miller, Ruth R. (Ruby), (05 Feb)1907-(14 Oct)1979
(d/o John H. Webster & Virginia Prosser; w/o Robert Brown Tomlinson, FNU Sturdivant & Glenn Joseph Miller)

(Millican, William Davis "Bill", 24 Mar 1943-19 Aug 2015)
(s/o John Edwardd Millican & Emily Campbell; h/o Linda Jean Cody)

Millwood, Annie Lee, 10 Jan 1903-12 Oct 1970
(d/o Simon P. Smith & Minnie L. Holey; w/o Raymond Lee Millwood)

Millwood, Raymond L.(Lee), 21 Jul 1906-22 Jan 1976
(s/o Belton Millwood & Maude Brown; h/o Annie Lee Smith)

(Minshew, John Wiley, (01 Jul)1925-28 Apr 1974)
(U.S. Navy Reserve, WW II)
(s/o Willis Minshew & Corine Fullwoodd; h/o Genece Boles & Patricia Clara Lane)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate)

Minshew, Patricia Lane "Granny Pat", 09 Jan 1937-05 Aug 2004
(d/o Norman Hobson Lane & Mable Poe; w/o Van Sanders, Donald Lee Nobles, & John Wiley Minshew)

Minton, Billy (William Edward), 24 Mar 1970-02 Jul 1988
(s/o Everett Luke Minton & Nora Evelyn Holllis)

Mizell, Johnnie (John A), (15 Jul 1909-03 Jul 1924)
(s/o Napoleon R. Mizell & Adaline Richardson)

Moody, Alvin, 22 Aug 1901-10 Nov 1902
(s/o Robert Moody & Martha Nancy Barber)

Moody, Bettie M., (30 Jul)1884-(13 Jul)1932
(d/o Leonard Miles & Polly Ann Mississippi Deen; w/o George Moody)

Moody, Daisy (Louie), 12 Dec 1928-09 Oct 1994
(d/o Louis McClellan Whitaker & Ethel Lee Cook; w/o Leonard Coveida Moody)

Moody, Dewey D., 04 Jun 1899-21 Sep 1964
(s/o Robert Moody & Martha Nancy Barber; h/o Murtice Richardson)
(Flagler CO Tax Assessor, 1932-1963)

Moody, Jr., Dewey D. 18 May 1922-18 May 1922
(Son of Dewey D. Moody & Murtice Richardson)

Moody, Dora Lee, (21 Mar)1881-(02 Jun)1959
(d/o Samuel J. Lee & Eliza Ann Roberts; w/o Issac I. Moody, Jr. & Max Joiner)

Moody, Earl, (03 Nov)1907-(07 Mar)1960
(s/o Robert Moody & Martha Nancy Barber; h/o Annie Mable Duckworth)

Moody, (Emma) Marie Kane, (20 Oct)1911-(12 Feb)1987
(d/o Robert Moody & Martha Nancy Barber; w/o Charles Melford "Chick" Miller,
James Elisha Maddox & James Donald Kane)

Moody, George, (10 Feb) 1879-(23 Oct)1967
(s/o Isaac I. Moody & Martha E. Miles; h/o Bettie Miles, Ella Fink & Julia Caraker)
( He was a member of the first town council of the City of Bunnell and was appointed to the county commission by Governor Sidney J Catts when Flagler CO was first established and served in that position until 1927; First Mayor of the City of Flagler Beach; Flagler CO State Representative, 1929, 1930)

Moody, George Miles, 20 Aug 1914-10 Apr 1994
( s/o George Moody & Bettie Miles; h/o Margaret Lillian (Peg) Perry, Barara Jean Arnett & Mable Virginia Patterson)

Moody, Iona "Nonnie," 11 Dec 1930-18 Aug 2009
(d/o Dewey D. Moody & Murtice Richardson)

Moody, ( Jr), Issac I., (27 Oct)1874-(18 Dec)1918
(s/o Isaac I. Moody & Martha Elmira Miles; h/o Dora Lee)
(First Postmaster of Bunnell; President, Board of County Commissioners, St Johns CO, 1912-1917,
President, Bunnell State Bank, 1913; First State Representative of Flagler CO, 1917-1918)
(State Road 11 between Bunnell and Flagler Beach, Florida, in Flagler County was named Moody Boulevard
in his memory by the State Legislature on May 16, 1949)

Moody, Juanita Elmira, 11 Oct 1926-03 Apr 1995
(d/o Dewey D. Moody & Murtice Richardson)

Moody, Leonard C. (Coveida), 13 Jun 1923-(27 Oct 2017)
(PFC, U.S. Army, WW II)
(s/o George Moody & Bettie Miles; h/o Daisy Louie Whitaker)

Moody, Lucille, (07 Jan 1913)1914-(03 Jan)1958
(d/o Robert Moody & Martha Nancy Barber)
( w/o William Harold Haley, Roy Austin Whitaker, Joseph Guess Smith & Miller R. Teters)

Moody, Mable Duckworth (Annie Mable), 26 Jan 1908-15 Feb 1953
(d/o Robert Lee Duckworth & Elizabeth Vickers; w/o FNU Coppedge & Earl Moody)

(Moody, Margaret, c-Nov 1905-25 Apr 1938)
(d/o of James Monroe Biddle & Eleanor M. Brown; w/o Oliver Lloyd Moody)
(obit says buried here, compiler unable to locate grave)

Moody, Minka Stella, 07 May 1914-17 May 1990
(d/o Theodore Skowronski & Stella Urban; w/o Frank Germack & Robert Moody, Jr.)

Moody, Murtice R., 06 Nov 1897-26 Aug 1977
(d/o Zeno Worth Richardson & Elizabeth Elmira Deen; w/o Dewey D. Moody)

Moody, Paul, 19 Nov 1903-02 Sep 1912
(s/o Robert Moody & Martha Nancy Barber)

Moody, Robert, 15 Sep 1876-21 Oct 1918
(s/o Isaac I. Moody & Martha E Miles; h/o Martha Nancy Barber)

Moody, Jr., Robert, 06 Feb 1916-24 Feb 1985
E3, U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o Robert Moody & Martha N. Barber; h/o Minka Stella Skrownski)

Moody, III, Robert, 17 Sep 1937-18 Sep 1978
MSgt, U.S. Army, Vietnam
(s/o Robert Moody & Minka Stella Skrownski; h/o Aida Elizabeth Perez)

Moody, Robert Worth, 11 Mar 1929-09 Oct 1929
(s/o Dewey D. Moody & Murtice Richardson)

Moore, Lottie M., 11 Aug 1909-25 May 1999
(d/o Charles Franklin Perkins & Elizabeth Warren; w/o Harry C. Miller & Millard Javan Moore)

Moore, Millard J. (Javan), 01 Dec 1908-19 Mar 1977
(s/o Virgil Wilson Moore & Harriet Isabella Campbell; h/o Margaret Davidson & Lottie M. Perkins )

Moore, Pascal H. (Herman), 17 Jul 1898-03 Oct 1988
(s/o Virgil Wilson Moore & Harriet Isabella Campbell)

Morris, Edgar Stuart, 10 Mar 1892(1893)-26 Oct 1970
(h/o Mary Virginia O’Neal)
(Bunnell City Commissioner)

Morris, (Mary Virginia) Verdie Cody, 11 Jun 1889-27 May 1983
(d/o William Franklin O’Neal & Philo Eloise Delegal; w/o Lawrence Sidney Cody & Edgar Stuart Morris)

Morrow, James R., 03 Mar 1962-30 Aug 2011
(s/o Dewey S. Morrow & Naomi LNU)

Morrow, Kenneth D. (Dean), 14 Aug 1960-02 Jan 2013
(s/o Dewey S. Morrow & Naomi LNU)

Mosby, Mariel (Muriel) M. (Marie), (03 May)1907-(10 Jun)1994
Married 23 May 1932
(d/o Charles E. Ranger & Laura Phelps; w/o Richard Randall Mosby)

Mosby, Minnie L. (Lenora), (17 Oct)1873-(31 Oct)1955
(d/o John Norman Davidson & Queen Eliza Kilgore; w/o Orville Clay Mosby)

Mosby, Orville Clay, (May 1870)1869-(03 Feb)1946
(s/o Jefferson D. Mosby & Mary Elizabeth Endicott; h/o Minnie L Davidson)

Mosby, Jr., Orville C. (Clay), 11 May 1909-12 Feb 1950
577 AAA AW BN CAC, WW II, Idaho
(s/o Orville Clay Mosby & Minnie L. Davidson)

Mosby, Richard R., (Randall/Dick), (20 Sep)1898-(04 Oct)1980
(s/o Orville Clay Mosby & Minnie L. Davidson; h/o Muriel Ranger)
(served as Flagler Beach City Judge for 8 years and Flagler Beach City Commissioner for 18 years)

Moss, Infant, (1971)-1971

Mowrey, Beverly (Regina), (06Jul)1957-(21 Mar)2013
(d/o Ralph Bennett & Velma Jacobs; w/o Donald Lee Mowrey)

Munyon, Lillian (Pearl), 20 Apr 1907-02 Oct 1999
Wife of Rev Ellis Munyon, mother of Warren, David & Kathryn
(d/o William Edwin Upton & Mary Frances Elbertine)

Murray, Emma H., (28 Dec)1906-(07 Jul)1983
(d/o Vandy Percival Halford & Carrie Amy Wilson; w/o Harry Hobson Murray)
(Flagler CO School Teacher, 39 years)

Murray, Harry H. (Hobson), (19 Jul 1898)1899-(08 Oct)1970
(s/o Jehu Jackson Styles Murray & Mary Eugenia Harbin; h/o Emma Halford)

Murray, James Hobson, 18 Jan 1962-21 Mar 1993
SRA (E-4) U.S.Air Force
(s/o James Remley Murray & Ruth Janice Peede; h/o Felicia Marie Carstenson)

Murray, J. R. (James Remley - Rem), 14 Apr 1928-16 Mar 2002
(s/o Harry Hobson Murray & Emma Halford; h/o Ruth Janice Peede)

Murray, (Ruth) Janice P., 20 Oct 1927-21 Aug 1996
(d/o Flurry Gilbert Peede & Belle Pearl Wicker; w/o James Remley Murray)

Murray, Vandy, (23 Nov 1957)-23 Nov 1957
Infant Son of Mr. & Mrs. Van Murray
(s/o Vandy Jackson Murray & Hazel Irene Synder)

Muzyka, C. H. (Charles Herman), 18 Sep 1931-19 May 1981
(U.S. Air Force Veteran)
(s/o Charles Konstantine Muzyka & Jessie Viola Bray; h/o Henri Hass)

Muzyka, C. K. (Charles Konstantine), 25 Sep 1887-08 Jun 1962
(h/o Jessie Viola Bray)

(Muzyka, Clairce Zena, 02 Oct 1926-11 Jun 2005)
(d/o Charles Konstantine Muzyka & Jessie Viola Bray)

Muzyka, Jessie V. (Viola), 12 Nov 1892-19 Jun 1964
(d/o William George Bray & Emaline Griffis; w/o Charles Konstantine Muzyka)

(Muzyka, Michael Paul,19 Oct 1968-18 Jan 2014)
(s/o Charles Herman Muzyka & Heneritta "Henri" Hass)

(Muzyka, Thelma Marie "Bo-Ray," 27 Dec 1927-14 Jan 2009)
(d/o Charles Konstantine Muzyka & Jessie Viola Bray)

Nelson, Caroline, (11 Jul)1876-(05 Aug)1959
(Nee: Thorpe; w/o John Ralston Nelson)

Nelson, John R. (Ralston), 1877-(20 May)1965
(s/o John Ralston Nelson &Agnes Dunlap; h/o Mary McIntyre, Edna Platt & Caroline Thorpe)

Newton, Elizabeth (Anne) D,, 24 Apr 1853-06 Oct 1945
(d/o John Downey & Margaret McGavin; w/o Henry Franklin Spracklin & John S. Newton)

Newton, John (S), 30 Sep 1852-07 Feb 1941
(s/o John Newton & Elizabeth Stone; h/o Ella E. Coudrun, Ada Averill & Elizabeth Anne Downey)

Niglio, Rose, (04 Sep) 1920-(18 Nov )1989
(d/o Jerry Niglio & Katie Serra)

Nilson, Arvid, (27 Sep)1897-(02 Jul)1960
(s/o Nils Nielsson & Maria LNU; 1st h/o Audrey Miriam Shamblen)

Nipper, Grace, (02 Nov)1905-(13 Apr)1982
(d/o James Harman Leachman & Sallie Gee; w/o Otis Nipper)

Nipper, Otis, (13 Jan)1909-(22 Nov)1994
(s/o Joseph Nipper & Braska Butts; h/o Grace Leachman)

Niven, Lota (Asilee) Holland, 08 Sep 1903-10 Jul 1960
(d/o Zachary Grantham Holland & Flora Maud Deen; w/o James Alfred McDowell & Joseph Littleton Niven)

Novick, Mary, (01 Sep)1910-(14 Jul)1979
(w/o Sam Novick)

Novick, Sam (Skippy), (22 Dec)1914-(14 Sep)1987
(U.S. Army - WW II)

(O’Brien, Allihden Christian, c-1928-15 Oct 1933)
(s/o FNU O’Brien & Beatrice Hankerson)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate)

Oddy, Baby Boy (Kenneth Frederick), (Nov 1966)-28 Nov 1966
(s/o Kenneth Frederick Oddy & Alice Faye Bass)

O’Dell, Frances, (03 Dec)1905-(21 Dec)1991
(d/o William H. Cochran & Lovetta Sheffield; w/o James Bruce O’Dell)

O’Dell, James B. (Bruce-Jim), (24 Jun)1905-(20 Dec)1951
(s/o James Patrick O'Dell & Agnes Scott; h/o Frances Cochran)

Okazaki, Elbridge K. (Kazuso), (26 Nov)1914-(13 Feb)1985
TSgt, U.S. Army, WW II

Olander, Edward H. (Henry Merrell), 19 Sep 1907-07 Oct 1973
PFC, U.S. Army, WW II, Missouri
(s/o Gustaf Adloph Olander & Emma Anna Jackson; h/o Subilla LNU)

Oliver, Celia Joyce Emery, 19 Jul 1940-15 May 1999
(d/o David Harold Emery & Virginia Grace Lord; w/o Lawrence L. Oliver)

Osteen, Lee A.(Leander Alexander), 30 May 1895-23 Apr 1965
(s/o John Fisher Osteen & Maggie M. Long; h/o Geneva Berryhill, Winifred Modenia Gray, & Sadie LNU)

Pache, Frank J (Joseph), 10 Feb 1924-12 Jan 1991
Sgt, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Zigmond Pache & Mary Beratha)

Pache, Leslie Z., (27 Apr)1915-(12 Jul) 2008
(U.S. Army, WW II)
(s/o Zigmond Pache & Mary Beratha; h/o Mary Benedek)

Pache, Mary B., (13 Sep)1899-(20 Feb)1979
Married 1914
(d/o Ferencz Berta & Erzsebet Molnar; w/o Zigmond Pache)

Pache, Mary B. , (10 Sep)1916-(02 Apr)1983
Wife of Leslie Z.
(d/o Nicholas Benedek & Sophia Nagy; w/o Leslie Z. Pache)

Pache, Zigmond, (13 Aug)1895-(16 Jan)1978
(h/o Mary Beratha)

Palmquist, Charles F. (Fredrick), 02 Feb 1851-12 Nov 1936
(s/o Johannes Magnusson & Helena Jonasdotter; h/o Clara Lily Solberg)

Palmquist, Clara Lily, 23 May 1885-19 Oct 1952
(d/ o Martin Solberg & Jenni Barskog; w/o Charles Fredrick Palmquist)

Palmquist, Earl V. (Vincent), 03 Mar 1919-(03 Jun 2013)
(s/o Charles Fredrick Palmquist & Clara Lily Solberg; h/o Smythie Lee Timmons & Marjorie Carolyn Holland)

Palmquist, Smythie Lee (Billie), 23 Feb 1922-08 Apr 1984
(d/o Joseph Franklin Timmons & Smythie Lee Simmons; w/o Earl V. Palmquist)

(Panchella, Anthony Roy, 27 Feb 1896-06 Apr 1979)
(U.S. Navy, Spanish American War)
(s/o Orazro Panchella & Angeline Dimatteo; h/o Rose Aubry Josaphouitch)
(obit says buried here; compiler could not locate grave)

Panchella, Rose (Aubry), (12 Oct)1909-(06 Dec)1994
(d/o Theodore Josaphouitch & Eva Simakwich; w/o Anthony Roy Panchella)

Parker, Francesca Dawn, 11 Jul 1988-28 Feb 2004
(d/o George Edward Parker III & Jean M. "Jena" Pillittieri)

Parker IV, George Edward, 29 May 1989-28 Feb 2004
(d/o George Edward Parker III & Jean M. "Jena" Pillittieri)

Patin, Eileen (Mae), 13 May 1937-06 Apr 1993
(d/o Adolph Jashinsky & Mable Grace Lentz; w/o William John Patin)

(Patrick, Alyce Joyce, 20 Oct 1925-12 Nov 2011)
(d/o Darius Harold Emery & Mabel Marie Wickblom; w/o Howard Willis &William Luther Patrick, Jr.)

(Patrick, Mark Luther, 16 Dec 1958-20 Dec 2011)
(s/o William Luther Patrick, Jr. & Alyce Joyce Emery)

Patrick, Pamla Joyce, 28 Nov 1946-12 Dec 1953
(d/o William Luther Patrick, Jr. & Alyce Joyce Emery)

Patrick, Jr., William Luther, 03 May 1919-18 Jun 1989
SSM, U.S. Army, WW II, South Pacific, MSgt, U.S. Air Force, Korea
(s/o William Luther Patrick & Annie Mae McMurrain; h/o Alyce Joyce Emery)

Peccarelli, Anne (Marie), 09 Jan 1964-30 Jul 2009
(d/o Thomas Kennedy & Jacqueline Velliux; w/o Thomas Anthony Peccarelli)

Pellicer, (James) Mack, 08 Dec 1947-03 May 2010
(s/o Joseph Brantley Pellicer & Naomi Olive Bennett; h/o Ruth Anne Faircloth & Wilma Jean Zokus)

Pellicer, Joseph B. (Brantley), 07 Sep 1923-01 Oct 1971
Tec 5, U.S. Army, WW II, Florida
(s/o Joseph Edward Pellicer & Martha Keziah (Mattie) Johnston; h/o Jacques DeRushia & Naomi Olive Bennett)

(Pellicer, Naomi, 11 May 1924-23 Nov 1997)
(d/o Herbert R, "Hub" Bennett & Gracie Oveda Yelvington)
(w/o John Carl Johnson, Joseph Brantley Pellicer & Harold Wallace Ham)

Pellicer, (Wilma) Jean S., 09 Oct 1944-26 Apr 2010
(d/o Edward Zokus & Anna Lois Smith; w/o James Mack Johnson Pellicer)

Perkins, Pepi, 08 May 1944-31 Dec 2011
(d/o Augustine Calvo & Esperanza Lopez; w/o Jo Perkins)

Perritt, John Daniel, (13 Dec)1907-(25 Sep)1981
MAM 3, U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o Josiah Henry Perritt & Nellie Bright, h/o Evelyn Mason & Ollie Arline Alexander)

Perritt, Ollie A. (Arline), 28 Dec 1915-22 Aug 1983
(d/o James D. Alexander & Amanda Clementine; w/o Archie Dee Anderson & John Daniel Perritt)

Peterson, Dean M. (Marquis) (Pete), (09 Oct)1920-(28 Apr)1977
(U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII)
(s/o Arnold Peter Peterson & Nellie M. Renshaw; h/o Etta Mae McCook)

Peterson, Etta M., (19 Jun)1925-(10 May)1991
(Alexander O. McCook & Ollie E. Rodgers; w/o Dean Marquis Peterson)

Pfalzgraf, Howard L. (Lockwood), 10 Dec 1920-15 Feb 1995
Sgt, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Howard G, Pfalzgraft & Helen M Lockwood; h/o Dorthea Frances Rollins)

Pitt, Vannie Blanche, (13 Oct)1880-(07 Dec)1970
(d/o Thomas Rinehart Shaw & Sarah Jane Lower; w/o Marcus Livingston "Mark" Pitt)

Polesnek, Elizabeth Mary, (19 Mar 1926-13 Mar 2003)
(d/o William Kurnot & Anna Savel; w/o Michael Polesnek)

Polesnek, Jr., Michael (Mike), 30 Mar 1949-(no date)
(s/o Michael Polesnek & Elizabeth Mary Kurnot; h/o Soyna Deniece Wimberly)

Polesnek, Soyna Deniece, 19 May 1959-(no date)
(d/o James Riley Wimberly & Constance Louise Cauley; w/o Michael Polesnek, Jr)

Polk, Wilfred H. (Hamilton), 18 Apr 1921-06 Jul 1990
(s/o Oliver P. Polk & Lela May Carter; h/o Ann Elizabeth (Betty) Raulerson & Joyce Marciella Durrance)

Pollitz, Carl (August)(Gus), 19 Dec 1960-16 May 1984
(s/o Carl Conrad Pollitz & Lucille Beat Lagan; h/o Carmen J. Missinne)

Polson, Alton L. (Lee), 03 Jan 1927-09 May 1965
U.S. Marine Corps, SSgt, U.S. Air Force, WW II, Korea, Vietnam
(s/o William A. Polson & Gertrude A. Thomas; h/o Wanda Skerski)

Pomeroy, Cora (Ellen), (25 Feb)1890-(05 Oct)1980
(d/o Conrad Runyon & Mary Polly Ann Lucas; w/o John Arthur Waugh & John Thomas Pomeroy)

Powell, Ida (McIntosh Allen), 17 May 1907-11 Nov 1992
(d/o George Elliott Allen & Ellen Louise McIntosh; w/o Robert Alves (Red) Powell)

Powell, Kitty W. (Kitty James Walbridge), 05 Sep 1865-04 Jan 1950
(d/o F. Randolph Walbridge & Ellen Frances Cassell; w/o Lazarus Whitehead Powell)

Powell, Robert A (Alves)(aka Red), 24 Aug 1898-18 Mar 1970
(s/o Lazarus Whitehead Powell & Kitty James Walbridge; h/o Ida McIntosh Allen)

(Powers, Jr., Bernard Joseph "Bernie," 03 Jun 1945-29 Mar 2017)
(s/o Bernard Joseph Powers & Mary LNU; h/o Floroence Santuoso)

Prather, Grady E., (09 Feb)1922-(03 Jun) 2009
(s/o James Grady Prather & Angeline Goss; h/o Margaret J. Pitt)

Prather, III, Grady (E), 1974-(no date)

Prather, Margaret (Jane) Pitt, (04 Mar)1925-(07 Sep)1996
(d/o Marcus Livingston Pitt & Vannie Blanche Shaw; w/o Grady E. Prather)

Price, Gladys M., 15 Apr 1926-(12 Aug 2016)
Married 04 Aug 1947
(w/o Maxwell Orin Price)

Price, Maxwell O. (Orin), 21 Dec 1920-18 Dec 2000
(s/o Morris Oley Price & Pearl Boyd Hager; w/o Gladys M. LNU)

(Prince, Lillian Irene, 26 Mar 1901-26 Sep 1933)
(d/o William Christopher Farnell & Malisa Jane Taylor; w/o Garland Dayton Prince)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate)

Pringle, Laura L. (Lorraine), (19 Jan)1914-(31 Jan)2010
(d/o Frank Leo Meade & Hattie Ann Cunningham; w/o Walter Clyde Pringle)

Pringle, Walter C. (Clyde), 24 Sep1917-28 Feb1993
Pvt, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Harry Bert Pringle & Martha Elizabeth Yelvington; h/o Laura Lorraine Meade)

Pringle, Walter Norris, (18 Feb)1952-(02 Aug)2002
(s/o Walter Clyde Pringle & Laura Lorraine Meade)

Profetto, Brandy Nicole, 12 Feb 1985-23 Aug 1997
(d/o Mark Anthony Profetto & Kimberly Ann Hamblin)

Purvis, Carey Elliott, 09 Jul 1916-04 Jan 1961
PFC, U.S. Marine Corps, WW II, Florida
( s/o James Thomas Purvis & Delilah Frances (Lila) Lloyd; h/o Evelyn Clements)

Purvis, Evelyn Clements, 22 Sep 1922-22 Nov 2003
(d/o Mark E. Clements & Susan Elizabeth (Lizzie) Mercer; w/o Gilbert Wilbert Johnson & Carey Elliott Purvis)

Rahme, Christy Lynn, 18 Aug 1978-26 Oct 2002
(d/o James Riley Lauremore & Janet Faye O'Neal; w/o John Carl Rahme)

Raulerson, Elizabeth, 27 Sep 1847-10 Aug 1917
(d/o George Motes & Hatty Kiekley Lang; w/o William T. Raulerson, CSA)

Raulerson, James, 1828-1911
Pvt, Co 13 Regt Fla Inf, CSA
(s/o Jacob B. Raulerson & Nancy Baggs; h/o Ruth Hull)
(The compiler believes that the James Raulerson buried here is James Fort Raulerson, 06 Jun 1821- 24 Oct 1898 (5th Battalion, FL Cavalry) and the dates listed above are for the James Franklin Raulerson, 1828-19 Mar 1911 (Co I, 3rd FL Infantry), h/o Lucretia Rewis buried in Evergreen Cemetery, St. Augustine, St. Johns CO, FL)
NOTE: His wife Ruth died while visiting her daughter Jane Harper in Seville and was buried there because
the Haw Creek area was flooded and the water was too high to transport her body to back to Espanola. Her tombstone there says "Ruth Raulerson, died Mar 22, 1900, A tender mother and a faithful friend"

Raulerson, M. (Matthew), (15 Oct 1838)-03 Dec 1894
(s/o Nimrod Raulerson & Sarah Dukes; w/o Millie Metts)

(Raulerson, Millie, 03 Apr 1841-13 Dec 1916)
(d/o Redding Metts; w/o Matthew Raulerson)
(said to be buried here, compiler could not locate)

Reed, Bill (William Henry), (04 Jun)1881-(27 Nov)1968
(h/o Fern Agnes "Fannie" Brynes)

Reed, Fern (Fannie Agnes), 1889-(10 Feb)1960
(w/o William Henry Reed)

(Reed, William, ???? -07 Feb 1919)
(h/o Mary LNU)
(Story in Flagler Tribune says buried here, compiler could not locate)

(Reigelsperger, Sally Jane, 14 Jul 1955-28 July 2008)
(see listing for Sally Jane Bowen for family information)

Reiner, Ethel L. (Luella), (05 Jul)1899-(01 Feb)1975
(d/o Sydney Charles Hughes & Mary Luella Aber; 1st w/o Milford Eugene Reiner)

Reiner, Evelyn W., (10 Nov)1907-(Nov)1991
(d/o Roscoe Delmar Chaffee & Mabel Evelyn Wilder; 2nd w/o Milford Eugene Reiner)

Reiner, Milford E. (Eugene), (21 Dec)1900-(24 Nov)1991
(s/o Frederick J. Reiner & Eva L. Wagner; h/o Ethel Luella Hughes)

Reynolds, Martha E., 1866-(19 Jan)1956
(Nee: Robinson; w/o William Victor Reynolds)

Reynolds, William C., (Bef 1900)-22 Jul 1914
(s/o William Victor Reynolds & Martha E. Robinson)

Reynolds, William V. (Victor), (c23 Jan)1861-(23 Aug)1937
(h/o Martha E. Robinson)
(He and his wife were very active in the affairs of St Johns Park and he was
chairman of the committee formed to improve the roads in the area
because of his experience in road work)

Rice, Audrey A. (Florence), (28 Jul)1924-(12 Jan)1977
(d/o Ray E. Allen & Minnie Elizabeth Barnett ; 1st w/o Earl Edward Rice)

Rice, Charles, (15 Apr)1904-(26 Jan)1974
(s/o John Rice)

Rice, Clara W., 1905-(16 Aug)1960
(d/o J Barney White and Ardella (Della) Pellicer; w/o John Charles Rice)

Rice, Danny Ray, 11 Sep 1948-05 Jan 1964
(s/o Earl Edward Rice & Audrey Florence Allen)

Rice, Earl E.(Edward), (18 Feb)1923-(04 Sep) 2005
(U.S. Navy, WW II)
(s/o Dan Rice & Jesse McCann; h/o Audrey Florence Allen & Opal Garratt)

Rice, John C. (Charles), (10 Aug)1905-(21 Apr)1987
(h/o Clara White & Myrtle Iva Gates)
(He served as a member of the Bunnell City Council and as Mayor of Bunnell)

Rice, Johnnie Mary S., 26 Feb 1928-02 Nov 1930
(d/o John Charles Rice & Clara White)

Rice, Myrtle (Iva) G., (19 Nov)1897-(08 Jul)1977
(d/o Gattis Tinsley Gates & Margaret Fleming Carson; w/o Arlen Wells Cockran & John Charles Rice)

(Rich, Gertude Lenore, 16 Feb 1876-05 Nov 1975)
(d/o Samuel T. Keen & Elizabeth Jane Young; w/o Fred Alonza Rich)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate grave; paid obit say buried Cedar Hill, Daytona Beach)

Richard, Linda, 10 Nov 1947-(no date)
(w/o L. G. “Rusty” Richard)

Richard, (Jr), Rusty (L G), 06 Jan 1957-10 Jan 2003
(s/o L. G. Richard & Maxine Husted, h/o Linda LNU)

Richardson, Barbara, 1962-2002

Richardson, Elizabeth E. (Elmira), (07 Jun)1868-(15 Jan)1947
(d/o Henry Deen & Nancy Miles; w/o Zeno Worth Richardson)

(Richardson, Thomas Turner, 14 Mar 1872-05 Feb 1946)
(s/o William Zeno Richardson & Martha Jane Wallace; h/o Alep Walker)
(NOTE - sometime after 1963 his remains were removed to Shady Rest Cemetery in Holly Hill, FL)

Richardson, Zeno W. (Worth), (18 Jul)1870-(07 Mar)1932
(s/o William Zeno Richardson & Martha Jane Wallace; h/o Elizabeth Elmira Deen)

Riddell, Charles (Arthur), (29 Sep)1887-(24 Sep)1974
(h/o Josephine L. Hartline & Susie Pauline Hetchel Sisco)

Riddell, Susie (Pauline) Sisco, (31 Jul)1873-(19 Mar)1970
(d/o Paul Hetchel & Margaret Epiauy; w/o Charles Edward Sisco & Charles Riddell)

(Ritchie, Robert Floyd, 1899-1899)
(s/o Horace Greely Ritchie & Julia Elizabeth Durrance)
(Norman Durrance Turner said he was buried here - unable to locate grave site)

Rivell, Jr., Frank L. (Lowden), 21 Nov 1927-16 Mar 1997
BTCS, U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o Frank Lowden Rivell & Hesper V. Clift; h/o Helen Elizabeth Woods)

Rivell, Helen (Elizabeth) W., 08 Oct 1928-25 Aug 2000
(d/o Lewis Woods & Addie Ezell Brooks; w/o Harvey Marion Hunter & Frank Lowden Rivell, Jr.)

(Roach, Mike (Michael) B., 12 Dec 1946-07 Jan 2014)
(h/o Marsha LNU)

Robbins, Ruth Eva, 05 Mar 1919-04 Dec 2008
(d/o Thomas Jefferson Hollland & Murlee Dowd; w/o Walter Clare Robbins)

Robbins, Walter C. (Clare), (12 Aug)1904-(07 Jul)1971
(s/o Starling Mahew Robbins & Anna Permelia Owens; h/o Ruth Eva Holland)

Robertson, Baby Girl, 19 Oct 1938-20 Oct 1938
(d/o Boyd Cordell Robertson & Marjorie Carolyn Holland)

Robertson, Boyd Cordell, 24 Dec 1917-19 Dec 1960
(s/o Oscar D. Robertson & Sarah Bertha Mercer; h/o Marjorie Carolyn Holland)

Robertson, Lloyd O. (Oscar), (27 Dec)1925-(13 Mar)2009
(U.S. Army, WW II)
(s/o Oscar D. Robertson & Sarah Bertha Mercer; h/o Edyth Rebbeca Williams)

Robertson, Marjorie (Carolyn) Holland, (13 Sep 1922-04 Aug 2009)
(d/o Zachary Grantham Holland & Flora Maud Deen; w/o Boyd Cordell Robertson & Earl V. Palmquist)

Robertson, Oscar D., 07 Mar 1890-31 Oct 1974
(s/o Pinkney Y. Robertson & Georgia Ann Conaway; h/o Sarah Bertha Mercer)

Robertson, Rex E. (Eugene), 03 Jul 1914-13 May 1955
(U.S. Navy, WW II)
(s/o Oscar D. Robertson & Sarah Bertha Mercer; h/o Miriam Jeanette Mahaffey)

Robertson, Sarah Bertha, 16 Apr 1888-17 Mar 1970
(d/o Saul Caraway Mercer & Queen Victoria Musselwhite; w/o Oscar D. Robertson)

Robertson, Twin Girls, Dec 1930-Dec 1930

Rodgers, Andrew C. (Clark), 06 Oct 1899-02 Sep 1973
(s/o John Benjamin Rodgers & Sarah Elizabeth Moone; h/o Carrie Pauline Johnson)
(Flagler CO Commissioner)

Rodgers, (Carrie) Pauline J., 15 Mar 1905-05 Nov 1989
(d/o Daniel Dempsey Johnson & Lulia L. Hackney; w/o Andrew Clark Rodgers)

Rodgers, Curtis Hoover, (19 Mar)1929-(14 Nov)1974
Cpl, U.S. Army, Korea
(s/o Andrew Clark (AC) Rodgers & Carrie Pauline Johnson; h/o Naomi June Hosford)

Rodgers, Geneva (Leah), (14 Jun)1913-(08 Jan)1978
(d/o James L. Ambrose & Lucy D. Pigg; w/o James Clifford (Buddy) Rodgers)

Rodgers, Kristie, (14 Mary 1968)-14 May 1968
(d/o John Mondelli Rodgers & Nancy Carol Chambers)

Rodgers, Naomi (June) Hosford, (24 Jul)1930-(20 Mar)1971
(d/o Gerald Jay Hosford & Naomi Taylor Brice; w/o Wilfred Hazel (Eliza) Hunter & Curtis Hoover Rodgers)

Rodgers, Patricia Germack, 12 Apr 1958-06 Aug 1993
(d/o Stanley Joseph Germack & Grete Rosenmueller; w/o Tom Bailey, Gavin Leonard King II & Jay Clark Rodgers)

Rodgers, Percy (Louis), (09 Nov) 1938-(28 Jan) 1939
(s/o James Clifford Rodgers & Geneva Leah Ambrose)

Rogers, Jimmie, 23 Sep 1955-23 Sep 1955

Ronald, Andrew, (28 Apr)1855-(18 Nov)1940
(s/o Robert Ronald & Helen Hamilton; h/o Mary Heatherington)

Root, Mary Ronald, 1865-(15 Jun)1952
(d/o Thomas Heatherington & Mary McVeney; w/o Andrew Ronald & Archer A. Root)

Royster, Bernice (Maria) Emery, 07 Sep 1909-19 Apr 1982
(d/o Darius Harold Emery & Mable Wickblom; w/o William Granville Royster)

Rucinski, Bronislaw, 15 Aug 1890-01 Jul 1956
Pvt, Btry B, 20 Field Arty, U.S. Army, WW I, Florida
(s/o Vycently Rucinski & Frances Maciejewski)

(Rucinski, Jan, 23 Oct 1888-27 Oct 1964)
(s/o Vycently Rucinski & Frances Maciejewski; h /o Maryia Pawlowski & Bernice LNU)
(obit says buried here on 30 Oct 1964, compiler could not locate)

Rucinski, Maryia (Mary), (23 Apr)1893-(20 Oct)1954
(d/o FNU Pawlowski; w/o Jan Rucinski)

Ruggles, Chester R., (22Jan)1908-(31 Jan)1994
(MSgt, U.S. Marine Corps)
(h/o Irma Tice, Millie Ann Conway & Mary Margaret Smithdeal)

Ruggles, M. Margaret, (15 Oct)1917-(09 Jul)1991
(d/o George Henry Smithdeal & Mattie Amelia Litaker; w/o Chester R. Ruggles)

Runyon, Ida, (15 Jan)1893-(18 Jul)1965
(d/o Conrad Runyon & Mary Polly Ann Lucas)

(Russell, Cathy, 07 Mar 2014-12 Oct 2014)

Russell, James H., 13 Jul 1950-20 Dec 1998

Sacco, Leo A. (Anthony), (23 Mar)1912-(14 Feb)1977
(h/oVivian Lanier)

Salter, Florence Edna, (26 Nov)1882-(20 Jun)1971
(d/o Samuel S. Harper & Ida Frances Lawrence; w/o Robert Henry Salter)

Salyerds, Annie (Agnes), (18 Dec)1894-(17 Dec)1991
(d/o Robert Hamilton & Margaret Wooden Heatherington; w/o Henry Salyerds)

Salyerds, Dorothy (Catherine) Stone, 20 Oct 1924-(29 Nov 2017)
Married 24 Aug 1943
(d/o Clarence Lester Stone & Eula Mae Cowart; w/o Thomas A. Salyerds)

Salyerds, Eleanore (Rebecca - Peggy) Pellicer, 20 Apr 1926-20 May 1982
(d/o Joseph Edward Pellicer & Martha Keziah (Mattie) Johnston; w/o James Henry Salyerds)

Salyerds, George, (29 Jun)1856-(19 Aug)1944
(s/o John Burgess Salyerds & Mary Esmend; h/o Josephine Zimmer)

Salyerds, Henry, (01 Sep)1891-(24 Jan)1977
(s/o George Salyerds & Josephine Zimmer; h/o Annie Agnes Hamilton)

Salyerds, James Henry (Jimmy), 29 Jul 1920-29 Jul 1981
(Sgt U.S. Army, WW II, U.S. Army Retired)
(s/o Henry Salyerds & Annie Agnes Hamilton; h/o Eleanor Rebecca Pellicer)

Salyerds, Josephine, (17 Mar)1859-(02 Nov)1949
(d/o Jacob Zimmer & Caroline Young; w/o George Salyerds)

Salyerds, Thomas A., 27 Sep 1922-24 May 1990
S1, U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o Henry Salyerds & Annie Agnes Hamilton; h/o Dorothy Catherine Stone)

Sammons, Edna M., (15 Feb)1912-(30 Jul) 1937
(d/o George Moody & Bettie Miles; w/o Elijah A Yelvington & John Benjamin Sammons)

Sanchez, Anthony Lee (Tony), 01 Jan 1969-07 Jun 1990

Sanders, Don V. (Vandiver), 03 Jan 1956-15 Nov 1999
(h/o Cherri Delaine Arnold & Deborah LNU)

Sanders, John D. (Dalton), 16 Dec (1899)1901-10 Oct 1974
Sea, U.S. Navy, WW I
(s/o William Jackson Sanders & Eliska Gertrude Green; h/o Lois Lucille Brown)
(Flagler Beach Bridge Tender)

Sarin, Edward, (13 Oct)1895-(20 Dec)1970

Saunders, William Micheal, 28 Jul 1948-10 Jul 1981
(s/o John W. Saunders & Lilyan LNU; h/o Laura Elaine Murray)

Savio, Eugene B. (Bertram), 17 Oct 1896-29 Mar 1951
PFC, U.S. Army, WW I
(s/o John Eugene Savio & Severine Bortelle; h/o Eunice Minnie Evans)

Sayers, Ethel T., 10 Apr 1879-08 Oct 1969
(d/o William Trevena & Kate Northey; w/o Henry Thomas Sayers)

Sayers, Henry T. (Thomas), 07 Jun 1870-26 May 1929
(h/o Ethel Y. Trevena)

Schmoll, Heather (Ann), (23 Jun 1976)1977-(Feb)1994
(d/o Kevin Ray Schmoll & Joan Marie Anderson)
News Story

Schultz, George A. (Alfred), 31 Jan 1943-(no date)(31 Jan 2007)
(h/o Patricia Mildred Riordan)

Schultz, Patricia M. (Mildred), 23 Jul 1940-04 Jun 1999
(d/o Henry Riordan & Mildred Horak; w/o FNU Sbriglia, FNU Auger & George Alfred Schultz)

(Schwendeman, Geraldine Louise, c-1927-28 Jun 1944)
(d/o Charles William Schwenderman & Sarah Louise Wells & step d/o Raymond Cidney Buckles)
(obit says buried here, compiler unable to locate grave)

Scott, P. H. (Patrick Henry), (Nov)1836-(Dec)1918
(s/o Fielding L. Scott & Juliann Herriott; h/o Ardelia Jane Gulick)

Scruggs, Jr., Rev. Raymond (M.), 11 Jul 1938-22 Jul 2013
(s/o Raymond M. Scruggs & Euzelia Earls)

SeDessie, Charles S. (Samuel), 22 Dec 1869-04 Mar 1954
(h/o Elizabeth B, Alger, Mary E. Conley & Susan Elizabeth (Lizzie) Mercer)

SeDessie, Susan E. (Elizabeth -Lizzie), 06 Jun 1897-12 May 1983
(d/o John Christopher Mercer & Nancy Celeta (Jennie) Deen; w/o Charles Samuel SeDessie)

Sedich II, Murray Edwin, 03 Apr 1984-07 Feb 2011
(s/o Murray Edwin Sedich & Lori LNU)

Senge, Emma, (21 Feb)1866-(17 May)1930
(d/o Paul Linke; w/o Laborius Lee Senge)

Senge, Laborius (Lee), (16 May 1857)1858-(02 Nov)1933)
(s/o Liborius Johann Senge & Theresia Ammer; h/o Emma Linke)

Shamblen, Arlidge E. (Elmer -Mike), (30 Dec)1890-(03 Apr)1965
(s/o Demarcus Lafayette Shamblen & Ida M. Casto; h/o Ida E. Milan)

Shamblen, Helen (Grace), (16 May)1898-(30 Oct)1980
(d/o William Warren Shea & Mary Elizabeth "Betsy" Reason; w/o Lafayette Rudye Shamblen)

Shamblen, L. (Lafayette) Rudye, (25 Jan)1895-(15 Apr)1969
(s/o Demarcus Lafayette Shamblen & Ida M. Casto; h/o Ida Mae Keen & Helen Grace Shea)

Shaw, Ellie B., (27 Oct)1907-(27 Nov)1966
(d/o Jeptha Dennis (Jep) Barber & Minnie Sweat; w/o George Connor Shaw, Jr)

Shaw, Jr., George Connor, 1910-(31 Aug)1954
(s/o George Connor Shaw & Rachel Jane Bradley; h/o Ellie Barber)

Shaw, Leland B. (Burdette), (26 Apr)1903-(10 Oct)1981
Colonel, U.S. Army, Retired
(former acting Flagler County Attorney)
(s/o Daniel Shaw & Margaret Walker; h/o Vena M. Gaskill & Millicent Irene Barrett)

Shaw, Millicent B., (13 Mar)1926-(16 Jun)1994
(d/o Daniel R. Barrett & Eva Dalton; w/o Leland Burdette Shaw)

Shea, Helen E., (21 May)1892-(02 Aug)1987
(w/o James H Shea)

Shea, James H., (09 Mar)1889-(22 Jan)1957
(William Warren Shea & Mary Elizabeth "Betsy" Reason; h/o Helen E. LNU)

Sheeler, Lester C. (Clair), 07 Jul 1906-25 Sep 1998
(s/o John Sheeler & Mirana M. Sheetz; h/o Mabel Etta Miller)

Sheeler, Mabel M., 09 Sep 1908-01 May 1966
(d/o William H. Miller & Etta Lukens Brown; w/o Lester Clair Sheeler)

Sheffield, Aubrey I. (Isom), 09 Dec 1924-28 Jul 1978
(Hosp Corpsman U.S. Navy, WW II)
(s/o John Issac Sheffield & Dizzie Cordelia Hill; h/o Effie Ann Mae Crews)

Sheffield, Clifton E. (Eugene/Cliff), 19 May 1931-28 Oct 1991
(s/o John Issac Sheffield and Dezzie Cordelia Hill; h/o Mary LNU & Debra L. Dowling)

Sheffield, Dezzie C. (Cordelia), (27 May)1901-(27 May)1985
(d/o Joel Jessie Hill & Lizzie Caldonia Easom; w/o John Isom Sheffield)

Sheffield, Effie C. (Anna Mae), 09 Oct 1924-07 Mar 2001
(d/o James Eustis Crews & Violet Era Mizell; w/o Porter Preston Higginbotham, Jr & Aubrey Isom Sheffield)

Sheffield, Hilda, 09 Jul 1923-11 Jul 2009
(d/o John Isom Sheffield & Dezzie Cordelia Hill)

Sheffield, John I. (Isom), (21 Nov)1901-(30 Jan)1971
(s/o Eugene Alfonzo Drew Sheffield & Nannie Leona Hays; h/o Dezzie Cordelia Hill)

Sheffield, Jr., John I. (Isom) (J.I.), 29 May 1935-13 Apr 1972
(s/o John Isom Sheffield & Dezzie Cordelia Hill; h/o Mary Jo Moore)

Sheffield, Jr., Louis S. (Scott), 05 Oct 1922-18 Aug 1972
S2, U.S. Navy Reserve, WW II, Florida
(s/o Louis Scott Sheffield & Gussie Elizabeth Drury; h/o Alma Case; her 2nd m to Sidney Pruett)

Shull, W. (William) J. B. (Banks), 1857-(23 Jan)1941
(s/o David Russell Shull & Sarah Ann Lovett; h/o Elizabeth Belle Peterson)

(Signor, Jacob, c1871-26 Dec 1921)
(s/o Jacob Isaac Signor & Rachel M. Thompson)

(Sink, Jody (Jodie Gail), 25 Aug 1974-26 Aug 1974)
(s/o William Nelson Sink & Judith Esther Shellenberger)

Sink, (William) Cody, 29 Jul 1976-27 Sep 1983
(s/o William Nelson Sink & Judith Esther Shellenberger)

Sink, (William Nelson) Bill, (26 Feb 1929)1926-(06 Jul)1988
(s/o Jessa "Jet" Sink & Kathryn L. Wilson; h/o Barbara L. King & Judith Esther Shellenberger)

Sisco, Charles E. (Edward), 29 Aug 1869-26 Feb 1933
(s/o John J. Sisco & Hannah Ryerson; h/o Susie Pauline Hetcel)
(He served as commissioner for the City of Bunnell and in 1926 was serving as Flagler County Commissioner when the Flagler County Court House was erected - his name is on the corner stone)

Skierski, Alma Thornburg, 15 Apr 1909-09 Mar 1967
Married 07 April 1926
(d/o William A. Thornburg & Nancy J. Poland; w/o Frank Leonard Skierski)

Skierski, Frank Leonard, 12 Apr 1906-29 Jun 1964
(s/o John "Joe" Skierski & Julia Menta; h/o Alma Thornburg)

Skly, Helen, (18 Sep)1877-(15 Jul)1968
(d/o George Kangles & Frances Karabelis)

Smith, Adaya Anne, (May 2008)- 09 May 2008
(d/o Scott Michael Smith & Melinda Jean Drew-Dixon)

Smith, Carolyn Elizabeth, (10 Aug 1923-22 Mar 1924)
(d/o Crozier Lamar Smith & Gladys Moody)

Smith, Charles T. (Tillman), 04 Mar 1870-11 Aug 1931
(U.S. Army, Spanish-American War)
(h/o Unknown & 2nd h/o Pear Edith Tanner)

Smith, Crozier Alexander, 06 Mar 1879-25 Jan 1921
(s/o William A. Smith & Emma Callie LNU: h/o Fannie Estelle Englett)

Smith, Fannie Estelle, 11 Dec 1880-24 Jul 1959
(d/o Samuel Englet & Ella LNU; w/o Crozier Alexander Smith)

Smith, Freda (Constance) White O’Brien, (15) Mar 1904-(17) Nov (1978)1979
(d/o Guy Walter White & Jessie Rose Eatman; w/o William O’Brien & Walter F. Smith)

Smith, J. F., 04 Apr 1875-11 May 1906

Smoak, Elliott A. (Allen) 15 May 1907-02 Jun 1948
(s/o John Siffly Smoak & Margaret Allen; h/o Lillian Victoria Cody)

Smythe, Elizabeth (Deacon) P., 16 Feb 1905-08 Feb 1994
(d/o Lazarus Whitehead Powell & Kitty James Walbridge; w/o Howard R. Kellie & Emil Antoine Smythe)

Smythe, Emil A. (Antoine), 27 Mar 1899-21 Jul 1966
(s/o Anton Schmautz & Adelhied Nuff; h/o Elizabeth Deacon Powell)
(Flagler CO Clerk of Court, 1961-Jul 1966)

Snyder, James C. (Clyde), 05 Dec 1940-15 Dec 2005
(s/o Samuel Clyde Snyder & Mary Jane Reisinger; h/o Mary Elizabeth Matthews)

Snyder, Mary E. (Elizabeth), 18 Apr 1946-(31 Jul 2013)
(d/o John Charles Mattews & Frances Aileen Dunson; w/o James Clyde Snyder)

Soderstjerna, Anna (Sofia), (03 Oct)1889-(05 Dec)1962
(Nee: Johannsen; w/o Carl Edvin Sodersljerna)

Songer, Anna, 1897-1916
(d/o Isaac N. Songer & Margaret Louise Jones)

Songer, Margaret L. (Louise), (10 Jun 1855)1853-(11 Aug)1923
(d/o H. A. Jones; w/o Daniel Coleman Fink, CSA & Isaac N Songer)

Soukup, Thomas F. (Frank), 20 Feb 1951-07 Oct 1993
(s/o John Wenceslaus Soukup & Marjorie C.LNU)

Sparkman, Ben O. (Benjamin Orman), 05 Jan 1914-30 May 1970
(Cpl, U.S. Army, WW II)
(s/o Thomas J Sparkman & Venzula Cara Smith; h/o Grace Leona Carter & Joyce Marcielle Durrance)

Sparkman, Flora D. (Floradel Mariea), 08 Dec 1910-04 Oct 1981
(d/o George Oliver Drawdy & Margaret Alice Garrett; w/o Steve Sparkman)

Sparkman, Steve (Stephen Guy), 05 Mar 1906-07 Aug 1982
(s/o Thomas J. Sparkman & Venzula Cara Smith; h/o Floradel Mariea (Flora Dell) Drawdy)

(Spaulding, Anna Kinney, 18 Jul 1939-no date)
(d/o Walton John Kinney & Grace Kathleen Davis; w/o Horace Arthur Spaulding, Jr.)

Spaulding, Wayne A. (Arthur) 07 Apr 1960-08 Apr 1960
(s/o Horace Arthur Spaulding, Jr & Anna Marie Kinney)

(Spiegelhalter, Robert J., 29 Aug 1968-04 Feb 2019)

Spivey, Agnes, -1939

Spivey, Charlotte J. (June), 17 Oct 1942-25 Jan 1997
(d/o Jessie Willard Spivey & Nina Lillian Durrance; w/o Jimmy Hays, Gary D, Hughes & FNU Vickers)

(Spivey, Ernest Willard, (15 Mar)1945-2015)
(s/o Jessie Willard Spivey & Nina Lillian Durrance; h/o Debra Sue King & Clyde Geneva Young)

(Spivey, Geneva Young, (21 Sep)1941-18 Jul 2012)
(w/o Delmer Ray Horton & Ernest Willard Spivey)

Spivey, (Jessie) Willard, 20 Dec1922-23 Aug 2003
(s/o Manning Spivey & Lillie Bell Kirkland; h/o Nina Lillian Durrance)

Spivey, (Joseph) Kenneth, 10 Oct 1951-30 Jul 1979
(s/o Willard Spivey & Nina Lillian Durrance; h/o Linda Lou Cunningham)

Spivey, Nina L. (Lillian), 15 Jul 1927-17 Nov 1998
(d/o John Ernest Durrance & Julia Ann Davis; w/o Jessie Willard Spivey)

Spivey, Nora Simmons, 14 Mar 1878-29 Apr 1916
Wife of R. D. Spivey, born in Appling CO, GA
(d/o James Simmons & Patience O'Quinn)

Stachurski, Bonnie Gail, 14 Oct 1967-14 Apr 1995
(d/o Edward James Stachurski & Rose Mary Persha)

Stachurski, Edward James, 15 Apr 1934-27 Sep 1993
(s/o Charles L. Stachurski and Mary Lenartowica; h/o Rose Mary Persha)

Stachurski, Gerald J. (Jerome), 06 Dec 1936-18 Apr 2007
(s/o Charles L. Stachurski and Mary Lenartowicz)

Stachurski, Rose Mary, 23 Nov 1934-14 Mar 1992
(d/o of Peter Persha & Anna Gregorich; w/o Edward James Stachurski)

Starkey, Gladys M., 30 Mar 1906-01 Jun 1973
(d/o Isaac I. Moody, Jr. & Dora Lee; w/o Crozier Lamar Smith, Augustus Philip Bryan & Carl Chester Starkey)

Stephens/Johnson, Margaret C. (Crile), (28 Sep)1907-(03 Aug)1997
(d/o Arthur M. Johnson & Virginia W. Murrill)
(on same tombstone as Sally Mae Stephens)

Stephens/Johnson, Sally M. (Mae), (04 Apr)1900-(11 Nov)1985
(d/o Curtis Vinson Stephens & Mary Ida Wilson)
(on same tombstone as Margaret C. Stephens/Johnson)

Stewart, Janet (Hall), (03 Jul)1925-(02 Dec)1977
(d/o McKinley Ross Hall & Bertha Mae Louden; w/o George William Stewart)

Stickney, Anna May, 08 May 1900-09 Jan 1974
(d/o John Louis Drummer & Elizabeth Susan Glenn; w/o Irvin Reed Ireland & Charles B. Stickney)

Stickney, Charles B (Batchelder), 29 Nov 1888-25 Apr 1972
SC1, U.S. Navy, WW I, Massachusetts
(s/o Frank Stickney & Serena Stephens Batchelder; h/o Anna May Drummer)

Stokes, Allie (Beatrice) C., (30 Jul)1900-(25 Sep)1995
(d/o William H. Cochran & Lovetta Sheffield; w/o Everett Otis Stokes)

Stokes, Everett O. (Otis), (29 May)1900-(01 Feb)1988
(s/o William Henry Stokes & Tokie Rosetta Barton; h/o Allie Cochran)

Story, Bertie Lou, 29 Jul 1910-26 Oct 1934
(d/o William McDonald Cauley & Bertha Maude Bennett; w/o Mordie H. Story)

Story, Murrell Reed, 25 May 1932-22 Nov 1945
(s/o Mordie H. Story and Bertie Lou Cauley)

Story, Thelma (Infant, no dates)

Stubbins, Theodore C. (Ceward), 03 Aug 1910-07 Aug 1960
(s/o Walter Ceward Stubbins & Anna L. McDevitt; h/o Margarite Daisy Smith)

Stuckey, (Admiral) Dewey, (11 Dec)1898-(04 Aug)1959
(s/o Pinkney Stuckey & Emma Jones; h/o Hazel Clifton)

Stuckey, Beatrice A. (Ann), 23 Jul 1944-10 Jan 1988
(d/o FNU Bowhall & Ella LNU; w/o FNU Palffy & Thomas Francis "Nick" Stuckey)

Stuckey, Hazel (Gladys) C., (17 Mar)1908- (15 Mar 1987)1988
(d/o James Harmon Clifton & Callie Jones; w/o William R. Leonard & Admiral Dewey Stuckey)

Stuckey, Lousie, 1902-1975

Sullivan, Helen B., (19 Jun)1898-(18 Mar)1982
(d/o William H. Bacher & Carrie May Sullivan; w/o William Corbett Sullivan)

Sullivan, W. (William) Corbett, (24 Jun) 1893-(02 May)1964
(s/o Calvin Wiley Sullivan & Louise Courson; h/o Helen Bracher)

(Tanner, David Ernest, 23 Apr 1892-05 Jan 1948)
(s/o David King Tanner & Rebecca Melissa Hawkins; h/o Ora Iona Peck)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate)

Taylor, Alex R. 07 Sep 1957-27 Sep 2011
(s/o Henry Edwin Taylor, Sr. & Rose Pryslopski)

Taylor, Brodas H. (Hamer), (26 Mar)1907-(11 Sep)1961
(s/o John William Tanner & Willie Boyd Hamer; h/o Vernice Howell & Louise A. Hunter)

Taylor, E. L. (Elmer Lewis, aka Buddy) (15 Aug)1942-(28 Aug)1991
(s/o Brodas Hamer Taylor & Louise A Hunter; h/o Carla Gay Tucker)
(Flagler CO Middle School Principal)
( Buddy Taylor Middle School in Flagler CO, FL is named in his memory)

Taylor, John Henry, (17 Feb)1913-(18 Apr)1968
(s/o Herbert John Taylor & Mabel Barber; h/o Norma Elva Wheaton)

Taylor, Louise A. (Florrie), (16 Oct)1906-(18 Oct)1992
(d/o FNU Hunter; w/o Brodas Hamer Taylor)

Terraciano, Andy "T." (Andrew George) , 23 Aug 1931-(24 Sep 2014)
(U.S. Navy)
(h/o Theresa A.Sefcik & Haroldine Bowden)

Terraciano, Haroldine Bowden King, 24 Aug 1932-13 Feb 2006
(d/o Harry Perry Bowden & Taudy Rebecca Cantrell; w/o Joseph Mack King & Andrew G. Terraciano)

Teters, Clarice, 1923-(06 Apr)1967
(d/o Millard Filmore Minchew & Bertha Clifton; w/o Ollie Hull & Miller R. Teters)

(Thomas, Dorothy Lee, c-1940-01 Jan 1955)
(d/o Willard Thomas and Mrs. Dean Decker)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate)

Thompson-Keller, A. (Almond) Huber, 1919-(05 Nov)1940
(s/o Almond Fred Thompson & Nancy Elizabeth "Bessie" Herring )
A (Almond) Fred, 1892-1946
Bessie H., 1897-1979
Frank (Franklin) T (Thomas), 1921-1985 (NY)
William R (Ray), (24 Aug)1925-(02 May)2005
Martha Ray (Martha Rae Keller), (23 Jun)1973-(23 Jun)1973
Charles G (George) (Keller), (05 Dec)1923-(16 May)1990
Ethelena L., (21 Feb)1930-(23 May)1994
(d/o A Fred Thompson & Bessie H; w/o Charles George Keller)
(Note: Names for the Thompson-Keller family listed as they appear on the rear of a single
tombstone. When Hubert died from being struck by an automobile in 1940, the family was living
on the Miller Farms in Bimini area)

(Thompson, Harmon J., c 1874-07 Nov 1933)
(s/o Robert Jordan Thompson & Louisiana A. Deen; h/o Mary J. "Mollie" Little)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate)

(Thompson, James M., Sep 1858-06 Feb 1942)
(British Army)
(s/o Andrew Thompson & Elizabeth LNU)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate)

Thompson, Virginia Emerson McKenzie, 08 May 1915-20 May 1985
(w/o Vincent Allen King, H. F. McDuffie & FNU McKenzie)
(buried in the Canakaris Family plot)

(Thompson, William Ray, 24 Aug 1925-02 May 2005)
U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o Almond Fred Thompon & Nancy Elizabeth (Bessie) Herring; h/o Shirley LNU)
(VA & obituary say buried here- compiler could not locate)

(Thornton, John W., 11 Jun 1887-03 Dec 1935)
(s/o William Thornton & Bedie Joiner; h/o Lucy Malinda Willis)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate)

Thurman, (Mahala) Catherine Prosser, 09 Oct 1849-07 Jul 1919
(d/o Joseph Prosser & Betsey Ellender Norvill; w/o Kethly Thurman)

Tidwell, Betty A. (Ann), (24 Mar)1931-(13 Oct)2012
(d/o Paul Orie Bonnette & Sally Hayden; w/o FNU Wallace & 2nd w/o William Hampton "Billy" Tidwell)

Tidwell, Edith (Gertrude) Waugh, (25 May)1912-(05 Mar)1999
(d/o John Arthur Waugh & Cora Ellen Runyon; w/o William Hampton "Billy" Tidwell)

Tidwell, Elizabeth N. (Lizzie), (29 Dec)1892-(04 Jan)1984
(Nee: Noblett; 2nd w/o William Jackson Tidwell)

Tidwell, James B (Brewer)(Pat), 27 Nov 1924-30 Jul 1986
Pvt, U.S. Marine Corps, WW II, Korea
(s/o William Arthur Tidwell & Laura Belle Brewer)

Tidwell, Laura Belle, (09 Feb)1899-(04 Apr)1980
(d/o William H. Brewer & Leila Estella Middleton; w/o William Arthur Tidwell)

Tidwell, William A. (Arthur) (06 Sep)1895-(22 Aug)1937
(s/o William J. Tidwell & Sally Ann Way; h/o Laura Belle Brewer)

Tidwell, William H. (Hampton)(Billy), 21 Aug 1921-11 Sep 2004
(U.S. Navy - WW II)
(s/o William A. Tidwell & Laura Belle Brewer; h/o Edith Gertrude Waugh & Betty Ann Bonnette)

Tidwell, William J. (Jackson), (09 Dec)1867-(17 May)1944
(s/o John J. Tidwell & Jane Dereaux; h/o Sally Ann Way & Elizabeth (Lizzie) Noblett)

Tillman, Ruby Mae, (10 May)1899-(01 Mar)1981
(d/o George Oliver Drawdy & Mary Alice "Maggie" Garrett; w/o E L Tillman)

Tilton, Jaylin Marlis, (01 May) 1995-(24 Sep) 2015
(d/o Samuel Johnson Tilton III & Elaine Marie Plumley)

Todd, (Henry) Eugene, 19 Sep 1939-08 Sep 1956
(s/o Henry J. Todd & Sallie E Morgan)

Tonkin, Charles, (7 Sep)1885-(03 Dec)1967
(s/o Joseph Tonkin & Sarah Anna Carter; h/o Viola Clara Englehart)

Tonkin, Viola (Clara), (06 Jan)1905-(03 Jun 2000)
(d/o Frank Englehart & Magdelena Steurer; w/o Charles Tonkin & Augustus High Dewalt)

Townsend, Joyce (Jurlene), 05 Oct 1928-18 Jan 2016
(d/o George Bunyan "GB" Kelly & Vera V. Sadler; w/o Francis Clifton Cole & Fulton McKinney Townsend)

Townsend, Shirley Ann, 13 Aug 1949-07 Sep 2015
(d/o Fulton McKinney Townsend, Jr., & Joyce Jurlene Kelly; w/o James William Langford)

(Trivett, Hester, (21 Apr)1914-(Aug)1966)
(d/o Henry Gilbert Pitman & Margarett Melvina Turbyfield; w/o Ernest Wayne Trivett)

(Trivett, Wayne, (01 Apr)1914-12 Dec)1998)
(s/o James Samuel Trivett & Eliza Alma Holtsclaw; h/o Hester Pitman)

Troino, Aida, 12 Sep 1925-08 Mar 2005
(d/o Albert Mion & Clara Maries; w/o Emil Peccarelli & Gerard AnthonyTroino)

Troino, Gerald (Anthony), 31 Jan 1921-12 Feb 2003
marrried 07 Apr 1984
(U.S. Navy - WW II)
(s/o Tony Troino & Philomena Cavlier; h/o Aida Mion)

Tuccio, Philip (Charles), 18 Dec 1908-12 May 1993
(s/o Carmelo Tuccio & Josephine LNU; h/o Virginia Rose Fucci)

(Tuccio, Philip C., 27 Jan 1934-24 Apr 2019)
(s/o Philip Charles Tuccio & Virginia Rose Fucci; h/o Romona Flores & Janice Louise Shol)

Tuccio, Virginia Rose , 06 Apr 1913-27 Mar 1989
(d/o James Fucci & Angelina Caramanca; w/o Philip Charles Tuccio)

Tucker, Albert Willard, 04 Feb 1918-17 Mar 1991
(s/o John Richard Tucker & Dora Mae Maxwell; h/o Annabelle Elizabeth Sanderson)
(Compiler's Scoutmaster)

Tucker, Alfred R., 05 Dec 1919-06 Jul 1993
TSgt, U.S. Army Air Corps, WW II
(s/o Andrew Franklin "Drew" Tucker & Elizabeth O. "Lizzie" Simmons; h/o Mary Blackwell)
(Flagler CO Commissioner, 1953)

Tucker, Annabelle E. (Elizabeth). 14 Feb 1922-09 Aug 1991
(d/o Clarence Sanderson & Cora L. Thompson; w/o Albert Willard Tucker)

Tucker, Doris S. (Carolyn), 01 Jun 1929-19 Mar 2011
(d/o Julius Eugene Sizemore & Lucy Griffin; w/o Leslie Martin Tucker)

Tucker, Evelyn A., 17 Jul 1921-09 Jul 2001
Married Dec 1949
(d/o Judge Roland Adkins & Elsie I.Padgett; w/o Nola Griffis, Jr., Delbert C. Pixley & Kenneth L. (Dink) Tucker)

Tucker, (Helen) Marie, 08 Oct 1933-06 May 1986
(d/o Kenneth L. Tucker & Anna Belle Williams; w/o Joseph Salvatore Montana)

Tucker, James F., (15 Aug)1937-(27 Aug)1987
(s/o James Grady Tucker & Olie Mae Golf; h/o Judith Rebecca Leonard)

Tucker, Judith Rebecca, 15 Jul 1937-30 Dec 2003
(d/o Percy Gray Leonard & Myrtle M Hill; w/o Orville Reed Decker & James Frankie Tucker)
(First Female Road Deputy, Flagler CO Sheriff's Office)

Tucker, Kenneth L (Leamon)(Dink), 11 Nov 1911-29 Sep 1990
(s/o Andrew Franklin Tucker & Elizabeth O. Simmons; h/o Anna Belle Williams & Evelyn Adkins)

Tucker, Leslie M. (Martin), 08 May 1927-13 May 2013
(s/o Andrew Franklin Tucker & Elizabeth Orilla Simmons; h/o Doris Carolyn Sizemore)

Tucker, Mary B. (Lois), 24 Aug 1923-14 Mar 1999
Married Jul 1945
(d/o Claude Elbert Blackwell & Minerva Elizabeth McDavid; w/o Alfred Robert Tucker)

(Turner, Omar W., c 1902-06 Dec 1936)
(s/o William Henry (Bud) Turner)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate)

Tweed, James M. (Mullen), (26 Feb)1888-(30 Dec)1958
(h/o Nellie Mae Ronald)

Tweed, Nellie Mae, (30 Dec)1889-(31 Jul)1970
(d/o Andrew Ronald & Mary Heatherington; w/o James Mullen Tweed)

Tweed, Robert M. (Mullen), (05 Dec)1910-(21 Mar)1961
(s/o James Mullen Tweed & Nellie Mae Ronald)

Tyner, Mary A., 07 May 1864-27 Mar 1927
(d/o William Zeno Richardson & Martha Jane Wallace; w/o of Junior A. Tyner)

(Uhlhorn, Adolph, Oct 1853-19 Jun 1926)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate)

Varn, Claude Grady, 24 Aug 1890-05 Jan 1979
(s/o Frederick Newton Varn & Mary Louise Seward; h/o Majorie A. Boore & Mary Belle Barber)
(First attorney for City of Bunnell, 1917; attorney for Florida East Coast Railway, 1917; attorney for Flagler CO Board of Commissioners, 1917-1922; President, Bunnell State Bank, 1917-1922; President, St Johns County Bridge Company; President, Flagler CO Land and Improvement CO, 1922; Trustee, Burt Fish Testamentary Trust which owned and operated the Fish Memorial Hospital, DeLand, 1948-1979)

Varn, Marjorie A.(Amelia), 22 May 1895-31 Jul 1929
(d/o William Henry Boor & Cora A. Kinney; w/o Claude Grady Varn)

Varn, Marjorie Amelia (Peggy), 19 Jul 1916-10 Aug 1917
(d/o Claude G. Varn & Marjorie A. Boore)

Varn, Mary Belle, 04 Apr 1902-02 Apr 1986
(d/o Jeptha Dennis (Jep) Barber & Minnie Sweat; w/o Claude Grady Varn)

(Vicknair, Katie, 10 Aug 1915-15 Jan 2012)
(d/o George Mathew Miller & Madeline Green; w/o FNU Vicknair)

Vigliaturo, Jewell Mae, 27 Mar 1926-02 Oct 2001
(d/o Judge Roland Adkins & Elsie I. Padgett; w/o Vincent James Vigliaturo)

Vigliaturo, Michael J. (Joseph-Mike), 11 Dec 1946-29 Aug 2006
(s/o Vincent J. Vigliaturo & Jewell Mae; h/o Patricia Mae "Pat" Bross)

Vigliaturo, Michael J. (Joseph), Jr., 15 Jun 1967-10 Mar 2005
(s/o Michael Joseph Vigliaturo)

Villanueva, Melanie D. (Denise)(nee: Painter), 20 Oct 1972-05 Mar 2006

Vinson, Ida E. (Ethnelle), (20 Aug)1892-(08 May)1957
(d/o Joseph Worrell & Esther C.Davis; w/o James William Vinson)

Vinson, James W. (William), (18 Mar)1887-(04 Aug)1954
(s/o Johnny Grandberry Vinson & Artie M. Burnham; h/o Ida Ethnelle Worrell)

Vinson, Nina (V), (02 Jul)1927-(01 Jun)2001
(d/o James W. Vinson & Ida Ethnelle Worrell)

Volpe, Ann C. (Caraline)(Dixie), 12 Apr 1920-31 Aug 2004
(d/o Walter W.Melton & Josephine Assia; w/o Carmine Peter Volpe)

Volpe, Carmine P. (Peter)(Sonny), 09 Jul 1920-29 Nov 2007
(s/o Angelo Volpe & Angelina Antonelli; h/o Ann Caraline Melton)

Wagner, Albert, (11 Mar)1913-(29 Apr)1979
(h/o Mabel Lucille Rice)

Wagner, Mabel L. (Lucille), (09 Jan)1915-(08 Aug 2002)
(d/o Dan Rice & Jesse McCann; w/o Albert Wagner)

Walker, Ammon A. (Athley), (03 Dec)1878-(19 Dec)1951
(s/o Fleming Uriah Walker & Slettie Ammons; h/o Daisy L. Reddick)
(Bunnell City Commission, 1928-1944, Mayor of Bunnell 1944-1951)

Walker, Daisy R., (14 May)1883-(16 Sep)1967
(d/o James Everett Reddick & Nancy R. Miller; w/o Ammon Athley Walker)

Walker, Dora Vickery, 26 Nov 1916-02 Apr 2011
(d/o James Richard Vickery & Zora Oleve Joiner; w/o Gordon Lee "Jinks" Walker)

Walker, Gordon Lee (Jinks), 20 Apr 1914-21 Mar 1986
(s/o Ammon Athley Walker & Daisy L Reddick; h/o Dora Vickery)

Walker, Joseph Charles, 28 Apr 1909-19 Dec 1964
Pvt, U.S. Army Air Corps, WW II, Florida
(s/o Ammon Athley Walker & Daisy L. Reddick)

Walker, M. (Marion) Lucille, (15 Dec)1907-(22 Jul)1969
(d/o Ammon Athley Walker & Daisy L Reddick)

Wall, Sondra Deen, 06 Nov 1939-12 Sep 2005
(d/o Robert Wallace Deen & Helen Lucile Cody; w/o Charlton Daniel Wall)

Walls, Charlie M., 08 Dec 1906-18 Dec 1998

(Walter, Daisy Thelma, 10 Nov 1904-11 Oct 1986)
(d/o James Emmett Deen & Daisy Padgett; w/o James Stewart Bray, Hoke Suited Proctor &
Clayton Stevenson Walter)
(unmarked, buried at the head of James F. Mercer, grave)

Warman, Julia, (16 Sep)1910-(06 Dec)1995
(d/o Charles Syms & Maude Ethel Lewis; wife of Marcellus LaFayette Warman)

Warman, Marcell LaFayette, (19 Aug)1911-(04 Mar)1983
F1, U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o Walter Warman & Ida Eva Malott; h/o Julian Lucille Syms)

Wasner, John R., (14 Feb)1895-(18 Sep)1928
(s/o George Wasner & Ruth Rice)

Watkins, B. Ruth, 28 Apr 1892-15 Jun 1969
(nee: Clark; w/o Herber HarrisonWatkins)

Watkins, Harriet P.,(16 Feb)1905-(03 Jan)1993
(d/o Lazarus Whitehead Powell & Kitty James Walbridge; w/o Henry Carlyle Watkins)

Watkins, Maggie (Margaret R), (Dec)1855-(03 Jan)1939
(d/o Worth Zeno Richardson & Martha Jane Wallace;
w/o Elias Still Ray, CSA, FNU West & FNU Watkins)

Watson, Marilyn (C.), (23 Aug)1932-(05 Jan)2011

Waugh, Frank L. (Lionel), 31 Jul 1919-02 Jan 2003
U.S. Army Air Corps, WW II, Purple Heart
(s/o John Arthur Waugh & Cora Ellen Runyon)

(Way, Harvey Leroy, 06 Feb 1945-05 Feb 2016)
(s/o William Byron Way & Janet Elmira Loomis; h/o Carol LNU)

Way, Janet L. (Elmira), 21 Aug 1917-15 Aug 2002
(d/o Augustus A. Loomis & Marie Elsie Henretta Heinsohn; w/o William Byron (Bill) Way)

Way, Jessie B., (11 Jul)1887-(22 Dec)1966
(d/o Byron James Bristol & Caroline May Brisbin; w/o William H. Way)

Way, Roy W. (William), 13 Jul 1935-05 Apr 1989
(s/o William Way & Janet Elmira Loomis)

Way, William H., 23 Dec 1879-14 Jan 1954
(s/o William Henry Way & Ethalinda Catherine Reed; h/o Jessie Bristol)

Webb, Malcolm R. (Rodney), 04 Feb 1914-25 Apr 2004
(s/o Edward Bruce Webb & Florice Celina Trowbridge; h/o Susie Pearl Lawrence)

Webb, Susie P. (Pearl), 26 Aug 1918-21 Feb 2006
(d/o James H. Lawrence & Laurie A.Johnson; w/o/ Malcolm Rodney Webb)

Wells, (William) Henry, (07 Feb)1890-(22 Dec)1967
(s/o Thomas Durward Wells & Ola Trammell; h/o Louella (Luke) Hamilton)
(Flagler CO Sheriff, 1941-1953)

(Wells, Ida Norine, 04 Feb1913-31 Mar 1971)
(d/o Arlidge Elmer (Mike) Shamblen & Ida E. Milan; w/o Eugene Ernest Brannan & Ray Kenneth Wells)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate)

Wells, Louella (Luke), (11 Jul)1894-(25 Mar)1972
(d/o William Adden Hamilton & Sarah Camilla Ogden; w/o William Henry Wells)

Wendlandt, Dorothy A. (Arabell), (07 Mar)1921-(20 Dec)1973
(d/o C. Harold Johnston & Leona; w/o Charles E. Wendlandt)

Wesley, Jr., John C. (Charles/Jack), 10 Nov 1941-16 Nov 1998
(s/o John Charles Wesley & Alice Harret Robertson)

(Wesley, III., John Charles, 20 Mar 1963-09 Aug 1981)
(s/o John Charles Wesley, Jr)
(said to be buried here, compiler could not locate)

West, Agnes A. (Alma), 10 Apr 1911-(13 Apr 1989)
(d/o Daniel Boone Raulerson & Loveda Magnolia Johns; w/o Waldo William West)

West, Alfred L., (15 Apr)1882-(13 Sep)1956
(s/o Robert Charles West & Emma Kate Wright; h/o Lily George Davis)
(engineer of the "Dummy" train that hauled logs to the sawmill at Omega)

West, John Lott, 28 Jan 1898-16 Feb 1976
CMM, U.S. Navy, WW I & WW II
(s/o Robert Charles West & Emma Kate Wright; h/o Ruby Jewell Johnson)

West, Lawrence Waldo (Buddy), (13 Jul)1930-(15 Sep)1981
PFC, U.S. Army, Korea
(s/o Waldo W. West & Agnes A. Raulerson; h/o Betty Jean Hunter & Eleanor Marie Moody)

West, Lillie G., (George), (17 Dec)1883-(02 Sep)1957
(d/o Mathew (Mack) Davis & Frances F. (Fannie) Burnsed; w/o Alfred West)

West, Ruby J., (01 Apr)1913-(06 Dec 1982)
(w/o John Lott West)

West, Waldo W. (William), 21 Dec 1906-29 Dec 1965
(s/o Thomas Jesse West & Nellar Cobb; h/o Alma Agnes Raulerson)
(woodland supervisor of more than 22,000 acres of woodland in Flagler CO owned by
the Owen-Illinois Company, 1945-1965)

Whetstone, Ethel, (31 Jan)1887-(24 Jul)1972
(w/o William Harry Whetstone)

Whetstone, William H. (Harry), (14 Dec)1886-(23 Jun)1984
(s/o John Whetstone & Ann Elizabeth Sharp; h/o Ethel LNU)

Whitacre, Lawrence (Edward), (06 Dec)1958-(21 May)1999

Whitaker, Elvin E. (Erastus), (21 Nov 1903)1904-(15 Jul)1983
(s/o James Thomas Whitaker & Mary Jane Deer)
Pvt, U.S. Army, WW II

Whitaker, Ethel L. (Lee), (25 Mar)1905-(16 Sep 2003)
(d/o Samuel F. Cook & Daisy Lee Anglin; w/o Louie McClellan Whitaker)

Whitaker, Henry R. (Ross), 17 Jan 1890-19 Jun 1951
(s/o Elbert Davis Whitaker & Martha Ann Martin; h/o Ressie Hicks)
(Deputy Sheriff, Houston CO, AL, Chief of Police, Bunnell, FL, 1927-1928)

Whitaker, Infant Son, 1933-1933
(s/o Louie McClellan Whitaker & Ethel Lee Cook)

Whitaker, James T, (Terrell, "JT"), 21 Mar 1915-09 Aug 2009
Cpl U.S. Army Air Corps, WW II
(s/o James Harrison Whitaker & Emma Smith; h/o Lovetta Gravitt)

(Whitaker, James Thomas, 16 Apr 1935-16 Dec 2004)
(s/o Walter Jesse Whitaker & Charlotte Evelyn Clover; h/o Barbara Ann De Suza)
(U.S. Marine Corps)

(Whitaker, James Tyrone, 26 Nov 1961-01 Aug 2018)
(s/o James Terrell Whitaker & Lovetta Gravitt; h/o Sandra Shiflett)

Whitaker, Louie M. (McClellan), (Apr)1898-(29 Dec)1965
(s/o James D. Whitaker & Jennie R. Brown; h/o Ethel Lee Cook)

Whitaker, Lovetta G., 19 Jan 1926-(13 Feb 2012)
(d/o Rev. Garling G. Gravitt & Harriet E. Nixon; James Terrell Whitaker)

Whitaker, Nancy (Jo), (14 Nov)1936-(19 Nov)1936
(d/o Louis McClellan Whitaker & Ethel Lee Cook)

Whitaker, Ressie H. , 1892-(25 Aug)1960
(d/o John Thaddis Hicks & Sara Ida Rhodes; w/o Henry Ross Whitaker)

Whitaker, Roy A.(Austin), (c26 Jun)1909-(15 Mar)1937
(s/o Henry Ross Whitaker & Ressie Hicks)

White, Della (Ardella) P., 20 Sep 1876-03 May 1947
(d/o Paul Franklin Pellicer & Rebecca Youngblood; w/o J. Barney White)

White, Ethel L. (Leona), (15 Jan)1892-(16 Dec)1987
(d/o Albert Scott Martin & Mary Matilda Bell; w/o Jasper Henry White)

White, Fred F. (Frederick Folks), 1910-(27 Nov)1967
(s/o J. Barney White & Ardella Pellicer; h/o Evelyn A. Fowler)

White, Gene C. (Clinton), 25 May 1943-13 Jun 2005
(s/o Isom Sam White & Edna Eudelle McLaughlin; h/o Karen Kay Howell & Denise Elaine Turner)

White, Guy W. (Walter), (Jul 1876)1877-05 Mar 1911
(s/o John H. White & Hattie L. Head; h/o Jessie Rose Eatman)
(He was the first St Johns County Deputy Sheriff to be killed in the line of duty)

White, Hattie L., 1847-08 May 1895
(d/o David Baldwin Head & Harriet Pearson; w/o John H. White)

White, J. Barney, 3 Jan 1874-10 Dec 1935
(s/o Simon Peter White & Aleph Olivia Griffis; h/o Ardella (Della) Pellicer)

(White, Janice P. (Patricia), 29 Mar 1946-07 Aug 2012)
(d/o Carl S. Crow & Geneice G. Johnson; w/o John Grady White)

White, Jasper H. (Henry), (02 Oct)1886-(15 Jul)1968
(s/o James Wilton White & Melissa Emaline Roberts; h/o Ethel Leona Martin)

(White, J. [Jasper] Kenneth, 25 Oct 1910-24 Jul 1994)
(s/o Jasper Henry White & Ethel Leona Martin)

White, John G. (Grady), 10 Apr 1933-28 Nov 2009
(U.S. Army - Korea)
(s/o Laura Lorain "Doc" White & Nancy Elizabeth Roberts; h/o Janice Patricia Crow)

(White, Julia A., ????-22 Oct 1916)
(nee: Gates; w/o Robert White)
(probate records say buried here, compiler could not locate grave)

White, Mike, 1955-(no date)

(White, Robert, ????-10 Oct 1915)
(h/o Julia A. Gates)
(probate records say buried here, compiler could not locate grave)

White, Spencer P. (Paul), 05 Apr 1913-04 Nov 1984
(s/o J. Barney White & Ardella Pellicer; h/o Evelyn Ruby Burnsed & Tikle (Tillie) Siezkowski)

Whitesides, Joseph L. (Lagare), (09 Dec)1908-(24 Sep)1997
SSgt, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Daniel L.Whitesides & Emma Strain Legare; h/o Hazel LNU, Martha Easom & Nadean C. LNU)

Whitesides, Nadean C., (16 Nov)1925-
Wife of Joseph L. Whitesides, m 29 Jun 1968

Whitney, Kenneth L.(Leon), 13 Nov 1903-04 Feb 1975
(s/o William Jacob Whitney & Cora May White; h/o Mabel D 'Mae' Fagersten)

Whitney, Mabel D., 28 May 1919-09 Mar 1989
(d/o David Henry Fagersten & Helga Antoinetta Mathisen; w/o Kenneth Leon Whitney)

Whitton, T. F. (Terrill Fleming), (03 Jul 1880-19 Aug 1925)
(h/o Pearl Edith Tanner)

(Wilcox, Dan Allen, 06 Feb 1940-28 Nov 2016)
(s/o Claudis Troy Wilcox & Margaret Isabelle Yoho; h/o Juna Lewis Hoover)

Wilder, Scott Thomas, 20 Jun 1950-18 Mar 2002
U.S. Army, Vietnam
(s/o Thomas Sorges Wilder & Lotus J. Pregont; h/o Mary L. Colston)

(Wilder, Thomas Sorges- 01 Aug 1918-03 Mar 1973)
(U.S. Army, WW II)
(h/o Lotus J. Pregont)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate)

Wilkes, Bertha (Irene) Bordner, (23 Sep 1897)1896-(19 Dec)1986
(d/o Nelson Howard Heise & Mary Van Gundy)
(w/o Lewis Edward Durant, Jr.,Ira Levi Bordner & Henry L. Wilkes)

Williams, Alice C. (Cecila), (29 May)1919-(05 Nov)1991
(d/o Charles McCabe & Catherine McClure; w/o Robert Joseph Williams)

(Williams, Henry Richard, 04 Jul 1877-11 Oct 1932)
(s/o John J. Williams & Mary Simms; h/o Grace E. Simms & Sadie LNU)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate)

Williams, Robert J. (Joseph), (18 Dec)1914-(09 Jun)1975
(s/o George Williams & Mary DeMars; h/o Alice Cecilia McCabe)

(Williams, Sally French, c 1894-22 Mar 1933)
(w/o Jack Williams)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate)

Williams, Walter Francis, 14 May 1918-12 Aug 1992
Sgt, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o George Williams & Mary DeMars)

Williamson, Carl, (16 Sep)1906-(19 Nov)1988
(U.S. Army, WW II)
(s/o James L. Williamson & Nellie Binegar; h/o Wilda B. McDowell)

Williamson, Wilda, (20 Sep)1906-(12 Dec)2002
(d/o Willis Alexander McDowell & Harriet Louise Braund; w/o Carl Williamson)

Wilson, E. (Elmer) W. (Walter), 29 Jan 1906-31 Jul 1990
(s/o John Wilson & Rutha Jane Goodin; h/o Virginia Ruth Collings)

Wilson, Elbert, 05 Jul 1904-26 Feb 1995
(s/o Charles H. Wilson & Alice May Kinsey; h/o Ilah Mae Harkins & Lillian Victoria Cody)

Wilson, Lillian (Victoria) C., 25 Feb 1908-30 Nov 1997
Married 30 Mar 1982
(d/o Lawrence Sidney Cody & Mary Virginia O’Neal; w/o Elliott Allen Smoak,
Claude C. Adams & Elbert Wilson)

Wilson, Rena J. (Jewell), 03 Jul 1931-20 Jan 1999)
(d/o Luther E.Cox & Ethel C.Blalock; w/o Thomas Frank Wilson)

Wilson, Ronald Chester, 28 Feb 1941-12 Dec 2011
(s/o Chester Wilson & Leslie Dickey; h/o Margaret Louise McCraney)

Wilson, Ruth Lewis, (11 Apr)1897-(14 May)1955
(d/o William Montgomery Lewis & Louise Frances Guy; w/o Vernie DeweyDennard,
Jerome Paracca, FNU Milford & Roy Wilson)

Wilson, Thomas F (Frank), 26 Mar 1928-18 May 2012)
(s/o Aldy Lee Wilson & Brooksie Odel Pell; h/o Rena Jewell Cox)

Wilson, Virginia C., 20 May 1914-22 Oct 1983
(d/o Elbert Everitt Collings & Myrtle Jarvis; w/o Elmer Walter Wilson)

Wimberly, Constance L. (Louise - Connie), 29 Sep 1936-01 Nov 2005
(d/o Joshua Ward "Bud" Cauley & Ellamae Ehlenbach; w/o James Riley Wimberly)

Witt, Henry F. (Frederick), (10 Jun 1889)1890-(05 Jul)1970
(United States Merchant Marine, retired)

(Wolf, Brandon, no dates)
"Our Angel"
(s/o Robert William Wolf & Dolores Louise Buckner)

Wolf, Dolores L. (Louise - Dee), 08 Aug 1964-(no date)
Married April 3, 1993
(d/o Edward Jessie Buckner & Dorothy Louise Howell; w/o Robert William Wolf)

Wolf, Robert W. (William), 09 Nov 1968-04 Nov 2003
(h/o Dolores Louise Buckner)

(Woodward, Eliza Turner, 24 Feb 1833-17 Jan 1900)
(w/o James Arthur Woodward)
(said to be buried here; complier could not find grave marker -she was living in Espanola at
time of death - her husband died in 1911 and has a grave marker at Woodland Cemetery in Port Orange, FL)

(Worden, Fredrick William, 15 Nov 1952-01 Mar 2016)

Worley, Charles P. (Perry), 04 Sep 1921-28 Jul 1991
S1, U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o Kelly Vernon Worley & Sallie Kate Buckner; h/o Margaret Peggy Hall & Isabelle Hengelman)

Worley, Charles Thomas (Jeep), 13 Sep 1946-04 Dec 1991
U.S. Navy, Vietnam
(s/o Charles Perry Worley & Margaret (Peggy) Phillips; h/o Esther LNU)

Worley, (Margaret Elizabeth) Peggy L ., 26 Dec 1927-24 Jul 1967
(d/o George Philips & Toulou Allen Lovelace; w/o Arlen Dee Hall, Jr & Charles Perry Worley)

Worley, Robert D. (Donald -Bob), (31 Dec)1944-(15 May)2009
(s/o Charles Perry Worley & Margaret (Peggy) Phillips; h/o Gwen Brooks & Christeen Mills)

Wray, Grace S. (Amelia), (27 Nov)1907-(02 Apr)1994
(d/o George Henry Smithdeal & Mattie Amelia Litaker; w/o Howard Franklin Wray & Walter Kimble Creal)

Wray, Howard F. (Franklin), (11 Sep)1902-(28 Jun)1966
(s/o Francis Marion Wray & Cora Lee Cook; h/o Grace Amelia Smithdeal)
(Mayor of Bunnell)

Yates, Jessie H. (Hattie), 1884-(08 Mar)1955
(Nee: Wilson; w/o Fred Godell & William Truman Yates)

Yates, William T. (Truman), 1882-(27 Apr 1956)
(s/o John Thurman Yates & Olive Deshane; h/o Anna E. Pringle & Jessie Hattie Wilson)

Yelvington, Leonard A. (Anderson - Andy), (20 Aug)1930-(24 Jan)1982
(Sgt, U.S. Air Force)
(s/o Elijah A. (Ligh) Yelvington & Edna Moody; h/o Dorothy Alexander)

(Ziegler, Ronald Gordon, 17 Mar 1951-09 Nov 2013)
(s/o Charles Metcalf Ziegler & Elizabeth Elve; h/o Jacquelyn Susanne Murray)